Should the Pledge of Allegiance be said in schools?

  • People died for that flag just so that we can say what we want and to say it's wrong is unpatriotic, un American it's wrong.

    I really do not need a supporting argument it is enough. The pledge of allegiance should and will keep being said in my school and I will make sure of it. For those of you that disagree I am not angered at you I just say that this creed is for justice and America what about freedom of speech.

  • My God and only my God

    I find it some what confusing that some have a problem with God being in the pledge (considering more than 95% of the nation believes in God). A few even suggest that it violates freedom of religion by preferring Christianity over other religions. If I were a non-Christian I would take offense to that suggestion. That suggestion pretty much implies that other religions are godless; since the only reference in the pledge is "under God". There is nothing said about a Christian God.

  • Yea why not?

    In a public school it's education given by the government so you should say it. For those who say the "under god" is against the constitution...The constitution says the government can't prefer one religion or restrict another so saying that doesn't do either. And to the atheists, you're not a religion, by definition religions must believe in a god, so don't try to get politically correct with me.

  • Creating a Nationalistic Sentiment in Children from a Young Age

    It is important that from a young age children learn what it is to be an American and supporting their country UNDER GOD. This country was founded on Christianity and I find it confusing that someone would want to take "under God" out of the pledge. Taking God out of everything is not the way to go about improving this country.

  • "Under God" is an expression from the time it was written.

    I have always said the pledge in school. I always felt that "Under God", referred to the idea that we were a free country and under no one else's sway. God was a much more accepted concept at the time. It was a time before social media was able to give everyone a louder voice with which to attack standing values and traditions of American morality. I don't think it's a religious reference at all in it's intention, and definitely not intended to force any belief structure or church membership of any kind upon anyone. I'm not against re-wording the pledge, as long as the meaning stays the same, but it is important.

  • Yes, the pledge reminds students of the country's founding principles.

    It is important to remind school aged children of the importance of the pledge and the ideals upon which the nation was founded. Too often kids do not know enough about Americas foundation and why this nation holds the beliefs that it does. As they get older students will come to appreciate what America stands for.

  • Yes, it honors our country

    It is a Honor thing why we should do it. The soldiers risk their lives everyday to protect our right to be in school and we need to do as little as honor them by saying the pledge of allegiance. After all this is America and we need to respect the very blanket of freedom it provides.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance in schools should conclude with it continuing. It's a historical reminder of what this country is about.

    I argue that the Pledge of Allegiance has been around since 1892 and since then it has been altered to please many people over time. Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister first wrote the Pledge of Allegiance as a reminder. "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" (John Baer). A pledge means a promise, a promise that you make to this country. Allegiance means that you are loyal; to be loyal is to commit to the country your entering. Saying “to the flag” is a symbolism of the country itself. “To the republic” means a place where people get to vote and “one nation” stands for the entire country of 50 states.””Under God’ is intended to show that a higher power blesses or at least looks positively on the type of country America is. Indivisible simply states that our country can never be broken up for any reason. “With liberty” means, we the people have the freedom to do what we want without lives as well as be who we want. We don’t have to be like everyone else. Lastly, “and justice for all” means, all who live and, or enter this country will be treated as fairly as possible; no one is favored over another.

  • As we let go of our traditions, we lose who we are.

    The truth is that not everyone believes in God. They certainly do not have to believe in the christian God to use the currency that is circulated through this country though. It is a tradition that has stuck with our country since it's inception and defines the idea's and perceptions of the people who constructed this great country. In order to swear allegiance to something is not to say that you believe in every ideal or tradition that it may contain. When I swore to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic... I really didn't agree with President Bush and all of his ideas, but I did however, believe strongly in my country. I may never agree with our government or its decisions but I am a patriot and I will be saying the pledge of allegiance every morning with my hand over my heart until I die because I am pledging allegiance to the idea that I love my country and it is worth repeating that I am still willing to lay down my life in service of my neighbors.

  • This is America

    I am 69 and I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer in schools. I am a American and I have values that I believe to be right. My husband was a 30 Naval officer and he felt the same. I am saddened at the way our country is going. We should honor our flag with the pledge. I am in a group and we say it every week before we start our meeting. We are all proud of our right to do so and no one will ever stop us.

  • It's stands for freedom in our lives

    Honestly I think that since people don't want the pledge of allegiance to be said, and most of these people are Atheist then why are you in American in the first place. America is a place of freedom and no one can ever take away our pride and symbolism to America!!!

  • Why not?

    I think we should absolutely, the men who fought in wars had freedom in their minds. Freedom and a dream of our generation and therefore to be able to overcome limitations such as poor education. This may not sound like a clear idea, I may not be the most education and sound rather naive but I think the pledge should be said because I feel such pride for my country. Yes we do have some crappy things(shady government officials, stupid laws, etc.) but we have the freedom to vote, work, be basically who we want to be by putting our minds to it. Besides the petty judgmental issues and lack of perfect equality we have it pretty good here and why not show your support to the great 'USA'.

  • Why stop now?

    I think we shouldn't stop saying the pledge now. Those who don't want or cant don't have to say it. It doesn't take much time and is just a salute. I think this pledge should be said because it honors our country as well.

  • Let's Respect the Country We Live In

    People question whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools. I think that the pledge should be recited daily. Within the Pledge of Allegiance, are words of honor, pride, and reflection. The citizens of the United States should pause briefly each day to give thanks for the freedoms we have.

  • A United Nation

    Every country in the world asks for something of their citizens. Some ask them to serve in the army for a number of years, others put a cap on the number of kids they may have. The United States asks nothing more than to recite a pledge of allegiance from all citizens in exchange for the cornucopia of opportunities she gives us. That is it.

  • Yes what's wrong with a little patriotism

    Yes. Other countries teach their children to be loyal to their country. What is wrong with a little patriotism? I could go into debating whether our Founding Fathers were Christian or not. I know some refuse to believe though I believe evidence states otherwise. Can you imagine how our nation could have changed had Hitler or communism prevailed? We live in the greatest country in the world. Be proud of that. Non-Christians are always saying Christians twist the Bible for their own agenda but I believe many of those same people spouting those accusations do the same thing with the constitution. The separation of church and state was designed to protect the right to worship from the government, not the other way around.

    I know the problem for some is all in the Under God wording. If a person feels uncomfortable saying it than they have the right to sit there quietly. As a child I said it everyday and so did everyone else I knew and it never bothered me or them I'm proud of my country. I believe I live in the greatest country in the world. I'm all for speaking your mind and having your own opinions but what kind of country will we have if we do not teach our children a respect for their country, their government and authority?

  • People fight for the flag every day...

    The people that say no are the people that are really not American. We as a country are getting weaker by the next generation of people that do not care about this country. You know the song American Idiot. If people don't believe in America they should not live here.

  • I don't believe that the Pledge of Allegiance is offensive at all.

    I think that the pledge should stay in schools because the term "God" really isn't a big deal. Soldiers died to keep our freedom and that's what the pledge is truly about. Whether or not you believe in God, the words are truly about honoring the country no matter what. I don't understand one little word should lead to a complete ban of a historic pledge.

  • We are Americans.

    As a student attending a high school I think we should be able to express our feelings towards our great country! I believe in God and I should be able to express my feelings freely how I want to. We should not have to leave out an important part in our history because it offends certain people!

  • They should have the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.

    I think that even if you don't believe in God that they should still have the Pledge of Allegiance in schools in order to teach kids today to respect the country they live in. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance doesn't cause anyone any harm, and teaches a good deal of respect.

  • Yes we should

    Without the pledge of allegiance how would we show our great respect to our country that we the people live in together? Without this pledge we the people would not have something to say proudly all together in one great big American family. This is one of the greatest things that helps this nation.

  • Students should know how to honor our country!

    Students who do not care about honoring our country should live somewhere else. It is very important to honor the people who died just to fight for our country. If they did not fight for our country then we would not be living here and the United States would not exist with all of us. Everyone in the United States is one big family and we have to respect everyone, even the ones who have died for honor.

  • Yes it should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Students should be forced to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because they are Americans citizens. It should be required for all American schools to say the Pledge daily. It honors those who have died for the freedom of our country. It also doesn't discriminate against any other religion, and students should give up a minute of their time to say 31 words!!!!!!!!

  • Yes

    I think all the hub-bub about the Pledge being taken out of the schools is just something for people to complain about. There is no real relevance to the argument. We want our children to appreciate what our forefathers, veterans, and troops do for us. If we take the Pledge out of the school system it is disgracing all the people who fought, died, were disabled and imprisoned for our country.

  • We are Americans. In GOD we trust.

    I believe all of the people who stand firmly against this American tradition should review/reflect upon what morals/ideals this country were founded. Countless soldiers devoted to our country (even unto death) have served our country seeking no reward other than the continuation of our freedom and liberty as a whole. The purpose of our freedom/liberty was/is not to be self-defeating by questioning the use of the words, "under God", "for which it stands" and "Indivisible". In fact, reciting The Pledge of Allegiance everyday instilled a sense of loyalty and diligence toward my country, reverence to my Creator. What I believe we as individuals need to do, however, is to STOP questioning our American Traditions. It really only takes a few seconds of the beginning of class time when now, even when I was in school over ten years ago, the majority of the time the students were always chatting amongst themselves. C'MON, people, recognize this is not an issue of who is more intelligent than the other, or what ideology is better suited to our own needs, but a deeply-seeded American Tradition that has helped teach loyalty and diligence to millions of children (and, in my opinion, could teach reverence toward his religious upbringing)!

  • Oh come on now...

    This is ridiculous. No one has any respect for America or Christianity anymore. Why are we going out of our way to change a tradition that isn't hurting anyone! I'm not saying it should be a law, but saying the pledge should be something schools are willing to do. People are digging way to deeply into the elements of religion in the pledge. Christianity has been a part of our history and a part of Western Europe's history for centuries. The religion has influenced so much of our culture and developments that it is beyond ridiculous that it receives so little respect these days.

  • In GOD we trust.

    If you live in the United States of America, count yourself among the lucky. We live in the greatest nation on earth. And as a nation we trust in god. There are those of you out there however, that do not belive in God. It is your right to abstain. But to deny those of us who wish to pledge the right to do so is utterly and inexusably wrong! Our flag stands for more that one nation united under God. It stands for the men and women who DIED for our freedom! It stands for the dream that you can be what you want to be! The pledge is a way for us to express our gratitude for these things! Regardles of if you belive in God, it is your duty to stand for America!

