• Children are already stressed enough!

    SATs do not improve children's learning or working standards, they are also have a negative impact on them. SATs are not used in Northern Island, Wales and Scotland so I don't understand why we have them in the UK??? They are not a reliable way of measuring pupils achievements, as stated by Kings College, London.

  • Go away SATS in year 6

    SATS should be gone they are a stress to 11 year olds they are to young to be getting stress like this if SATS were even to stay thy should be for year 11 and elder not young kids that haft to live with stress this is not wright !!!!!!!!!

  • SATS are Hell

    The SAT is unnecessary for people to take where most people that take AP/IB programs have so much stress that they do not really need the SAT. It is just a dumb thing where people want to use it as a "college admission", but it really isn't, because your gpa matters the most.

  • Unnecessary stress for kids!

    Sats are just a load of stress for all children and 11 year olds are to young to deal with it! Too much revision whilst kids could be exploring the world.WE ARE NOT ROBOTS! Some people struggle with maths and ace spelling. Does that make them "not met
    standard" according to marks?

  • Are SATS healthy

    I agree that SATS should be abolished. My child has just done her y5 tests, and before was getting really stressed. Even though, that she is worrying about y5 tests I have no idea how my girl is going to react next year, and my child is top of her school.

  • SATs should not be abolished

    SATs should not be abolished because it is the foundation for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, by stating sats should be abolished you are literately meaning all tests, What will you do when the pilot on YOUR plane has not been tested? What will you do when you're getting surgery and you have an unqualified Doctor? Is this how you want the world to end? Yes children are being put under a lot of pressure to do well in SATS but thats life. You will be put under pressure to do well in life too, because life is just a test, exactly like SATs! So when you think about it its not that hard, is it?

  • SATS SHOULD be abolished.... Here is my reason:

    Personally I think SATS is just a waste of time as you get more depressed about it. I mean..... I haven't even done SATS and my mum is already making me practise EVERY SINGLE DAY! And then I'm like, "Mum, it's in march ..... And it's only December!"
    It's just the same as the 11+. It's just a waste of time!

  • Yes it should be banned

    Personally I think SATS is just a waste of time as you get more depressed about it. I mean..... I haven't even done SATS and my mum is already making me practise EVERY SINGLE DAY! And then I'm like, "Mum, it's in march ..... And it's only December!"
    It's just the same as the 11+. It's just a waste of time!

  • The SAT is the source of depression

    Honestly, the SAT is just dumb. Like why you need spend reading five passages if your likely to read three in college without a short time limit. Also this test is the reason why actual geniuses aren’t going into top Ivy League Schools. And for some (personally me) aren’t just good at that one Section aka reading for me. What if you cannot make 100k a year just cause of a little section that ruins you score, your chance into getting an advanced school, and maybe even your dream job.

  • Do we even have to discuss this?

    SAT and ACT overlook the student's academic background provided by his/or school. Grades are a statistical representation of how well the student understood the material they were taught, so why can't we just use those for colleges? The student's grades and teachers are undoubtedly a more accurate representation of the student's academic level. A low score may mean the student didn't prepare enough, but it doesn't include that in the score, does it? Also, there are lots of people out there that just aren't great test-takers due to anxiety, stress and the pressure the test puts on them. Can a 5 hour test accurately measure a 10 year's worth of learning?

  • Sats should stay

    1. The SAT has a proven track record as a fair and valid predictor of first-year college success for all students, regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic status. The most recent validity study utilizing data from more than 150,000 students at more than 100 colleges and universities demonstrates that the combined use of SAT and high school GPA is a better predictor of college success than HSGPA alone.

    2. The SAT gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their college-preparedness despite inconsistent grading systems throughout the nation’s high schools. And SAT scores provide a national, standardized benchmark that neutralizes the risk of grade inflation.

    3. The SAT tests students’ ability to apply what they have learned in high school and to problem-solve based on that knowledge – skills that are critical to success in college and the workforce. The College Board conducts regular curriculum surveys to ensure the content tested on the SAT reflects the content being taught in the nation’s high school classrooms.

    4. Despite what some testing critics have said, colleges still depend on college entrance exams as part of the admission process. According to a 2010 survey published by the National Association of College Admission Counseling, admissions officers ranked college entrance exam scores as the third-most important factor in the admission process – behind only grades in college prep courses and the strength of the student’s high school curriculum.

    5. The SAT actually shines a spotlight on the inequities in education by putting every student on equal footing. The notion that the differences in test scores among different groups of students is somehow the result of testing bias is an idea that is “universally rejected within mainstream psychology,” according to University of Minnesota researchers.

    6. Unlike other standardized tests intended to measure a student’s college-readiness, the SAT requires a writing portion of the exam, an essential skill in today’s e-communications era.

    7. While organizations that oppose standardized testing might suggest otherwise, nearly all four-year colleges require a college entrance exam, and some “test-optional” schools do, in fact, consider SAT scores in the admission process when students submit them. Data provided by colleges and universities to college-planning sites such as BigFuture.Org show that many test-optional schools receive SAT scores from a majority of the students who ultimately matriculate at those institutions. For instance, of the students who were admitted to and enrolled at Bowdoin last year, more than 70% submitted SAT scores as part of the admission process.

    8. Parents and students should keep in mind that colleges do not base admission decisions on test scores alone. The College Board has always advocated that the best use of the SAT is in combination with high school grades and other valid measures, as part of a holistic and comprehensive review of a student’s overall fit for a particular institution.

  • Gpa v.S. Sat

    Students spend 4 years raising and sustaining their GPA, but when students apply college the university they're applying to looks more at the SAT than the thing that the students spend 4 years of their life making good. Students only spend on average 1 month studying for these tests. Our GPA should be thought of way higher than the SAT

  • It should not be banned

    If we ban sat's no one will care about their work study etc...
    And however' this is the only way to know how smart your child is and how much is not
    No sat's should not be banned or no one will care about study's
    Would you like that

  • Hell noooooo !

    Because we all had to do them and it wouldnt be fare also it helps decide what level and set you are going to be in also beacuse they are just tests and wont do any harm so do not scrap sats at all its simple just dont keep them for goodness sake

  • No it should not

    It shouldn't because if someone spent 18 years not caring about family or personal life and got straight As, then why does one have to take a 4 hour long test session just to prove themselves to get into a good college when some people don't even speak english, so it should not be allowed.

  • The people who can't pass SATs usually think so, but they're wrong.

    No, there is no reason for the SAT to be abolished. It seems like every year, there's someone who either could not succeed on the SAT, or has a child or family member who failed miserably. And every year, we have to hear from them as to they think we should abolish the SAT. You and your kids not being smart enough to score well is not the SAT's problem!

  • not at all

    No, they do not need to take away the SAT at all, since it is one of the best ways that we have found to see how smart that a kid is, and that it is a way to know if they need to be taken in at a college or not.

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