• Since when do we Need Time 'off'?

    This paragraph is a response to anonymous: Unless your human body is mutated in ways unknown to the public, needs are classified as things needed to SURVIVE!!! Sitting on the couch and playing television is most likely not going to kill you if you don't get a certain amount of it. And 'kids' basically refers to people who are below the age of earning money-aka kids who are younger are usually lazy and spoiled-as they do nothing to earn money and just get allowance for existing. Kids, are under 12, at least I hope that 13-19 aren't classified as 'kids', as kids probably don't even need a car, *no duh* and experience is only needed for *PEOPLE NOT KIDS* going into college. Kids are not going into college any time soon, so basically they don't care about things they will have to do later in life, until its within a year or something around that when it's needed.

    And the other anonymous doesn't make any sense. Having a longer school year loses focus, when school's mark you down for focus loss? If having focus is the main cause of 'failure' then life would be a heck lot easier. And where's your evidence when you state, "Students have a natural tendency of losing interest or steam when studying for a certain period of time, (DEFINE PLEASE).... by the middle of the year students are already starting to feel overworked and start to procrasinate to gain some more free non-stressful time to themselves." First of all, kids procrasinate all the time. Unless your just plain dumb, you probably don't know what modern school is like because it's been a while since you have experienced school. And non-stressful times is still stressful when you procrasinate-and yet again you have no evidence or even a source of where you got this opinion and feelings from. So how is your point even valid, if you are just stating opinions. Please learn how to debate as this website requires valid debating skills.

  • Teachers Need Money

    For the people who say that school sucks, think about the teachers. They have families, and lets face the facts: they really don't get paid enough. With them having to juggle the costs of taxes, kids needs, and a bunch of other jobs, they need more work time, and guess what? They don't enjoy watching you write essays! They're there to feed their families, people!

  • More School Breaks!

    In Australia and the UK, they have a 12 month school year.
    Every 2 months they have a week of vacation, they have a break so throughout the school year, they have 6 weeks/42 days and their summer break is 6 weeks, so in total they have 12 weeks and 84 days.

  • Schools the life

    The reason that most kids dont like school is beacuse the students are rude or werid,the teachers are mean or useless and last the students that dont like school is the way he is or she. They should be longer days since you get the same education as normal but u just get a esetion

  • Who doesn't want to go to school?

    Who wouldn't want to go to school? School is a place where you can have so many friends and this means more social skills.Also, school teaches you many things that are important to your career and your daily life.In addition,if school was shorter kids will always be nagging their parents to go somewhere to go but at school they have EXCURSIONS!!!

  • Yes I do.

    I strongly agree the school day/hours should be longer. Why? Because if you think about it you could learn more materials. You could have more experience in school, plus you would have even better people and communication skills. I guarantee you if you were to give a test to the kids that have longer school hours and the regular school day kids, half of the kids who go to school more would pass that test no problem.

  • School Year Lengthening

    Think about it. So many kids are losing so much over summer that schools are paying to teach them. Teachers are the ones spending time to teach kids that aren't really learning anything in reality. Maybe at the time, but in the end, most kids forget what they learn. We have to stop running this cycle. We need to stop NOW. We need to stop this. This is my point, because we are losing are future's education. These kids are our future. Let's make it brighter.

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  • Yes do it

    It will benefit us!! Two more weeks of school will not do anyone harm it will only benefit us in the long run and it gives less fortunate families something to of with their children since they can not put them in expensive summer camps , extend the school year!!

  • I'm a current high school student.

    I would agree with extending high school to five years, it would allow me to take classes that I am interested in and can be applied to a post secondary degree. Taking classes in the fifth year of high school will allow me to save money too. I would have the opportunity to get through college faster and secure a job in the workforce. By the time a student graduates they lose their motivation to go onto school. Most kids think that high school is too long, but I think that it’s not long enough. I feel that high school admissioners don’t sit down with the kids enogh. To find out what they want to do for a living, or what they feel is right for them. High schools just believe/think that kids will figure all that stuff out by themselves. Students that know what they want to do for a living should have a say in what classes they take, because most of them have nothing to do with what they plan on doing after high school. I am currently in a four year high school, and I'm a Junor at a Charter School because there weren't enough opinions for me at the traditional high school.

  • Longer School year, less focus!!

    Students have a natural tendency of losing interest or steam when studying for a certain period of time. By the middle of the year students are already starting to feel overworked and start to procrastinate to gain some more free non-stressful time to themselves. Students find themselves falling further and further behind and begin to slack. If the school year was longer this effect would be magnified.

  • School is not interesting; Thus, school year shouldn't be extended.

    School is so boring and I would rather do a lot of other things with my time than waste it in a classroom learning about stuff taht I will never use later in life. That is just my thought and every other teenager in the world so you can take that into consideration.

  • No, Kids Need The Time Off

    No, the school year should not be extended. Many teens use the summer to work and earn money for clothes, cars and college. It would be wrong and unfair to take this time away from them. The experience they gain by working through the summer is beneficial as it will help prepare them for life after school. Becoming responsible adults is just as important as being educated.

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  • No school foo

    MAN I DONT WANNA GO TO SCHOOL ANOTHER YEAR FOO fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo fo

  • Why in heaven would you add more school days school days =hatred and stress

    The studets would not like more school beacuse it would bring more stress because there itellectual thinking would boost up and it would cause more problems only leading to depression and hatred because its getting harder lastly the hatredpart would come in because they would want to be done with school and i know because i am an 9th grader and this is the way that i and my other school mates feel they say school is supposed to be enjoyable but if its year round more kids would stop going all out and even wouldnt care even more because its to much effort too much home work and honestly, it would be laggy and it would be absolutely more hated i enjoy school holdin a gpa @ 3.58 from depsa i am telling you it would be un enjoyable #dont be a downer

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Anonymous says2013-04-15T14:13:58.973
Kids should not have a longer school year thats what i think because kids want to have time with other people at home and i think kids get sick of school and homework every day
ctd97 says2013-05-04T14:34:06.093
I agree even though i havent been in school for twelve years it is important to get an education but some of the infromation will not be used later in life all the students deserve summer vacation and a normal length school year