  • They died for us to stand here.

    The troops who've died for us to have free school without being racial or sexist, deserve the right to be appreciated. We not only owe them this 5 minutes of our everyday lives, but to honor the ground we live on too. If you do not honor those who gave their lives for your free schooling, go live somewhere else!!!! We don't want you here. We are one nation under God. We honor our flag. Those who don't do not deserve the water we clean and soil that their food grows on.

  • They died for us to stand here.

    The troops who've died for us to have free school without being racial or sexist, deserve the right to be appreciated. We not only owe them this 5 minutes of our everyday lives, but to honor the ground we live on too. If you do not honor those who gave their lives for your free schooling, go live somewhere else!!!! We don't want you here. We are one nation under God. We honor our flag. Those who don't do not deserve the water we clean and soil that their food grows on.

  • It's a thing called respect

    People go to work and lay down their lives on the line for you to have the freedom to say the pledge as freely as you please. We live in a great country who has adapted to respect others no matter what race, gender, age, size, sexual orientation, or religion. It is a marvelous country which should be praised and respected and should be something to be proud of.

  • Its Something we have kept forever why now?

    God is the created founder and maker of earth i think hes has a rgiht to controll and rule the earth. He kinda made you so you might want to pay request to him not your own so thats why i think he should be in the pledge ok you sillies?

  • Pledging allegiance is one of the the most important parts for children because they need to grow up and do something amazing

    What stands out to me is pledging allegiance because most people just stand up every morning and say the words but they aren’t pledging allegiance everyone who doesn’t stand up for anything is not pledging allegiance I know that at least half of my class does not really pledge allegiance they only say it because they have to. Pledging allegiance is an action not like thinking but doing. This is an amazing country but I think about half of the people don’t pledge allegiance I don’t see why they can’t just show that they like America at least a little I mean it’s not like you have to become the president or anything just it’s showing someone that you care about the country.

  • Honoring our country

    I believe that students should say the pledge of allegiance every day because it honors the men and women serving our country every day. As well just because it says under god people should not have the choice to not say it. It doesn't defy your religion so if you do have another religion you can not say that part, if it is against your beliefs.

  • The Pledge honors more than just soldiers but every American and the nation as a whole.

    It brings kids to question the values of the United States of America. The pledge signifies the loyalty, freedom(liberty), and overall rights with the stress of thanking not just the military but everyone who has made this type of country possible. In America's history one of the few things that nearly all Americans have agreed on and kept us united is our shared patriotism.

  • Absolutely The Pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools.

    Patriot till the end!!! If you grew in the US you appreciate the struggles that your parents or grandparents went through to become a citizen of this amazing country and how they were able to start a new life, earn a living, start a business and put their children through college!! Basically live the American dream! I will stand up for our flag any time.

  • Absolutely The Pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools.

    Patriot till the end!!! If you grew in the US you appreciate the struggles that your parents or grandparents went through to become a citizen of this amazing country and how they were able to start a new life, earn a living, start a business and put their children through college!! Basically live the American dream! I will stand up for our flag any time.

  • Yes what has happen to our america?

    America where have you gone our tradition of saying the pledge of alliegence is out of respect for all the sacrifices that have been made to create this country. It seems too many have forgotten how we got here today our country was built on the blood and sacrifice s of not only colonial immigrants but from the brave men and women of France who came to our aid from the brave African American s who all fought side by side think about it look at you family history see the blood sweat and tears they put into creating this country and now their sacrifices mean nothing to over half this country I am a patriot I say it proudly!!! I will say the pledge when asked I will sing the national anthem and I will teach my children that our freedom did not and will never be without sacrifices our brave men and women diserve the utmost respect and anyone that says otherwise I urge you to stand on those enemy lines and ask yourself what you hope your country men are thinking of you if any of them are and if you die will you be dieing for a reason will your death mean anything. Me as a patriot of my country every man on those front lines every man and woman brave enough to lay down their life to keep my country safe well they have my utmost respect and your darn right id say the pledge just out of respect!!

  • Freedom to Worship as We See Fit

    When I went to school, we said the real, original pledge as written by Francis Bellamy and I don't believe we should change it. If and when Christians become a minority, someone will want to change it to a different religious orientation or lack thereof, and then it will be altered to say "...Under the Great Leprechaun or the Great Spirit of Fongboola" or whatever. Everyone thinks his religious opinions are the correct ones. This isn't about religion; it's about my country which was founded to a great extent to avoid the imposition of religion on the settlers. It isn't about religion to me. I've seen enough attempts at religious imposition to make me wary of people with certain religious agendas.

  • Honors our country and the men and women who serve it

    Saying the Pledge allows each of us to honor the men and women who serve this country, allowing us to even be able to go to school free in the first place. I understand the problem people have with saying "Under God" but we shouldn't sacrifice the Pledge for those people not wanting to say two words. The Pledge stands for so much more then the commotion those two words are causing. If you don't want to say them, then do just that. Don't say those two words if you don't believe in it, but recite the rest of the Pledge. It's only fair to this country and to the brave men and women who serve it. I am a soldier in the Army and the fact that schools have been taking it out is offensive. We live in this great country, and two words are stopping many from even saying it anymore.

  • Say the Pledge America

    Minorities are changing this nation if you don't like it don't say it quit crying about things america has done for years just cause it is not like you home country or countries ways if you want it to be that way then pack you bags and leave. Thats the beauty of America. Free choice

  • Yes, we need to keep "under God" in the pledge which is said in school!

    I may be young, but I see what the older generations see, everything that was once good...Morals, discipline, standards, life lessons, prayer, & even religious teachings have or are currently trying to be removed from our schools & from our country as a whole, I find it absolutely ridiculous. People wonder why the kids or people are so out if control now a days, why so many bad things are happening everywhere...Well they have taken out all the things that used to make people think about what life should be about, now instead of the right things being in school & society, they keep adding bad & taking away the good, which has made an out if control society, much different than what our parents & grandparents grew up in. Wake up people, this country has lost all moral values & this new generation growing up is a scary one where people are lazy, don't want to work, want everything given to them for free, & if people don't get their way they throw huge fits & sue happy...Evil & corruption is what I see, why you ask..Because our country continues to take the good moral values out of every aspect of our lives. Our country was yes founded on religious freedom with God, in my opinion that means to have religious freedom to be Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, or any other religion of God. I think our country is misunderstanding what our forefathers put in place when establishing this great nation & I am tired of during back & listening to the complaints from those few who choose to not believe in a wonderful God who created not only our world, but every human being placed on this Earth. Instead of people wasting so much time and energy attempting to take the good things out of our life, why don't people attempt to add good, like helping one another? Schools have become a scary place & again that bothers me, kids have to worry about more than ever before & now a few people want to take another good moral thing out of school?! I am at the point where I don't want my child in the school system for the lack of guidance & lack of learning proper things in life, God should be in every aspect of our lives & that should be driven into our children so they know right & wrong from the beginning. Teaching our children to do right is important from the start, you would not tell your child to walk through fire because it's bad & would hurt them, so why are people telling their children not to believe in God..It's hurting them. Wake up & do the right thing! This is not brainwashing children, it's about moral values & true beliefs.

  • The most important part of The Pledge of Allegiance is the "one nation under God" part.

    People shock me how they forget that The United States was based in Christianity from the beginning, that's why we have The Pledge...In the first place. Furthermore," this most important part" is also the most important kids need to say/hear, as it reminds them God is real, not matter what one's religion is! God was the strongest motivation for the initial breaking away of religious rules and regulations the pilgrims were seeking when 'The New World" was discovered. They were seeking freedom to worship God, NOT freedom from God. The Pledge....Is needed to keep our children's view of God factual, not to mention vital. The printing "In God We Trust" on American currency is another example of the undisputable fact (and it can be found in the Declaration of Independence as well) that this country was based in faith and Americas drifting away from God is the reason for ALL the problems, wars ect....Of the American life today....I didn't fully grasp the concept fully as a kid, but it didn't matter......It still made enough of an impression to become part of my deepening faith and I KNOW a lot of children of the past who agree! Just like so many other aspects of childhood, comprehension doesn't need to be 100% for learning to be spurred! It's the same principal like with building blocks.....

  • Yes, the Pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools

    Because the phrase "under god" does not demand a religion, nor does the phrase constitute a religious exercise. For instance, the Supreme Court opens their sessions with "God Save the United States and this Honorable Court," Look at our currency, "In God We Trust", or The Star Spangled Banner. Is our heritage, indivisibility, and patriotism going to taken away from the American Society too? Where does the opinion of those that want to say the pledge come in play? What about the rights that the other party has? America has been based around a religion that believes there is a higher power, but now has become a contradiction. Like Barack Obama stated in (2006), when he was Senator, "It's hard to believe that children feel pressured or brainwashed as a consequence of muttering the phrase 'under god'.

  • Pride of Country

    I am 52 and I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance in every class. There was a since of pride for this country that was never questioned. Now you pick up the paper or watch the news on tv and you hear nothing but negative things about us. Or you get the people who defend a enemy of the USA. Dennis Rodman/North Korea is an example. It is time for this Nation to Unite again and go back to the basics. Stop cutting the traditions out. If there are are people who don't like how this country runs, then get the hell out. Just my opinion.

  • Just substitute 'under God' with whatever you believe

    I understand that some people think the statement 'one nation under God' is going against the First Amendment, but you are not required to say that. By the first amendment, students are allowed to substitute God with whatever they believe, whether it be 'one nation under Allah' or 'one nation under Buddah' or even just 'one nation.'

  • It's because of this country that YOU even exsist.

    Look at your own history, if it wasn't for this country you wouldn't be alive. People have died to keep you safe, to protect your children and your family. Without this country you wouldn't even have the right to speak out against something like this. The least you could do is pledge your allegiance to the flag that represents your rights and your life.

  • We all need God!

    Without God we are nothing. We can't just take out laws because someone has a hatred towards another group. Atheists should just accept it, it's been here for 60 years, there is no point in taking it out now. We got the right to say it, if someone does not want to say it they can just sit down and not say it. :)

  • The pledge in schools

    Alright, my brother is one of the many people who leave their family more than once in their lives to go fight for our freedom.
    The pledge should be a MUST in schools, some kids don't realize that these people go out and fight for our country, many have died in the wars defending YOU.
    It shouldn't be your right to stand for the pledge, EVERY person should have to stand for the pledge because people die every day defending your right to stand for the pledge.
    My opinion.. Sorry not sorry..

