Should the presidential poll results in Austria have been overturned.

  • Yes, It alleged that thousands of votes were opened earlier than permitted under election rules and some were counted by people unauthorised to do so.

    Austria's highest court has annulled the result of the presidential election narrowly lost by the candidate of the far-right Freedom Party.
    The party had challenged the result, saying that postal votes had been illegally and improperly handled. Hanging over the vote is the shadow of "Brexit" - the UK's decision to leave the EU.

  • Yes, Austria's presidential poll requires a rerun due to widespread irregularities which hint at improper tallying techniques.

    Given the overwhelming evidence that only continues to build proving potential polling malpractices, Austria had no other choice than to schedule a rerun for the election. Overturning the previous results was the right thing to do in response to these widespread irregularities so as to prevent an uprising of the disenchanted populace.

  • Yes, the presidential poll results in Austria should have been overturned.

    Yes, the presidential poll results in Austria should have been nullified. There were numerous irregularities in the manner in which votes were collected and counted. Upon a challenge, the country's highest court found that the results were suspicious and should be nullified. The court appears to have had a reasonable basis for doing so according to the country's laws.

  • Austria Poll Results Should Not Have Been Overturned

    Austria should not have overturned the results of the presidential poll. Though it was only by a slim-margin, the results were conducted fairly and therefore should not have been overturned. The party looking to change the vote should have let things lay as they turned out. In a democracy votes should be counted fairly and then not able to be overturned unless there was criminal actions taken by the winning side that had been overlooked.

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