Should the Sale of Large Sugary Drinks Be Prohibited?

  • Refined sugar in general should be more restricted.

    If the use of refined sugar in foods was heavily moderated, then there would not be as much concern about the sale of sugary drinks because there would be significantly fewer of them. Research shows that consuming large amounts of refined sugar poses significant health threats. Until a restriction is placed on the use of refined sugar, the amount of sugary drinks and products that can be sold as a single serving should be severely restricted.

  • No we should not ban

    Are you really gonna let them tell you what you cant drink its our choose,body and rights.. So why our choice and then they so NO lets fight back our government is corrupt and is not to be trusted so join me in my fight we must join forces FIGHT!!!!!!!

  • This Is A Waste

    I believe the fact that our governments take the time to try and restrict the sale of large sugary drinks is a failure in our government. Large sugary drinks is not an issue that should be handled by any facet of our government, rather it be federal or local. This is a huge waste of tax payer money, even to take the time to discuss or write legislation or laws, like this.

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