  • It's just the right thing to do.

    Saying the pledge of allegiance every morning is something I grew up doing and it always made me feel proud to live in america. Generations upon generations of Americans have been saying the pledge; It's a sense of nationalism that says that I love my country and I believe in it. To those who say we need to take the words "under God" out, if you don't believe in one god, then don't say those words, but the rest of us who do believe in it will. I don't see what the big debate is really about.

  • Its a piece of America and the ones that died for America

    Many people have died for America just the way it is and the Pledge of Allegiance is a big part of America. Im not saying everyone is forced to say it but at least stand up to respect the ones that died for the Pledge and America. If u don't want to say it then don't but if u want it taken away because of 2 words then move to a different country so you don't have to deal with it

  • Says a 13 year-old

    We should say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday, at the beginning of the school day because it is not only supporting our country but supporting our troops. If children think it is offensive to say the Pledge of Allegiance then they are saying it is offensive to support our troops and our country. I believe that yes there is a freedom of religion, but there is also a way to show respect, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance is one of the many ways showing respect is forgotten these days. I, a thirteen year old, believe we should say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning at school.

  • Yes it is needed.

    I have said this in elementary class and so have all my brothers three of them have done the same. I can personally say it should be said everyday, to show that we are united as ONE country. I had an atheist in my class, and even he said the pledge without crying about it. If you live in American and the foreigners that come over don't want to say it, then they should be deported. You came here, and you should abide by our standards, not by your own.

  • Its right for our country right for our GOD

    People died just so that we could be free. PEOPLE DIED!!!SO THAT WE COULD STATE OUR OPINION WITH NO PROBLEM! Right now I wouldn't be typing this if it weren't for those compassionate people. As we say the pledge we are saying thank you and reminding others that we are under God's country, God's world, God's universe NOT OURS.

  • From a Student...

    There is no doubt that student should not be required to say the pledge. However, it should not be taken out and neither should "under God." By arguing that "under God" violates a persons belief and taking it out of schools for that reason only, you are violating the opposites belief by saying it. There are clearly problems with schools who require every student and staff member to say the Pledge and the whole pledge. However, no one is forcing you. It is your own right to recite it. The Pledge is not about God. Yes, there is a line that mentions Him, but the Pledge is about America. There is a teacher at my school who says the whole Pledge except for "under God" because she chooses not too. There are other staff members and students who choose not to say it at all. That is their own personal choice. All around America, schools offer time during the day for people of other religions to take time and do their praying. No one is forcing me to participate because other students and staff have those beliefs. It is my choice not to participate just as it is your choice not to say the Pledge in school.

  • Patriotism but, Choice

    As a country, we lack the loyalty and respect that citizens once had. The youth of this nation has little to no pride for the country. Yes, it is somewhat the governments fault but, not entirely.

    Overall I believe it should continue to be a common practice but, if for religious or personal reasons a child does not want to say it they should not be forced to.

  • Bring back the Pledge Allegiance back to schools.

    Why would we not teach our children to respect our flag and our country. It is what our country is about. No one is forced to live in the United States but we accept everyone so they can have the same rights we have . No other country changes things to please others. You want to live in another country then respect their country and their flag. Under god has nothing to do with religion. Have respect for who served that survived and died so we can live in a free country. Show some respect. If you don't know what the Pledge means look it up. Don't judge those who believe in it. Stop trying to change everything that this country was founded on. Fight for something that is worth changing like the homeless or jobless or the drug abuse.

  • You don't have to say it.....

    We live in America so we should respect our country and you don't HAVE to say it just stand up and stay silent that's all there is to it. Seriously though, it isn't REQUIRED in most schools in America and about 80% of this country is Catholic. So if you are atheist or have a problem with I just don't say it.

  • Even if Atheist

    If atheist I say say it but take out under god. There was a comment that said I takes time away from learning. A whole 12 seconds. It's usually said in home room where no course is being taught. He said the constitution says its illeagal. Have you even glanced at the first ten amendments lately? The pledge is so students and children can reflect on there patriotism and current and future roles in the U.S. . I know someone made the point that the "under god" part was put in in '54 and not originally included and that maybe Francis Bellamy didn't intend on "under god" being included. I'm sure the founding fathers didn't want this country to be we're it is now, arguing about if we should really have to say our nations pledge. I don't label that person who's comment I saw as unamerican, I label him as ignorant and possibly atheist. Most people who have adopted a religeon don't have one problem with the pledge. This another thing on why this country isn't as great as it used to be.

  • America is the Nation.

    This is America. Kids need to be proud of where they live. The Pledge of Allegiance is paying respect to the troops that have served in the war. "I pledge of allegiance to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisible with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL"

  • You can choose

    People are not forced to say the Pledge. If they do not want they do not have to. I think that we should say it because it honors the veterans and those who came before us and fought for our freedom! Our land! We should respect them by saying this Pledge. They fought for our land which has many resources that others don't. Food, water, and many other essentials we need. People also can omit the word under God but we should say it because our country began with this belief . Especially the Pilgrims who were forefathers to some of us. I am just 12 but I believe in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • I guess we shouldn't use money then?

    If there is such a big deal over the words god in our speech then maybe those who have such a problem with it shouldn't be using money either. It clearly states on our money, "In God We Trust". If you are going to argue to take the Pledge of Allegiance out of our schools then you should probably take out our money. This is coming from a 15 year old. I miss the pledge and it's sad that when I go to a sports event and they have us state the pledge that I have trouble remembering parts of it.

  • Becaus it should

    Because god is the one person on this earth and he can take us off it to so thats why i think it should be still in school otherwise it would be retarted to take it off the school i would be sad if it didn't have it in school.

  • Honor the free country we live in!

    Everyday people die protecting our freedom. What's wrong with saluting our country? The more we push God out of society, the worse our society will get. People are getting hung up on two words. If you don't like saying "under God" or honoring what country you live in, move some where without the freedoms you have and be FORCED to say all types of shenanigans.

  • Of course we should

    If you don't feel the need to say the pledge of allegiance for your home country, the place that defends and protects you, you are crazy. This is where you live, you should feel honored to be an American citizen. If you think that it is somehow violating your privileges of being in the land of the free that's crazy. There is no such thing as 100% absolute freedom but we are a country where you get the most rights as any country on the earth. You should feel honored to be able to say the pledge.

  • Yes yes yes

    The pledge of allegiance should be said in schools. It shows our allegiance to our nation. I don't get why people have a problem with it. I also think that we should teach what the pledge of allegience means earlier in school. Kids need to know what it means or it is really useless.

  • Look up the word patriotism in the dictionary

    Look up the definition of patriotism...Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is showing your PATRIOTISM. The end, there is nothing else to argue. If you do NOT believe in God then simply DONT say "under God" plain and simple. You are showing your freedom by having the choice to not say those 2 words. I have yet to see a pole where school age children are the ones asked without any input from their parents. You know most children admire and want to be like adults so all this arguing aint helping the younger generations. Let them decide what if they want to say it or not.

  • It is our choice

    The pledge of allegaince is part of America. It always has been and i hope it always will be. It is only two little words that are offending people and those words are "under god". Has America really come to the point where we are so stubborn that we can't say two little words. The constitution was made for freedom and rights. No we shouldn't force people to believe in god. But to force them to believe in god, then we would have to say way more than two words to do it. Some people who aren't religous say god all the time. In surprise or sadness or even anger. But we say it in the pledge and immediatly we are breaking the rules.

  • Patriotism is fading..

    What has happened to our country? No one is forcing anyone to say anything. It is simple, if you do not want to say the pledge then sit there and be quiet! America has become such a strong a righteous country because of traditions such as the pledge. If you disagree, you have all the FREEDOM to LEAVE... This is why half our country believes in socialistic views.. Next people will start questioning our Constitution...

  • Yes, of course.

    I myself am in an American Highschool. I find it terrible to learn that there is talk about ridding public schools of the Pledge of Allegiance. I for one know EXACTLY what I am saying, and always have. The pledge does not violate any amendment. If you are not a Christian just simply keep silent when the words "Under God" are being spoken and continue on with the rest of the pledge.

    If you do not believe in the pledge, you do not belong here. If you are an American Citizen you should WANT your children to say the pledge, not force them to stop. America was, and still is a way to escape scrutiny from others over your religious beliefs. Saying the pledge should be a prideful moment; to know that you are a part of this great country. You should want to Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America, I do.

  • It's Your Decision

    If you want to say the pledge, say it. If not, don't say it then. No, one should tell you how to live your life. It shouldn't even be a big deal, it's more of a preference. Teacher nor staff should force it. Let the pledge go on, students who want to say it stand and students who don't just sit down. If they're that into saying it then okay but there are 365 days, Students have to repeat it over and over again... Besides, just saying a pledge everyday doesn't make one a true American or even a good person. The actions you take to help others every day should be the real determination of an American.

  • Say it loud!

    It takes ten seconds to pay homage to our country. We should. Every day. People have died for this country and this freedom we have been given. It's not free. It takes ten seconds to say the words that we should all know well. I pledge allegience to the flag, and the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

  • An American tradition.

    Veterans gave their lives for this country- and we can find 10 seconds out of the day to memorialize them? These kids wouldn't be in school if it weren't for those who fought for our freedoms. This is appalling, especially when there is time for other extra curricular activities. What is this country turning into?

  • Taking 10 seconds in a day to say the Pledge of Allegiance; Absolutely!

    This country deserves its due respect for the values it stands for. Compared to other countries, this country does a fabulous job and taking 10 seconds in a day to pledge allegiance should be mandatory. Children must understand where they are, what their country stands for, what are its values and how many brave men and women worked and died to either bring it to them or defend them. It is pure gratitude for what one has.

  • It's called freedom.

