Should the President of the United States interrupt his vacation to visit the flood areas of Louisiana?

  • Absolutely he should

    Didn't think I'd have to justify this but I think has president of the United States you kind of sign up for this kind of stuff. Yes this isn't as serious as Katrina or anything like that but it where is the line drawn for "how serious" a disaster needs to be to become the presidents priority? As the leader of the free world you have a responsibility to be there when your people need you, or at least the first lady. Say what you want about Bush and "the mess" he left for Obama, but he genuinely loved the American people.

  • Yes, he should.

    If possible, and it is almost always possible , he should take some time out to visit the area. It would be a very nice gesture and is something that might help the people in the area. He does not have to do this, but it would be the right thing to do.

  • He takes enough vacations already

    I know it's not ideal, but he should do it, just like the hurricane from 5 years ago. Also, as most of us know, Obama spends a good amount of time golfing, or just going on a vacation in general. I think he can postpone it and have the wife take care of the kids...

  • Presidents should put the people first

    It is horrible for the President of the United States to take a relaxing vacation that costs the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars while a disaster the scope of what is happening in Louisiana is taking place. The people of Louisiana need to know their government cares about them, this does not demonstrate that.

  • Louisiana does not need distractions.

    The rescue and recovery efforts in Louisiana requires the active involvement of all available resources. A presidential visit would require the diversion of valuable resources, essentially disrupting the efforts of many. The president should visit the flooded areas only after resources are freely available to assist with the security detail.

  • No, the President should not interrupt his vacation.

    No, the President should not interrupt his vacation to visit the flood areas of Louisiana. A vacation is something that is usually planned a few months in advance and is an opportunity to spend time with family. The President should not interrupt a planned occasion with his family, but he should still visit once his vacation has ended.

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