Should the recreational use of marijuana be made legal in the United States?

  • How is good, bad?

    In my personal opinion, marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Not only is it statistically the safest of any drug used in America or around the world, it also has zero reported deaths from use. Not only is it used for medical purposes, it's the best form of stress relief. In most cases people turn to tobacco to relieve their stress. Tobacco is a confusing drug. Users know it's addicting and tell others not to do it, but continue to smoke the cancerous product. Marijuana is not at all an addictive drug. The false accusations about marijuana making the user addicted, lazy, and open to other drugs is absurd. If it's legalized, people aren't going to think, "I'm tired of marijuana, let's go try heroine or crack!" The worst that can come of this drug is the misplacement of your phone, or the possibility that you might have too much fun. Crime rates would go down, the economy would go up, and the cartels would lose their largest amount of revenue. I don't know what to say if less crime sounds bad to you...

  • Yes, marijuana is harmless!

    Marijuana is harmless, there is no harm that comes from smoking pot. There is more harm that comes from smoking a cigarette, putting a dip of skoal in you mouth. I really don't see why Congress can't pass the vote to have marijuana legal. There are less tragic accidents that happen from marijuana everything happens from smoking and drinking.

  • Times are changing for the better, finally.

    Honestly, when is this not going to be an issue anymore? What's so bad about about cannabis? Cigarettes and alcohol are the real enemies, not marijuana. You cannot get addicted to marijuana, you cannot overdose on marijuana. These facts have been proven and tested numerous times by both government agencies and health organizations.

    The most basic and reverent supporting argument of cannabis is that it is 100% natural, always is, always has been and always will be. The illogical statement that typically follows this argument is, "well, what about cocaine or heroin". Yes, cocaine and heroin do come from the Earth just as naturally as marijuana,...Initially. Though the process to actually create cocaine and heroin as they are today, into the highly addictive and horribly treacherous drugs they are is not natural by any means and obviously not healthy. The entire process for cannabis from seed to consumption is dirt, water, sun. Then it can be the user choice of how consumption takes place. Whether it be smoke, vaporize or edible. The metabolization takes place at different rates depending on method of consumption but all have the same outcome, a peaceful, happy, relaxed, NON-HALLUCINOGENIC high for a few hours.

    Additionally, unlike with alcohol you don't run the risk of driving while under the influence of cannabis, trust me. Which leads to the only potential negative to marijuana, becoming lethargic. However, once made legal, I'm positive that cannabis can/will be “categorized” so that being lethargic will no longer be an issue. After all we can agree that an overall education of cannabis at a national level will be extremely beneficial.

    What's the big deal with smoking marijuana in your own home? We've come a long way from the early 1600's when some of founding colonies of the United States, in particular Jamestown, which had one of the biggest hemp growing operations to date. Their uses for hemp were both revolutionary and practical, they used hemp/cannabis to make sails, ropes, clothing and for recreational use. Oh, and just about every single one of our Founding Fathers cultivated/used cannabis on their own properties at one point or another. To think that today the act of just carrying 1-2oz will earn you a 5-10yr prison stint. Where's the freedom people?

    An end our countries debt, one of the simplest ways this can be done is to legalize cannabis across the board and tax cannabis across the board. Once we open shop and money comes flowing in, every facet of the government from the state to federal level will benefit. This will have positive effects for all law enforcement and jail/prison overcrowding.

    I've said my peace. Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays to all. This year lets remember how the USA actually got here and you may realize that marijuana actually helped us found this great nation in which we are so blessed to live in.

    I wrote all of this while stoned.

    -Justin Michael

  • Its not bad

    There has been many many many studies on marijuana and they've found that it is not harmful.
    Hemp was one of the main cash crops of america until there was a cotton farmer who ran a campaign criminalizing marijuana over 85% of Americans have stated they believe it should be lehalized and isnt this america where THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER.

  • Medical benefits. Tax benefits.

    People who want to smoke weed... WILL smoke weed. Legal or not. It has been proven over and over... the "doorway" drug theory is bogus.

    Look everyone... our government owes its creditors over $60,000 for each LEGAL citizen (since MOST illegals do not pay TAXES they are completely worthless in this consideration).

    The FED GOV needs all the help they can get.

  • I believe marijuana should be made legal in the United States because it has medicinal value with no withdraws.

    Marijuana can help loads of people with no harmful or long-lasting side effects. Why is this not legal and alcohol is? Do you ever see anyone in rehab or anyone going through horrible withdraws from weed? Nope. Weed can help anyone, pretty much with anything. For example, my father had cancer, and he's still pretty messed up. These doctors prescribe these hard medications for pain, nausea, sleep, and even other stuff. These pills mess him up bad. Marijuana can help all of these things without putting the poison of these hard prescription drugs in your body. There's no better therapy to whatever your problem may be.

  • I have ADHD

    When I smoke weed, I feel like I can function skills a lot better. My ADHD has me very hyperactive, and when I smoke I dont feel the need to be hyper. It hurts me when I get called a drug head. The reason I smoke weed is to feel better about myself. Smoking weed doesn't make you a criminal! It's very sad to see weed illegal. Weed is very helpful to a lot of people. When I smoke weed , I don't want to do any damage, im always so chilled. So take time and read all these posts, and think about legalizing.

  • Marijuana is harmless.