    I don’t care if you are a Christian or not, there’s always going to be a argument over this because people cant grow up and deal with it. If you don’t believe in God then just stay silent for the “Under God,” if you are a Christian then say the whole dang pledge. Everyone is going to be offended because they want to have something to complain about. Children who are Christians don’t want to be judged and made fun of by their peers because they want to fit in to make school tolerable. They are having to suppress their feelings, the children who aren’t Christians should still have the choice to show some patriotism and all they have to do is stay silent for less than a second and exercise that part of their freedom. Not a big deal, there are other more important things to worry about. We live in a free country and men and women fight everyday for our freedom. Why can’t people just have some patriotism and be a strong united country like it used to be. It takes events like 9/11 for people to rush to the store to buy some flags or act like they care about our country for a couple weeks because they finally see a threat, that our military see everyday. My brothers and sister say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday and guess what, it doesn’t matter what religion or race we are, we say it with a great sense of pride because we have seen what it is like not to be free. We like to honor our past and present fellow military members no matter where they come from or what they believe, the Pledge of Allegiance brings us together and reminds us what we are fighting for. Y’all making a big deal need to sign your name over to Uncle Sam and sit there while everyone else says the pledge and see how many weeks it takes you to stand up and join us. Then you will see how good it feels to have some pride in your country. If y’all don’t like the country you live in feel FREE to leave, you do have that option. If you live here and then don’t take being free for granted and have some patriotism. People have lost all of their respect. It don’t matter if you believe in God or whatever else, I’m pretty sure you wouldn't want to trade your freedom for a dictatorship. Everyone should stand to say the Pledge of Allegiance just to show at least some respect for your country or at least the people fighting for you to stay free and be able to believe whatever you want.

  • Pledge of allegiance

    We should because we need to remember how our country got free. We have a lot of things other countries do not have. Some countries do not have food and water to drink or even clothes on their backs. I think we should say the pledge cause it is special to people.

  • Yes it should be forced

    It respects all people that are heroes, fire fighters, police officers, and veterans. My Uncle is a Marine so it respects him and other Marines in his base right now he is in Missouri and I rarely see him so I want you to know all Marines take time away from their family's to fight for our country.

    THANK YOU VETERANS!!!!!!!!!!
    Dakota J

  • Support the pledge for your country!!!!

    The pledge is important, not a silly thing that we say to have fun with. I mean i say it everyday because I'm a seventh grader, and I think it's great. Not only saying you have to mean it too. And if you have a member of your family in the military your should say it. This is serious, I mean people want to say it and if you don't then o well. If i was a teacher I would tell you have to say it every morning.This is helping support your military and everyone in this country. Just say it and be happy.

  • What has this world became?

    I think that you should say the pledge in school, to honor all the veterans and what they do for us and our country. When you say the pledge you also honor those who died for our freedom. Saying the pledge is respectful to our veterans and our country.That is why I think that you should say the pledge every day at school.

  • War Veteran Respect

    I think that the Pledge of Allegiance should be said in school because people go over seas and defend and sacrifice their lives just so we can live ours. I think we can show at least a little respect for there bravery. That is why I think that the Pledge of Allegiance should be said every day in school!!!! Thank you very much!

  • My parents were new to the Country

    My parents are from China. I grew up in the 70's doing the Pledge everyday at school. The Pledge reminds us that we are all one and on the same team even though we are from different backgrounds. It unites all of us. Without unity, new comers would feel separate. It develops patriotism for all our young newcomers. For those that think we don't need it, go check out other countries where no one does anything to improve the country and only think of themselves.

  • Where has our freedom and loyalty gone?

    I recited the Pledge every school day for 13 years. I rarely attended church and never even thought of the Pledge as being "religious". It was an anthem to living in a country where we are free to choose, live and dream anyway we like-even to NOT say the words 'under God' while reciting. I feel we are doing our children a great disservice by removing the recitation from their school day.

  • Where else would our children learn Patriotism

    As a math teacher at a High School I take the time to explain each sentence to my students, so they can understand the meaning behind each statement Bellamy wrote as the pledge of allegiance. I realize the "under God" portion was not apart of the original version and am okay with people's religious beliefs keeping them from saying the pledge. However, I do feel it is still important for them to respect the idea of supporting our country by at least rising and standing silently during the pledge.
    To me the pledge of allegiance is as American as apple pie and the national anthem at a baseball game. I do it to show my students how much I love my country, and to show respect to the sacrifices that countless numbers of men and women have given for me and my family to live in this wonderful country. Unfortunately, many of our citizens seem to take this sacrifice for granted and feel entitled to more benefits or subsidies and/or freedoms than our fore fathers intended us to have.

  • Remove Under God!

    What some do not realize is that "under God" was not added to the pledge till 1954. The writer Bellamy had hoped that the pledge would be used by citizens in any country. In its original form it read: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." In 1923, the words, "the Flag of the United States of America" were added. If this pledge was recited without under god the students will still learn to respect this country and the freedom it provides without going against the first amendment.

  • The Pledge of Allegiance should be said in Schools!!

    Shouldn't we be proud to pay homage to our flag, everyday in school. We live in America, we should be proud! Even if some disagree with a few of the lines that are said, doesn't mean that it should be taken away all together! Under God, that was what our country was built on and if you disagree with that then don't say it, but do not stop everyone else. I understand everyone has their own views, but if you have a problem with that much you are over thinking it. I believe we should say it loud and proud!!

  • It's the right thing to do.

    Why would we not? The Pledge encourages patriotism in our youth. It creates a sense of respect for the core values this country was based upon. By allotting time during the school day to say the Pledge, will teach our children to celebrate the freedom, liberty, and justice for all that the founding fathers wrote the constitution with in mind. Teaching our children to take 45 seconds out of their day to appreciate the country they live in will only help us create patriotism and respect for our nation.

  • Of course we should!

    Patriotism! That is why we say the pledge in the first place! So many people died for our country! Kids should be taught to thank them everyday. Also, kids have the choice to say it, they are not forced to. Students may skip the "under God" part if they choose to do so, but I think they should have to say it because of the fact that America was founded under Christian beliefs. Many people think that peer pressure is a huge part of it, but kids don't think so. A lot of kids say they feel special by saying it, like they really are a part of this country. Sometimes, even, at schools where many students choose not to say it (because they simply think it's "uncool"), kids feel pressured NOT to recite the pledge! Some adults believe that peer pressure is important to face because you face it as an adult and you need to be able to stand up for yourself. So you think, "I don't say the pledge at work, so why should my kids?" Well this is because kids LEARN. Adults have already learned about being patriotic and how to thank veterans. Kids say the pledge to learn this. Keep the pledge!

  • It creates National Pride.

    Although I do not believe that students should be forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance, I do believe that it should be a regular ritual in the public school system. If a students would like to omit the "under God" portion because they do not believe in a higher being, so be it. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance shows homage to our country though and is a very important step in creating future generations that are proud to be Americans.

  • It should be mandatory in schools

    Do you have any idea how many people died for the flag, and you can stand up and thank them for like 11 seconds, most un-american thing I have heard in my lifetime. And you should have to say "under god", because whether your an athiest, christian, muslim, etc America wasn't found under your beliefs!

  • It should be said in schools!

    The pledge of Allegiance should be said in schools. We are pledging to our country, and our country IS under God. For us to just dismiss the thought away would be foolish. It is what is right. We have been saying it for years, and it would be unfair to our country to stop.

  • Why wouldn't we?

    I'm dong a story for my high school newspaper on how we recently brought back the option to stand up and say the pledge. I understand that there are a few "offensive lines", as there are people who are not "under God", but the main point of the pledge of allegiance is to remind ourselves who we are as Americans; It's not meant to offend anyone. We've been doing it for years: Why stop now?

  • It's an American tradition!

    Our fathers, and their fathers, and their fathers all grew up knowing the pledge of allegiance, and who are we to say that we need to stop? Men that fought and died in various wars from the revolutionary war on up gave their lives away for their country. The very least we could do is spend 45 seconds out of the beginning of our day to learn and rehearse the pledge of allegiance. If the government gives public schools materials and money to educate children, then some of the education they receive should be aimed towards basic government principles, including the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Is not something forced on kids to say and it supports patriotism.

    There are many ways to go around this. One the kid sits and lets others say it. Two the kid stands up, hand over heart, but not saying it. Three they could say the pledge and leave out offending words. Four is to say the pledge completely as an American would and support what it stands for. Why would the founding fathers want us to say it. We might not know exactly but we have a good estimate that they supported it on many levels. Thank you for asking and listening.

  • It's what's right

    Why stop now when we've said it till now? It's plain ridiculous. Sorry that you don't believe in what you should... People have their opinions and if it was the wrong thing, it wouldn't have been said so long ago in the schools all around. I think it should stay the same and people should get over it.

  • Absolutely it is not brainwashing is education!

    It's important to teach our children the love for this country!! In good time they will become citizens and learn what their rights are and form their own opinions and they will have the chance to exercise their freedoms any which way they may feel appropriate. You can't take care of a country if you don't love it.

  • From a student...

    The way that we have to say the pledge in school is ridiculous. We have to say, "Under God". Seeing as the constitution says that this is illegal, it is a waste of class time that could be used for learning. For all of the aforementioned reasons, the pledge should not be recited in schools.

  • One word: BRAINWASHING

    Blatant statism. US schools are indoctrination camps for breeding up the next generation of war mongering ministers. One has to see the parallels in all the other failed regimes before you fall for it.

    Americans need to stop lying to themselves. The pledge is creepy statist brainwashing. Practically forcing 5-14 year olds to chant some statist mantra everyday all while holding their heart is incredibly weird. It's something North Korea would do.

  • I believe that we SHOULD say the pledge of allegiance in schools,

    BUT we SHOULDN'T have to say it every day or be forced to say it. It does indeed say, in the first amendment, that we should have freedom of religion. If you think for a moment though, the government does have the power to change this (though they haven't done so) and they are responsible for most of our actions. I think that the parents could choose whether or not their child will say the pledge. The phrase "Under God", that lies within the pledge, has stricken up a debate as well. I believe that we should say "Under God" if we want to, or we could say, "(who we think is top priority; their particular God)". I respect America, but being forced to recite something everyday isn't always the best option to prove your loyalty to America. The pledge being recited once a week is good enough for me. Is it good enough for you?

  • Brainwashing, forcing, and violating? Who would want to participate in that?!

    I personally feel that requiring students to recite the pledge of allegiance is a form of brainwashing. Students are told to stand up, put their right hand over their heart, and say the pledge. Young students don't even understand why they're doing this and what the pledge really means. And even if they do know that it's a way to honor their country, are they actually going to know what "honoring" means? Secondly, as others have stated above, it violates the first amendment! That amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791 while the pledge was formally adopted by Congress in 1942. So one-hundred and fifty-one years later our country decided to establish the pledge of allegiance, encouraging others to recite the words "One nation, under God" while there are plenty of Americans that do not believe that. If we are taught of have freedom of religion, why is the pledge forcing us to assume God oversees us? I believe there are many more logical reasons not to say the pledge in schools than there is to say it. I understand it is meant to honor the country, but it doesn't seem right to say it everyday in schools.

