• Get rid of it

    It is very bad for the environment when it gets to the dump it blows away and gets into oceans and lakes and the animals eat it they die from it and then it affects the food chain the plastic is also poisonous for you. So I say no do not keep it

  • Not entirely, but the companies doing it should be banned from selling bottled water.

    Companies like Nestle are notorious for stealing water from poor people in 3rd world countries. The bottling industry is a horrible industry filled with abuse and rich people taking advantage of poor people. Sale of bottled water should be banned only to those large companies abusing people. I'd gladly pay more for water knowing it wasn't made the way it is now.

  • Bottled Water Should Not Be Banned

    The sale of bottled water should not be banned. Banning bottled water will not stop companies from producing another beverage and bottling it. Furthermore, bottled water is used by hikers, workers, and others on a daily basis. We have sufficient recycling options across the United States and need to use them.

  • water is a public saftety issue

    I don't think that sale of water should be banned from the stores. There are many reasons behind this, hygine is one of them. We don't have clean drinking water every where we go. Lets say someone goes to six flags and need to drink clean water just because thats they are sick and needs to drink clean distiled water. In these cases we need bottled water

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