    There's no need to ague the situation, it's clear that marijuana would help this country. Just making marijuana legal would settle the countries debt in 4 years. There are absolutely no deaths caused by marijuana. The number one cause of deaths in the united states is caused by alcohol, car accidents, cancer and liver disease; does marijuana cause any of this? No! Are they giving a bottle of whiskey or a cigarettes to cancer patients? No! They give them marijuana. The death rate from marijuana use is zero,

  • Yes Marijuana should be legal.

    I believe Marijuana should be legal because there are thousands of people being put in jail for marijuana related crimes. Also, the government spends billions of dollars on the drug war when they could legalize marijuana, tax it and earn more revenue for America. The government is trying to find ways to take away debt when a helping hand is illegal and right in front of their faces.


    I've read many of the views on here, both for and against marijuana. The few who talk about marijuana having medical properties fail to see that heroism, cocaine, LSD, and other drugs have medical properties too. So the medical point is moot. The other thing is most are self proclaimed college kids, who are doing spectacular in school. Congrats, but the party lifestyle shouldn't last forever. You'll have to grow up sometime. Lastly, why I vote yes is because the yes people are right, but hypocrites. Legalize it all, you want personally choices on how to run your life I'll advocate for them. I just don't want to hear the complaining later in regards to your health, children (yes just like tobacco an alcohol today, and how bad it is and kids are using them), and personal development. Have fun

  • Mental hospitals are filled with drug addicts

    Marijuana, pot or weed, what ever you call it, is a hallucinogenic drug, which over prolonged use can cause schizophrenia, memory loss and depression. Marijuana, is also a gateway drug and its use primarily leads to other more devastating drugs. Every form of drug use is bad, their is no safe level of its usage. Even drugs used for medical purposes, synthetic pain killers, are not encourage beyond its original course of usage for pain reduction.

  • Marijuana is the gateway drug whether people want to believe it or not.

    Recreational use of marijuana will only lead to a greater degree of drug addiction in the United States. Once we legalize recreational use of marijuana it is a slippery slope towards the legalization of other illegal drugs that are more hard core. The reason for this is that the high of marijuana will only satisfy the recreational user for so long before they look for something harder to continue that increasing need for a better fix. Once this happens people will begin pushing for legalization of these harder drugs to satisfy these needs.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Anonymous

    NO, there are short term effects as well as long term also, it is very addictive, and there are many side effects that come with it. the choice is yours just remember the cost that comes with it. it is not a good thing to take it can and will do bad things to your body. no one can tell you not to, even though you shouldn't. the choice is yours.

  • Recreational use of marijuana should not be made legal as it is a narcotic and will ruin lives, especially those of impressionable and experimental youngsters.

    Marijuana is a narcotic which is just as addictive and potentially lethal as any other narcotic like heroin or cocaine. It can ruin lives of those who may get addicted to it and hence should not be made legal.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Marijuana should be illegal .

    It affects your health, your social life, your emotional life, your relationship with former friends and family and it can also be VERY hard to become productive in life again. If you are addicted and you are with child, you could drastically effect your child's health and you could also give them the wrong idea of support. To become healthy, productive people, we must stay clean and try hard without cheating by using drugs.

  • Marijuana affects learing abilities

    A lot of people are already smoking Marijuana even when they could get in trouble for it...and if they legalize Marijuana for recreational use, more people would want to buy it because they know that they won't get in trouble for it. If a lot of people decided to smoke it then it is going to make the economy even worse...because people would be less educated and dumb, which means we are going to have less scientists and engineers, etc. and if that's the case, who would get these jobs and seek development for a better future?


    IF you people dont know Marijuana is bad for you and can kill you. I dont want my child to think it is okay and take it. THIS IS WRONG. People you need to wake up and think. I bet that most people who think that it should be legal will never take the drugs in there lives but the future generation will. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No, marijuana has too big of an effect on people's judgement.

    Marijuana seriously impairs peoples judgment. It makes their reflexes slower, and it alters their thinking. These are dangerous effects, especially when it comes to driving, taking care of dependents and performing important tasks. Smoking marijuana can even impairs someone's ability to walk and talk. It effects memory and perception. It would not be a good idea to give individuals the ok to walk around, in society with other individuals, high on marijuana.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • Marijuana should not be made legal for recreational use because it will have drastic negative effects on the U.S. economy.

    Persons who are under the influence of narcotics like marijuana are not able to function in a manner that allows them to perform daily tasks needed for a job. Thus, this would be one reason why no one would want to hire them. Many people don't smoke the drug, or do less of it, because it is illegal and they are afraid of getting busted. But take away the fear, and you will see an increase in its use. That will make unemployment soar, and put the nation in horrible debt that has never been seen before. Taxes would not help either, as the cost to pay for the damage that will be inflicted would far exceed any amount that could possibly be raised by taxes from such a product.

    Posted by: TomCutie
  • No, recreational marijuana should not be legalized in the United States.

    In general, marijuana turns people into lazy, out-of-touch people. Marijuana impairs your ability to properly function as a member of society. Marijuana is a gateway drug; once marijuana is legalized, drug users will just move on to harder and more serious drugs. I do not think marijuana should be legalized under any circumstance.

    Posted by: OIi0IymPic

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Anonymous says2013-07-02T01:02:22.267
99 percent of the people on the no side are uneducated idiots whoes points are completley invalid and have been proven just that with science