  • Religion and Government

    I don't believe we should be forcing any child to say the pledge, especially the way it is currently. After all, we preach freedom (religious and otherwise), and then add "god" to everything we do. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, who was a Baptist minister. It was read, "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." It was designed to be recited in 15 seconds, and was intended to be very direct and to-the-point. In 1923, the National Flag Conference called for the words "my Flag" to be changed to "the Flag of the United States", so that new immigrants would not confuse loyalties between their birth countries and the United States. Bellamy disliked this change, because it disrupted the melodic rhythm of the original composition. The words "of America" were added a year later. The US Congress officially recognized the pledge on June 22, 1942. It read, "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." This is the technically correct form of the pledge, because "under God" wasn't added until 1954. If you believe this is the correct form of the pledge, you are SORELY mistaken. The Treaty with Tripoli, written in 1796, which was unanimously ratified the following year by Congress reads; "...The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion." These are the facts, because the US was never intended to be religious. The US is supposed to be a FREE COUNTRY, not a CHRISTIAN NATION. What ever happened to separation of church and state? And besides, this take up valuable time, which could be better spent on learning. Thank you for your time.

  • Nationalism, Fascism, and Exceptionalism

    The reciting of an oath of support to a specific nation sounds, to an extent, Orwellian, and it seems a contradiction that a nation which nominally supports from of religion and speech should blatantly violate it. Specifically, the segments "the United States of America" and "under god" propagandize children into being arrogantly nationalistic and religious, which can lead to increased wars and conflicts.

  • There is not "freedom and justice for all."

    Until I can get married to the woman of my dreams in any state I choose, there is not freedom and justice for all. Until Darren Wilson is actually prosecuted and brought to justice, there is not freedom and justice for all. This is a great country, but when the pledge lies that's when you know something is wrong.

  • Violates 1st Amendment

    The Establishment Clause of the 1st amendment states with admirable clarity that no state religion shall be established. Any endorsement of religion by the government is unconstitutional, and goes against this country's true values. It is a secular nation, not a christian one, and the views of the majority do not undo the rights of the minority.

  • Discrimination and Brainwashing

    I, for one, believe that the Pledge of Allegiance should not be recited every morning of school. When kids are beginning to start their first years at primary school, they are being brain washed into reciting the pledge. Quite a few teachers imply that everyone must stand out of respect. Not everyone is from the US and nor should they have to be forced to stand for something they do not believe in. Technically it is illegal for any teacher to force a student to stand or recite the pledge. Best part yet, the government puts too much religion into politics. As an Agnostic, those who recite the pledge are pledging to something non-existing like God.

    Never had I stood for the pledge as I got older and realized it is irrelevant and means nothing. I always remain seated without distraction or interference to others. If I want to remain seated, I need justification why I choose not to stand. It is beyond absurd at how teachers are having students be stripped away from their education to have a private chat with them about their "disrespectful selves".

  • The Pledge is making a promise.

    The Pledge is making a promise to defend your country and to always believe in it, but what if you know you won't? What if you would rather live somewhere else? And when you are arrested for treason and they ask why you said the pledge as a child in school, you'll say because I was forced.

  • From a vetern: NO!

    The pledge is often said mindlessly and few people have any idea of its origin. I fought for this county in two wars fighting to free people from tyrannical and oppressive governments. Love of country is something that comes with age and wisdom - not from saying an oath or a pledge.

  • Not Much More to share

    It would seem that nearly everything I could say about it already has been said, but I'm going to put my 2 cents worth in anyway.
    My problems with saying the pledge of allegiance in schools revolve around the phrase "under god", the ages and ability to give consent of the people being made to say it, and the fact that requiring it to be said violates the freedoms of the first amendment.
    Personally, as somebody who doesn't identify as christian and fully believes in the separation of church and state and freedom of religion I find the phrase "under god" in the pledge disturbing at best, as it implies monotheism (specifically christianity), and while a number of major religions are monotheistic, not all are, and there are a number of people who don't identify with any religion (such as atheists, or agnostics).

  • Not Much More to share

    It would seem that nearly everything I could say about it already has been said, but I'm going to put my 2 cents worth in anyway.
    My problems with saying the pledge of allegiance in schools revolve around the phrase "under god", the ages and ability to give consent of the people being made to say it, and the fact that requiring it to be said violates the freedoms of the first amendment.
    Personally, as somebody who doesn't identify as christian and fully believes in the separation of church and state and freedom of religion I find the phrase "under god" in the pledge disturbing at best, as it implies monotheism (specifically christianity), and while a number of major religions are monotheistic, not all are, and there are a number of people who don't identify with any religion (such as atheists, or agnostics).

  • It's pointless to say it.

    Other than saying "Under God" There is nothing controversial but the fact that it is considered unethical not to say it is stupid. It is said so much that it is meaningless and it has become overly symbolic. I don't care about saying it but people that care so much about it are wasting their breath

  • No It Shoudn't

    No one should be required to state the pledge of allegiance because of the words, "under God". Some people do not believe in a deity and the word "we" before it confirms that everyone trusts in them. I believe that the government is trying to force people to believe in it's "god" who is obviously of christian origin.

  • It's Nationalistic Propaganda

    Why should we be pledging allegiance to a country just because we were born or now currently live here? It is also unconstitutional in the phrase "under God" (which was added in 1954 to combat "godless Communism"), because it violates the separation of church and state guaranteed in the First Amendment, and the equality provisions in the Fourteenth. I think it is just propaganda to keep the next generation patriotic. That is good for government but bad for the people. Nationalism can act just like a religion. And unabridged jingoistic nationalism is how wars start and how people die. Our kids are being indoctrinated and it's time we stop.

  • Violates our freedoms

    Firstly, people claiming that the phrase "Under God" can refer to all religions are just blatantly lying. Muslims call god Allah. Hindus have more than one god. Buddhism has no god. Agnosticism has no god. Atheism has no god. Shinto has many gods. Pantheists believe everything is god. So we can clearly see that the phrase "Under God" restricts to mostly just Christianity. Most schools are government run and if students were required to say the pledge of allegiance, this would grossly violate the separation of church and state, something that is part of the foundation of The United States of America. Also, to those saying that the phrase has been there since the pledge was created, that is clearly false. It was added in in 1954. In fact, the founders of the USA were deists rather than theists and did not believe "God" still exists in this world. So obviously, there is no reason to have the phrase and rather than creates a sense of nationalism, separates the country between Christians and other theists.

  • It's sick and wrong to force kids to say that. Especially if they don't believe in it.

    "I pledge elegance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under GOD, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all."
    Isn't that like against the Constitution. If I don't believe in God I shouldn't have to talk about him daily. I don't care if you believe in God that's not the point. My point is, is that everyday we say this. What a messed up world we live it where people just assume you're Christian. NO I AM NOT TRYING TO SAY BEING CHRISTIAN IS WRONG! Believe what makes you happy. I just think there is a time and a place to talk about what you worship. School is not that place especially in Now I say the pledge like any normal person would do i want to not exactly. Why? Because I don't believe in that. Honestly people these days think that people like me are trying to shove what we believe down your throats. WRONG if anything you are shoving it down out throats. I was in choir the other day and someone wrote on the board "Jesus "heart"'s You" and I kinda just sat there like "really?" It didn't really bother me that much it just kinda bugged me because i'm not going up there saying " Jesus isn't real" i'm not doing that and nor would I and nor would anyone else. Neither of my parents are christian. That's okay though. I'm proud to be who I am and so should you. But there is a time and a place to talk about religion. School just isn't one of those places.

  • Is saying the pledge of allegiance in schools different from having German kids do the nazi salute in school during Hitler's rule?

    I am not anarchist or anti-american, but I believe that making kids say the pledge of allegiance in school is brainwashing. Children will believe almost anything, and while they are developing there minds, they should not have propaganda forced down their throats. In Germany, in the 1930's and 1940's, schoolchildren would be forced to do the nazi salute, making a generation of pro-nazi people. How is this different?

  • Free Country h

    Well I don't like the fact in the Pledge of Allegiance says "under God we trust" or how ever it's Said, Yes soldiers did die so we would have freedom (rights) to pledge and not to pledge, the whole Soldiers They fight and die for your freedom argument is just a Big contradiction. If they died for my rights to freedom then they would understand why I don't pledge cause it's choice and that's the very america way to Argue. I also believe this is a unjust country so I will not pledge my allegiance to this country and that's my right :)

  • Free Country h

    Well I don't like the fact in the Pledge of Allegiance says "under God we trust" or how ever it's Said, Yes soldiers did die so we would have freedom (rights) to pledge and not to pledge, the whole Soldiers They fight and die for your freedom argument is just a Big contradiction. If they died for my rights to freedom then they would understand why I don't pledge cause it's choice and that's the very america way to Argue. I also believe this is a unjust country so I will not pledge my allegiance to this country and that's my right :)

  • It is innapropreite

    For decades elementary school students have been required to stand and say the pledge of alegence. This practice is wrong and should be eliminated from all schools. Making kids say the pledge of allegiances in schools is a violation of the first amendment (freedom of speech). It does not consider those who believe in many or no gods. It also does not consider those who are immigrints or dual citizens. One must understand the world before pledging allegiance to anyone contrey. Therefore the pledge of allegiance should not be in schools at all.

  • We don't need to say this

    The fact that people died so that we can have freedom of speech, just justifies why we shouldn't have to say the pledge of allegiance. Some may not believe in god and they don't want to say that part even if they are patriotic. SO NO I don't think we need to recite the pledge

  • The Pledge shouldn't be required or included in any normal school day across the nation.

    True the pledge honors our country and is a reminder of our roots and our past and our accomplishments as a whole, however the United States of America was built on the basis of freedom. Freedom of everything, is was the American dream to be here and do what you like to do. Nothing was ever said about having to pledge our allegiance to America. It may have been the social norm 20 plus years ago but the thing is, that was 20 years ago. Take a look around you and you'll see that everything about this world is changing at a rate that even some of the 'hipest' 'coolest' people cannot keep up with growing trends. We have let go of a high percentage of our old ideals and I don't expect that the pledge will be any different. It's not that I don't like the pledge or am heavily against it, I honestly don't care, what I'm saying is that it doesn't stand a chance against the new society. The new society is too focused on freedom for something like the pledge to even be thought about.

