• The pledge is respect for are founders

    If you have any respect for the usa and our founders you will stand for the pledge. I am a middle school student and I am NOT religious but I stand for the pledge because I am a american and I am proud of the usa . IF YOU DO NOT STAND FOR THE PLEDGE YOU DO NOT HONOR THE USA

  • The Pledge of Alligence

    It is simple. To Pledge-Is to make a Solemn Promise. Alligence-Is to be Loyal= A Solemn Promise to be Loyal to the United States of America. Please be intelligent enough to do the research read the Constitution the Bill of Rights make up your own mind. You see what makes this Country Great is we have a right to choose what we want to believe. Some say because it says One Nation Under God it's religious. When the Country was founded the forfathers were escaping Persucution for believing in God so to let people know this was a Country that allowed freedom to believe in God if you choose to do so They wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights read it. There were many drafts before the final documents see what these Men were trying to do for a New Country . We are supposed to be a Country where you can make up your own mind, it is becoming a Country were you have to go along ,be a follower. I Say Be A Leader Don't be afraid to think your allowed nobody can stop you even though some are trying . For the Record I love God and I don't care who knows it...

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  • No it should not.

    The Pledge of Allegiance should not be mandatory, it seems weird to me to make our children always stand and do the Pledge before starting class or the school day. It is important to teach students about the history of America and the hardships we faced but I do not think the pledge should be mandatory.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance should not be mandatory

    The Pledge of Allegiance should not be mandatory as it is no longer relevant to the national feeling about the government. The government is seen by many to be a bad guy and seems to prove it by its increasing disconnect from the opinions of average Americans. This would be just one more piece of legislation or just one more law distancing the American public from the government.

  • America is supposed to have freedom of religion.

    America is supposed to be a country that was founded on the
    principle of freedom of religion. This is
    true in theory, but not always in practice.
    We must respect that not everyone in this country is a Christian. The pledge of allegiance includes references
    to the Christian God, so it should not be made mandatory in schools.

  • What about people who don't like america

    Not everyone in america likes america that much. I love Germany but unfortunately I was born in the USA. I hate doing the pledge because my loyalty belongs to Germany. And the same goes to those who like other countries. I am in high school and my school still makes me do it. Same as the national anthem but I have to do it or I'll end up like colin kaepernick

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