• Yes, of course.

    Although suicide in never an option that should even be considered there are specific situations where a person should be able to choose if they wish to continue their life or not. All humans should have the right to live, therefore they should have the right to die. If someone has an unchangeable illness causing them either tremendous pain or misery that will be a factor in their everyday life that is permanent, then they should have the choice to end it.

  • Yes, it should.

    I believe everyone has the right to die. We may not agree with their reasoning, or their "right", but it definitely should be considered a right. I think this would apply in cases where someone is terminally ill and there is absolutely no chance in recovering from whatever ails that individual has. They would have the right to die at that point.

  • It Should Be Everyone's Right

    Yes, the “right to die” should be considered a right. When a person has an incurable disease, our society maintains that the individual must suffer until he or she dies naturally from the effects of the disease, regardless of the amount of suffering or quality of life. An individual who has an incurable disease, and has been told by the medical profession that there is nothing more they can do, should have the right to end his or her life at the time that they choose. They should be allowed to die peacefully and with dignity, rather than suffer in agony. Forcing someone to go through agony until their body shuts down is absolutely barbaric.

  • People should have the right to die

    They should be able to die because everyone is going to die some day. In my opinion I think that you should be able to die. I think that you should be able to die. I think that you should be able to die. This is why I think yes

  • Human rights always

    Most arguments against rely heavily on religion and "the slippery slope" to legalised murder. Religion should have no bearing on modern British life as the majority do not involve themselves in practising Christian religion. What if we adopted a LOGICAL viewpoint (instead of emotional) and, in just the same way as we make a will, made a legal statement with a solicitor, whilst we are still sound of mind and body, on the exact circumstances when we wished to be able to end our lives in a dignified manner. I, personally can think of nothing worse than being forced into a so called care home, where I would be controlled completely, fed insufficiently, probably abused by the staff and surrounded by a lot of people I would not associate with if given the choice (An absolute LIVING HELL). Let the politicians ask the general public what their views are - I think they would be surprised. Unfortunately, the House of Lords, which has to ratify legislation is stuffed full of elderly BISHOPS full of religious dogma.

  • It's inhumane and immoral but it is only fair.

    I believe that everyone should have the right to do what they want. Under this situation, I believe the people should be able to maintain their rights but too a certain extent. If we allow the "right to die" in society, thousands or more people could possibly take their own lives. The upside is that people who are ill and in pain in this world could end their suffering. I'm not saying that suicide is the best choice, but it is sometimes the only choice.

  • Their life, their choice

    If someone does not want to live, they deserve exactly that. Severe depression or terminal illness. It wasn't their choice to be born, they didn't decide that. Their only choice is how long they want it to last. Everyone should have the right to die, just as they have to right to live. But killing someone else without them willing is not using their right to die

  • Yes, I believe that euthanasia should be considered as a right.

    Euthanasia or right to die is very controversial topic. However, I am convinced that it is very merciful and beneficial matter. Many severely or terminally ill people suffer from tremendous pain. Many of them are kept into coma or they face devastating disease and they have great chance to end their misery. Therefore, euthanasia appears to be very merciful solution. Besides to that, in many really developed countries, euthanasia was approved as a right and so I thing that it is a symbol of high moral development of country. Last but not least it is also good for the family of the terminally ill patiant, because they can finaly close horrible period of life.

  • People should have the right to die.

    No one has the right to own another human. A persons life and body is their own. If someone is greatly suffering they should be allowed to die if they wish. A persons death, while it may make people sad, does not physically harm other people, so it should be up to them.

  • Yes it should

    I think that it should be a right. We can make all other choices like if we want to drink or smoke even tattoo our body's if we want. So why not be able to decided if we want to live if it ever comes to deciding when we are allowed to do anything else to our body that might be harming in the future.

  • It's not a good idea

    Think of it this way. I could kill all of you right now, and say I was exercising your right to die. While in cases of critical illness this might be a good idea, anywhere else it's basically a threat. Also, what about the right to live? Furthermore, a LOT of religions (Christianity, for example) oppose this. Lastly, this makes suicide sound like an option. Personally, I really don't want people to kill themselves when they could get better.

  • Making Voluntary Death "OK"

    Death is not a right but a natural, inevitable truth. Sure, those with terrible illness such as lou gehrig's disease should be able to go more peacefully without repercussions. But, seeing the bigger picture, a general right to die is not a right at all. It is a personal choice if a person chooses to end their life early. Especially in cases where there is no terrible suffering, this would be a tragedy. Death should never feel like a right everyone has.

  • This is not a right but choice

    I am doing this discussion at our monthly womens meeting. I have reviewed all the data and had to come to a decision. I read "we have a right to live vs right to die ideas. We did not choose to live we were given this gift. We have the right to choose how we live but not our death. I do think when death is imminent we may choose to leave this world earlier and with dignity. Say in the case of a terminally ill person in a lot of pain. But the slippery slope of not wanting to be a burden should be watched. I had previously thought I would rather die than be a burden to my family but do we have the right to take away their caring for us? I came to the decision we do not. Outside of my religious beliefs. We should not rob others of loving us or their free will to care for us. This would be a selfish act. Thank you

    Posted by: Gail

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