  • The Constitution does not legislate the Pledge

    The Pledge of Allegiance, while it may hold value for SOME Americans, does not, in any way, abide by the functionality of the Constitution. It goes against the first amendment, which allows for our freedom of speech. It is almost forced upon us as citizens in school and a person can get in trouble in many places for refusing to recite it. If a person believes in what the Pledge is stating, by all means, say it; however, I can almost guarantee that if it was not required in schools, no one would say it. It is not nearly valuable enough for the American people to do so, and for good reasoning. That being said, people who do not wish to recite the pledge have every argument for their case to get away with not saying it. This country was founded upon a principle of separation of church and state, yet "...Under GOD" still remains a distinct part of our nation's pledge to the flag. It also contains falsehood in its promise for "liberty and justice for all." This country, as great as it may be, has a lot of work to do before it can even be considered for having liberty and justice for every citizen who lives here. Just to name a few of those who do not have the liberty and justice which the Pledge so proudly pronounces, we can acknowledge the blacks, Hispanics, gays, women, and even atheists. These minorities have both legally and illegally been targeted in respects to their occupations, household living, social standards, and political accessibility. The Pledge of Allegiance is, by no means, constitutional.

  • Ex-Brainwashed Christian That Grew A Brain

    Christians are all saying that it would be a restriction to their freedom of religion. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. These children are in a PUBLIC place that they are REQUIRED to go to. Believe it or not Christians, many people are starting to realize an invisible man isn't watching your every move and if you do something wrong you'll burn for eternity. People are starting to question things, and with that comes the downfall of religion. So obviously christians need to have "Under God" in the pledge that way children have to say it everyday while learning. THAT IS CALLED BRAINWASHING.

    Christians fear logic.

    I fear a god that cooks me over a lake for an eternity because I had sex xD

  • I think it should be said in schools as long as...

    It should be said just for the sake of tradition and patriotism, but the "under god" part is just unconstitutional.

    I think it is a way to enforce authority, like how North Korean schools force their students to sing their national anthem. Students in the UK don't have to. (though some schools do) play the national anthem.

  • Separation of church and and government institutions

    The pledge of allegiance refers to "God". Public schools are government institutions and should be separate from the church. Though America does a good job of letting Christian morals and beliefs affect the way the government is run. The pledge should be modified or removed from public schools. Some say, it doesn't refer to a Christian God but that doesn't matter. Any allusion to religious text is in violation of Separation of Church and State

  • A french point of view

    I am not american, I'm french, so I've never pledge to the US Flag. But because I'm not american, I can explain you how I see the pledge from my country.
    I love my country, and I think americans love USA too. France is historically THE country of liberty, of equality...Etc. We have secularism in our laws, since 1905. Americans usually say their country is a country of freedom. Beyond the "NSA case", which doesn't concern this debate, europeans see a lot of things in your country proving otherwise. The pledge is one.

    So, yes, there is the "under God" problem. Some dare say "but all religions have a God". This is wrong. Some religions have several gods. And, this is the most important: some people don't believe in any god, some are atheist. It's something totally common in Europe (and our continent is under religion since the beginning), but in USA it seems you don't think atheist exist!
    But, the most important is that: it is morally undefensible asking children to pledge allegiance to a flag. Allegiance and patriotism are concept which needs maturity to be totally understood. Repeat oaths and pledge to children when they are 5 or 6 is worst than propaganda! That is indoctrination, that is not freedom! The school can and must "explain" the nation, its ideals, its importance, but with lesson, and when children are mature! In France, history and civic education start talking about it when pupils are teen, when they are 14 or 15!

    The Pledge is full of contradictions! The "under God", but the "Rebublic" too. Maybe, de facto, United States are a Republic. But you never say it! You don't have President of "the Republic". The official name of this country is not the "Republic of the United States of America". You don't have a "Senate of the Republic". The worst thing is your political party: beyond the "absolute bipartism", you oppose republic and democracy! In europe, republic are proud of their title (Senato della Republica in Italia, Sénat de la République in France...Etc). It seems that you are proud of this "title you never use" only in the pledge... The pledge talks about a united country: you are one of the less united ever! Even the UK is more united! Your federalism is sometimes silly! This pledge is a lie about your country! This pledge is not different from the totalitarian's one (and your country is not the better democracy)! This pledge is an aberration in a free country!

    I live in a country where we don't have to pledge each morning at school. In a country where it is possible not to see a flag in each street, in front of each building or in each classroom. And when I see you, I'm glad to be french. Because in my country, the "No" would win with at least 70%.

  • Take a stance

    You know, people, America is called the great mixing pot for a reason. Many religions, and people live here, and not all of them believe in a supreme power such as a god , and some do not believe in one at all. Also if it is freedom of speech, you can say it yourself and not force people who don't want to do it, do it.

  • An external view

    I'm British, and this is not a UK vs. USA thing, I just wanted to add an external opinion. I believe that Patriotism is very important in a country, but I also believe that any child should have the chance to form their own opinion on their country - having young children say it since they start school is blatant indoctrination - similar to what they did in Nazi Germany. True, this did produce a generation of hard working, dedicated adults but it also restricted their views. To the best of my knowledge England has no version of the pledge, and neither do we have a flag in every classroom, but I still consider myself a patriot - I love my country, of course I also criticise (being told that I'm spelling that wrong but I'm not) it like any other Brit - but my point is I developed that opinion on my own, without any help from the government thank you very much.

  • No more brainwashing

    Kids recite this by rote, most not even knowing what they are saying. It's become a bizarre ritual of subservience, jingoism and, to be honest, it's a bit creepy that a country does this in the 21st century. If you want to encourage kids to be good patriotic citizens, educate them about the good things in this country, don't brainwash them with this kind of rhetoric. Or maybe there aren't enough good things to tell them about this country anymore? That's a whole other problem...

  • No no no

    Many students are not citizens and it can be uncomfortable for them to have to chant words of commitment to america. It is completely unnecessary. The fact that you get in trouble for not saying it is a complete outrage. It violates freedom of religion and speech. It is a nice to say at sports events, and american events, but in school...Really?

  • Our natural allegiance is to our families and eventually to ourselves. Other allegiances must never be forced on anyone and in particular our children.

    There are very many countries that do not have a pledge of allegiance and yet their citizens are just as proud of their country and country men and women who's great deeds have protected and improved their well being.
    Brainwashing our children in the current manner risks removing the last line of defense from the acts of a rogue government of the like that has initiated world wars.

    Promotion of critical thinking should be paramount in our schools, discussion without recrimination and empathy for our fellows taught.
    It is sad to see the hurtful nature of many comments on this and other contentious subjects.

  • Not soldiers but students.

    Until every "god" and the explanation of why someone may choose not to believe is told, religious statements need to be left out of school. As a free country, we do not need to pledge to anything. Freedom is what we are about. My child does not need to vow anything. The fact we are here and pay our taxes should be enough

  • What about Atheists?

    When the pledge of allegiance was first written, it was the same as now, except without the 'under god'. The government added the 'under god' part in 1953 to emphasize the distinction between The United States and the officially atheist Soviet Union. But today, everyone knows we need to have a respect for all religions. I think it could be ok if it wasn't for the 'under god' part, but there are still a lot of lies hidden beneath the words. All I have to say is 'look it up' before you spiel it.

  • Of course not!

    I am a kid myself and I do not want to pledge my loyalty and trust to a country I am not even sure if I like yet. Yes, we have freedom that other places don't have, but we also have obesity, greediness, and many other awful things in this country. If people want to say it, fine. I'm not going to say no. But nobody should be forced.

  • Violation of Rights

    The Pledge of Allegiance Should not be said in schools because not everyone agrees with what it says. Not everyone believes in a "God," and they shouldn't be force to say that in a nation that has freedom of religion. Also the children will still be able to learn it from home if they desire from their parents or the Internet if they want to learn more about patriotism. The Pledge was originally "I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." "Under God" was added by President Eisenhower and Congress at the behest of a Presbyterian minister, showing that the government let religion take over for a bit in a nation that is supposedly free of religion. Kids also have freedom of speech so they shouldn't be forced to say anything the don't agree with.

  • Why should people be forced to do something they may not agree with?

    Ok, so, I understand that people think it's no big deal to just say the pledge and be done with it, but some people might not agree with it! They're not god-hating rebels that want to muck up the system, they just have different opinions or ideas about what the pledge says! No matter how many people there are that agree completely with the pledge, the minority should still be acknowledged just as much as the rest. Something like this, that can be viewed from different points of view and opinions, should not be a requirement, but instead an option!

  • Goes Against Rights

    The Pledge of Allegiance Should not be said in schools because not everyone agrees with what it says. Not everyone believes in a "God," and they shouldn't be force to say that in a nation that has freedom of religion. Also the children will still be able to learn it from home if they desire from their parents or the Internet if they want to learn more about patriotism. The Pledge was originally "I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all." "Under God" was added by President Eisenhower and Congress at the behest of a Presbyterian minister, showing that the government let religion take over for a bit in a nation that is supposedly free of religion. Kids also have freedom of speech so they shouldn't be forced to say anything the don't agree with.

  • It is illegal

    The amount of schools in the US that have mandatory recitation of the pledge of allegiance is alarming. The bill of rights protects us against organized religion, and forcing our children to recite a pledge of allegiance is basically turning the united states into a religious body. That is illegal and the pledge should be considered so.

  • The wrong people are reciting the pledge, it should be the elected who pledge, not the people

    A government by the people and for the people should pledge allegiance to the people, rather than the people pledging allegiance to a government created by themselves. Forcing children to recite a pledge before they are in full understanding of what they are pledging is totalitarian. Let the people make a new pledge that children recite, one that includes language about recognizing the humanity and equality of all people and pledging to work to obtain peace and equality for all.

  • Who are you to impose such an idea?

    Saying the Pledge was a daily activity in my childhood, as well as many others. We all had to stand up and recite it, hats off, hand over heart- but what were we pledging to? How many of us at the grades of K-5 even thought about the meaning? A college friend of mine and I were talking, and he mentioned that it wasn't until 7th grade that he really THOUGHT about what he was pledging too. There's nothing wrong with the patriotism, and if you don't want to say "under God" then don't say it, but the fact is that kids are told to recite an oath to their country, a swearing that they don't understand.

  • No it shouldent

    Because i don't believe in god so the pledge doesn't mean a thing..No matter who argues about it.Its going against my beliefs to stand for the pledge and i don't like america.Kids shouldnt have to do it just because its against someone else s beliefs and its not fair to do.

