Should the police be monitored more closely to ensure that they do not commit crimes in their free time?

  • The police should be held to the same standards as everyone else

    We might idolize the police for keeping our neighborhoods safe, but when the uniform comes off, they are ordinary citizens like the rest of us. This means that they should be monitored in order to ensure that they don't perpetrate any crimes, just like you would with any other person.

  • Yes, for accountability purposes.

    It will be appropriate and in order to monitor police more closely to ensure that they do not commit crimes in their free time because of cases of police indiscipline and brutality have been reported when they are off duty. Some guns used to carry out criminal activities have been traced back to police.

  • Yes, police should be observed during their free time.

    It is my belief that police officers should be evaluated during their free time, to ensure that they are not breaking the law. Every citizen, (police included), are to adhere to the laws set by the government for safety reasons. The title of "police officer" does not allow free-reign and independence regarding right and wrong-doings. If police officers were allowed to commit crimes, everyday citizens would fall in a state of panic, or worse, rioting.

  • Police are people

    Police are people, just like you and me and also, as an extension of the aforementioned statement, have human rights. Why should we have reputable members of society watched? Especially the same people who keep your neighbourhoods, streets and assets intact. There is no reason to commit crimes against human rights to watch people who guard and protect us.

  • No, they should only be subject to citizen oversight when they are on the clock.

    Police, when on active duty, have more rights than the average citizen. This is in place so that they can do their job. However, their enhanced position is paired with responsibility. Citizens have the right to oversee their law enforcement officers to be sure that they are not abusing their positions.

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