  • A nation founded on dissent needs no pledge of allegience

    Our nation is unique in part because we were founded on the idea of dissent and it's part of what led to the American Revolution to break away from Great Britain. I owe the government nor any elected official any allegience whatsoever. The only thing I owe allegience to is to the Constitution of the United States which as a veteran I took when I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. A pledge of allegience blindly spouted by kids in school serves no purpose except to instill blind loyalty to a government that has, in the past ten years, become more and more corrupt and power hungry which hardly inspires trust let alone loyalty. I respect the flag and the ideals it represents but the government should be treated with suspicion and a heavy dose of "trust but verify". A pledge seems more something suitable to nations like the Soviet Union, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Communist China..Not the united States of America.

  • Unconstitutional, and violates the freedom of religion in the first amendment

    Violates the freedom of religion in the first amendment. Also, it violates the fact of separation of the church and government. That is why it is unconstitutional. Also, kids may not be in a religion that has god or even calls god by that name. All in all, it should be banned.

  • It should not

    Kids from a young age are brainwashed into saying the pledge of allegiance everyday without even thinking of it. Most kids don't even think about it, as soon as the announcements comes on over the loud speaker all the kids get up like zombies and look at the flag. I have nothing against saying the pledge but why do we have to say it every day? It takes up valuable class time and distracts the students. If in public schools they are not allowed to have a "holiday break" because some children are atheist but yet these children are forced to say "under god" every day is that fair?

  • There's no meaning

    It's bad enough that it is against many other religions that may not believe in "God", but the fact that it is said over a loudspeaker in the morning isn't the way to do it for anyone. If there should be any pledge for any reason, it should rather be done in a traditional household, not in a school!

  • What if we all pledged to Communism instead?

    California Department of Education code (1) states: Teachers and principals have the discretion to conduct a patriotic activity as they see fit - including an activity that all children can join in. This clearly proves that the Pledge cannot be a required ritual in classrooms, or, frankly, anywhere. My high school recently imposed a system in which every 3rd or 4th period the Pledge is announced over the PA system. Not only does this violate California law, but, as many have previously pointed out, it violates the 1st Amendment. If you want to say the Pledge every day, go ahead and start a Patriotism Club and meet before school starts every day to recite it amongst yourselves. Do NOT, however, impose it on EVERY STUDENT in the school! I never stand up or say it, but even hearing it is a form of brainwashing. I work with second graders in the mornings and hearing them chant it sounds like we are part of a cult--it's incredibly disturbing. I also feel as though patriotism is a type of religion--swearing your loyalty to a flag instead of a God. In so many ways the Pledge is incorrect about what America actually stands for that it teaches children lies.
    Let's say that I wanted to impose a pledge towards Communism in my school. I could announce it over the PA system, claim it teaches about diversity in our world, and tell students that they "don't have to say it or stand up". They would STILL hear it every day, and it would still be a form of brainwashing! The only difference is that now that we are pledging so something "un-American" it becomes a violation of rights. It's a double standard in itself, and is wrong in so many ways.

  • It shouldn't be mandatory for students

    Even though people should still stand up to show their respect, there are different ways to express patriotism other than just reciting a pledge. Anyway, it's not like many kids mean anything when they recite the pledge, it's just a bunch of words that come out of their mouth habitually.

  • Brainwashing at its finest.

    Everyone else who disagrees has mentioned everything I would mention. It is unnecessary for someone to say the pledge of allegiance. Especially at such a young age, this is called brainwashing. The same goes for teaching a child religious practice when they cannot even comprehend what they're saying. Those who do not realize this have been taught and raised by foolish and ignorant parents. Such a disappointment. Remember folks, one does not need the promise of heaven to see the merit of good deeds.

  • This is definitely brainwashing

    Teaching young children that in order to show that they love their country, they have to say something that someone else wrote and that they don't understand is just plain messed up. The whole "moment of silence" thing that some schools do now is a perfectly appropriate substitute; they can recite it to themselves if they want to, or they can think about something more productive, like, say, school, or, hey, they can pray if they actually are "under god" which our country is NOT--we are NOT a theocracy and I'm sick of people losing their minds over the "under god" issue.

  • Frankly, it's incorrect.

    The country doesn't exactly live up to the promise of the pledge. Liberty and justice for all? Is that a joke? Are we simply going to ignore all the disadvantaged people that the current system completely forgets about? Lower class people are fighting against the current. While the upper class reaps all the benefits of privilege without being questioned about it. Laws restrict the civil equality of the LGBTQ community blatantly. Racism is still a thing, regardless of what we want to believe. There is NOT "liberty and justice for all." Not at all.
    And the phrase "under God" is horribly Christian-centric for a country that is supposed to be a melting pot for all cultures and religions, but other posts have explained that already.
    Kids are forced to say the pledge starting in Kindergarden, even before they are intelligent enough to understand the words coming out of their mouths. Listening to students saying the pledge over and over, the same words every single day of their lives, starts to sound like the drone of a bee hive. Words don't mean anything when you say them over and over without thinking about them. It might as well be brainwashing.

  • It sounds like communist Russia all over again

    Why do we say it every day? When I promise to be an ally to someone, ( not something), I keep that promise, I don't have to remind them of that every day... And it's a flag! It doesn't care if you are allied with it! I get that being patriotic is good, but I'm not about to pledge my allow hence to an object. To the U.S.A, sure, but not to a flag repeatedly.

  • Don't think so.

    I have absolutely no problem with teaching patriotism in schools. I do, however, have an issue with the way that the Pledge is worded currently. Yes, you may choose to refrain from saying the "under God" part, but nobody at the school will tell you that! Not once in the public schools that I attended did I hear, "Ok, please join me in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. By the way, it's totally ok to omit the whole 'God' part, kids!" As a little kid, nobody would tell you that. It isn't until you're much older do you realize that you can. It's insulting. If you want it to stay in schools, educate the kids that they 1. Don't have to participate at all 2. May omit the 'God' part.

  • Not equal rights

    We are not forced to say the pledge and I believe we should all take the opportunity to not do it. There is not liberty and justice for all until and I can see a man and a man or a woman and a woman be married in every state and part of the world. If they can see that even us kids know what is right then maybe we can make a change. I am not going to say pledge tomorrow.

  • Patriotic Pressure - the new 'peer pressure'

    As an Aussie, let me say, making your kids recite the pledge makes them look like they're in some sort of cult. I am just as patriotic as the next person, but I think the fundamental difference in the levels of patriotism between Australians and Americans is that Americans have to be SEEN to be patriotic - a sort of patriotic pressure, if you will. The flags on your front lawns, the pledge of allegiance in schools, your 'I support the troops' bumper stickers...Are you afraid that you'll be deemed 'unpatriotic' if you don't do these things? Patriotism is in the heart.

  • No point really

    Seriously, what is the point? And if the point is to be patriotic to the country, why aren't adults doing it? How come only children do? It doesn't help our day or prevent us from doing anything. To me, for example, it has become so robotic that I can barley remember the words outside of the time we have to do it. Also, in the pledge, there is a spot that says "for liberty and justice for all", and that is completely not true!

  • We created the Federal government to serve us

    In a republic, the people should not be swearing allegiance to the government, the government should be swearing allegiance to the people. The members of a condo association agree with each other to obey the rules they ratify. Part of their mutual obligation involves carrying out the legitimate instructions of the manager whom they have hired. But while the members of the association may agree to obey directions from their common employee, no condo association pledges allegiance to the condo manager. The principal does not swear to serve the agent.

  • The act of requiring the Pledge nullifies it.

    According to American contract law, no agreement can be considered binding if it is made under a state of duress. Therefore, the mere act of strongly encouraging students to recite the Pledge essentially nullifies it as an oath.

    At risk of teacher disapproval and social isolation, students often acquiesce to the Pledge mindlessly. Under these conditions, the Pledge is made under duress, and is therefore not a Pledge at all

  • No I don't think it should be said in schools. It's a way to condition children into never disobeying orders when they're adults. It's sick.

    Because what does allegiance means? It means commitment to a person a group of people particularly the USA. What this does mean for the students in school? It means that they unknowingly commit themselves to the country once they say the whole pledge in school so they don't rebel later.

  • Children have no concept behind the meaning. A mindless thing they're forced to repeat, If they refuse, the teachers humiliate & bully them into it.

    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Corporate States of America and to the police state for which it stands, one nation, divided by class, with liberty and justice for those that can afford it." -Brad Bourgeois.

    "I pledge allegiance to the status quo of the USA and to the bullshit for which it stands." -Sean McKelvey.

    "A pledge under duress is no pledge at all." -DarkMatter2525.

    "I didn't do the pledge and my teacher said I was "disrespecting our veterans". So they fight for my freedom which means I can't have freedom? Makes sense." - TechnoSinister.

    "Any country worth peoples allegiance wouldn't need to force people be chant an oath of allegiance." - Kit Ingoldby.

  • Because it is hypocritical when the country goes downhill

    It's an oath of loyalty, yes, but what if the country is nearly in the tank (i.E., poor economy, no jobs, etc.), and you believe the country is not worth your time anymore? And this kind of opinion can rise at any age, including when you are in grade school being forced to say this so-called "pledge" against your will.

  • The Pledge Should Not Be Forced

    If you believe in and support everything the Pledge is saying, by all means, proudly stand and recite it. However, those who do not agree with it should not be pressured into pledging, on the simple basis of freedom of speech. Personally, I am not certain this country is under any sort of god, being agnostic, nor do I believe that everyone in America receives equal "liberty and justice" -- just look at all the race-related police brutality happening, and the fact that same-sex marriage isn't legal in all states; doesn't sound like "liberty for all" to me. Sure, equality and freedom is the idea, but it isn't the reality, and until it is, I would like to be able to choose whether or not I stand without having to justify myself, since those who do stand don't have to justify their reasons for standing.

  • School age children do not benefit from saying the pledge, and other countries agree.

    People that have come to the U.S. from dozens of other countries have seen the pledge being recited and laughed at it, finding it ridiculous. I don't see why they shouldn't. 5 year olds are spouting a nonsensical poem they don't understand to a flag they can't even find. They don't know what they are pledging to, or what "allegiance" even is. Many students at no point are taught what they are saying or why they are saying it, and are then yelled at for not taking it seriously. It's supposed to teach us patriotism but any elementary schooler is not a true patriot. They are praising a country they know nothing about. They do not know the politics and they do not have a chance to form an opinion on it. Also, a lot of students are not american. Imagine how a foreign exchange student must feel going to a public high school, and being expected to stand up daily and call their country inferior to the one they happen to be in, sometimes not by choice. Frankly, none of these students are here by choice. Until they are 18, if the students' parents are here, they're stuck here with them as well. Finally, the most reasonable argument for the pledge is that it is to respect the soldiers that risked their lives for this country. Well, one of the things they died to protect was the right to sit down while everyone else stands and not be forced to say what you don't want to. Even if they didn't, a soldier is not inherently good for being a soldier. Some joined with not so noble intentions, some were apathetic about it, and even if none of these are true, there is no draft anymore. They made a choice to join and no 5 year old is indebted to them for making that choice. So, after all this, at the very least I implore you all, at least inform these children about what they are saying and their option not to say it.

  • It has nothing to do with my education

    As a student in high school right now, I see no reason for the pledge to be said at all, that is valuable class time that i could be spending learning something new that could actually help me in the future or help me get a better grade in class than i already have, what purpose does the pledge serve for my education? I am sacrificing my time to stand up for a pledge that i don't even say and hardly care for, i respect our soldiers and everything they do for us, but the pledge is pointless, and this is coming from a high school studen

  • Do We Actually Have Inalienable Rights?

    Forcing the Pledge on public school students is wrong and offensive. We have rights that clearly state we do not have to stand or say anything we don't want to. Can we practice our religions and beliefs or not? Schools only include one religion based on population and what they think is wise or right. We have inalienable freedoms people have died for, but they are yet completely ignored. Through this daily Pledge exercise, our public schools are defining patriotism by promoting God-belief while stigmatizing atheist and humanist children.

  • It's a waste of my time!!!

    It's just so boring. In the morning when you want to just chill and sleep, the speakers are like " please stand for the pledge"... So NO I DON'T THINK THE PLEDGE SHOULD BE SAID IN SCHOOLS. Plus there's that Under God thing... Why would i pledge allegiance to a country that has no morals. ;)

  • NOOO

    No Of course if I were in charge of the United States, I would want to instill a sense of blind commitment to the nation on children whose brains have not fully developed. However as an outsider, there are many things I consider poor about the Pledge. The religious reference, the emphasis pledging (obviously), the factual errors (indivisible? Liberty and justice for all?). For the latter, although one may see these as a desired state for the United States, I would like to see more concrete exercises helping these issues rather than a 15 second group chant. At the least, people should not be forced to say the pledge. I know this is common in most of the country, but frequently religious and/or patriotic teachers force children to salute the flag.

  • Unconstitutionality

    The first amendment of the U.S. constitution would cry if it could. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." Whether the pledge implies a particular god is irrelevant, because it explicitly assumes every American believes in a god. This is unequivocally false and makes the statement "One nation under God" a lie. The only way the government could mandate the Pledge of Allegiance be said in schools is to pass a law, which directly contradicts the first amendment. Now, even if the term "under God" was taken out, mandatory allegiance to the U.S. is still unconstitutional because it infringes on the freedom of speech. If the Pledge of Allegiance were followed verbatim, no American citizen is allowed to dissent with governmental decisions. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..." is so one-sided to "patriotism" there is zero space for freedom of speech otherwise. Not only that, it goes against the Declaration of Independence, since it is the "Right of the People" to alter, or, if needed, abolish the government. The Declaration of Independence may not be a part of constitution and not a reason a mandatory Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, but it is a reason not to say the Pledge of Allegiance altogether.

  • No

    Of course if I were in charge of the United States, I would want to instill a sense of blind commitment to the nation on children whose brains have not fully developed. However as an outsider, there are many things I consider poor about the Pledge. The religious reference, the emphasis pledging (obviously), the factual errors (indivisible? Liberty and justice for all?). For the latter, although one may see these as a desired state for the United States, I would like to see more concrete exercises helping these issues rather than a 15 second group chant.
    At the least, people should not be forced to say the pledge. I know this is common in most of the country, but frequently religious and/or patriotic teachers force children to salute the flag.

  • Freedom of Religion?

    The Pledge of Allegiance slaps the first amendment right in the face. Was our country not founded on the idea of freedom of religion? This pledge pushes the Christian religion upon all who are forced to say it. If you think that my argument isn't strong enough, you need to realize that not everyone is going to believe in the same things as you. Also, this pledge forces upon all who say it things they do not understand.

  • Definitely not

    It instills an expectation for a child to pledge their allegiance not only patriotically to the country, but to a God of a single religion. This is pushing bias views upon children in a supposed-to-be objective environment.

    Not all children will agree with the ideals supported by our founding fathers (such as the endorsing of slavery, the superiority of white men, and many other things). The pledge makes children feel like they have to agree with these ideals.

  • Most certainly not.

    Besides violating the First Amendment, the Pledge of Allegiance won't instill much into the minds of America's youth. A pledge is only able to re-enforce the feelings a patriot, but it cannot create feelings where none exist. It takes time, knowledge, and experience to give someone faith in their country. Children lack patriotism, because of their ignorance of American history, politics, and sacrifices. Not because they didn't pledge to the flag.

  • No, The Pledge is unconstitutional and promotes the Christian religion.

    The amended Pledge of Allegiance violates the Constitution's First Amendment, and promotes the Christian religion, which is what the "under God" part implies. Schools should use the original Pledge, as it has nothing about religion and seeks to unify the nation. The Separation of Church and State also supports the illegality of the Pledge and how inappropriate it is for public school use.

  • The USA is becoming Nazi Germany

    The Pledge of Allegiance is a form of compulsory speech that is the antithesis of the liberty the flag itself represents. The phrase "under God" is merely a ceremonial reference to history and not an affirmation of religious faith so says the courts that had lawsuits made against this statement.
    Considering that the phrase "under God" consists of only two words, it implies a lot:

    That a deity exists. Traditionally, God is viewed as at least omniscient (all knowing) and omnipotent (with infinite powers). Many religions add other attributes, such as all-loving.
    Maleness: "God" implies a male deity. There is no room in the Pledge for any female deity/deities who are normally called "Goddesses."
    Uniqueness: The phrase implies monotheism: that there is only a single deity who one who rules over America.
    Omnipresent: The phrase implies that God rules over all of America, and is present everywhere.
    Control: Most Americans probably believe that the phrase indicates a God who interferes with events on earth, guiding the U.S. In the direction that he wishes.

    My main thing to say is, please people, open your eyes to the brain wash which goes on throughout your daily lives.

  • Compulsory unification of opinion violates the First Amendment.

    A democratic republic built on freedom of dissent should not require its citizens to pledge allegiance to it, and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects one's right to refrain from speaking or standing (also a form of speech). Another objection lies in the fact that the people who are most likely to recite the Pledge every day, small children in schools, cannot give their consent or even completely understand the Pledge they are taking.

  • For my research paper

    I don’t pledge allegiance to any flag, especially under god. The words that are spoken, almost sung, everyday by children and teens of America in public schools should be erased. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, what do those words mean to a six year old child, one nation under god, and to whom are they referring to when repeating the name god? Although the separation of church and state doesn’t appear in the constitution the first amendment does say that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, the pledge of allegiance breaks both sections of the first amendment. School children should not be forced to stand, place their hands over their hearts and subject themselves to loyalty they cannot comprehend. Many public schools don’t allow students to not participate in the morning ritual of reciting the pledge, even if the student refuses peacefully. Students shouldn’t be forced to pledge their allegiance to the flag unless by their own free will. According to religions.Pewforum.Org, 78.4% of America is Christian, 4.7% is deemed as “other” and 16.1% are unaffiliated, America is a country that was born from difference thus eliminating the pledge allows differences to be celebrated freely. It is uncomfortable for many young children to say the word “God” while knowing they weren’t raised to believe in the idol. I found myself in this position. God isn’t something that is in the United States government thus it should not be in public school systems. Despite the phrase “under god” children shouldn’t be forced to idolize America, it breeds ignorance and intolerance towards other cultures. The pledge of allegiance simply is a personal matter that should be taught about first, discussed and not forced on children. To respect someone is to know and understand who he or she are, to respect a country is to know what it stands for and understand the meaning of its legislation.

  • Why should we have to?

    I personally don't say the pledge in the mornings at my school, that's just me though. I don't believe people should blindly pledge their allegiance to things they don't understand. If people want to say the pledge then they should be able to say it, but they shouldn't condemn those who choose not to. Many a time I have been glared at because I chose not to recite the pledge and looked at as "Un-American" for my beliefs.


    Everyday as a high school student over the announcements we hear the daily “goooooooooddd morning chaparral! Now before today’s announcements please stand and join me in the pledge…” Now it is typical to stand and at least respectful act like your reciting the pledge. But what does the pledge really mean? What does it stand for? Well lets break it down… “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, for liberty and justice for all” now as this may just be the right winged way of being patriotic and showing our respect for our veterans and troops and such, I think it’s a symbol, and this may sound a bit radical; of conformity and is a bad separation of church and state. I mean the line “one nation, under god" is making the assumption that we ALL believe in a god as a nation. I personally don't believe in a god, I believe in more of a nature oriented religion without a god. So quite frankly I don't like being forced to say such a line on a daily basis. Considering we have been doing the pledge from kindergarden I don't think we really realize how conforming this really is. In the past years as I can to this realization I sat out of the pledge and was told by teachers that not doing it was disrespectful or that i must do it or be chastised. When really i am just respectfully declining. So now in class when they say the pledge of allegiance I just stand up and don't put my hand on my heart or say a damn thing. I refuse to say it

  • From a student's perspective.

    I never say the pledge in school. Some may see this as unpatriotic, but I see this as a great act of patriotism. Howard Zinn said "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Forcing people to say anything is very un-American in my opinion. This country was established on civil rights including that of free speech. The pledge was largely created because of the red scare in this country. I'm sure that it was meant to instill patriotism in the people, but telling the people what to think is not what this country is all about. I also have a problem with the under god line. People make the argument that its not specific to anybody's god. This does not account for the sweeping number of Americans who are atheists, or potentially polytheists. I am impartial to any beliefs at the moment, but it is inappropriate to make people say anything, but especially things that they may not believe in, and our country is better than this. I also think the country should promote actually thinking about what you are saying/doing before you do it, because so many people just do things because they are told to. This country needs more thinkers.
    My sign of patriotism is not reciting the pledge.

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no one who has voted for it has made a legitimate point for their argument, coincidence?