Should the site celebrate ViceRegent's 50th repost?

Asked by: milesk12
  • Vice is a hero to us all!

    I can only aspire to reach the prestige, the gravitas, the incredible brilliance that ViceRegent has achieved. I even have the honour of being in one of his legendarily prolific "Distinguishing Fiction From Reality" debates. It truly is a wonderous boon to have the chance to debate, my high lord and saviour!

    SITE ADMINS, you must recognize and enshrine this individual's glorious powers and influence, for he is the Stallion That Will Debate The World!!! VICE VI BRITANNIA!!! HERE'S TO FIFTY MORE REPOSTS!!!

  • Yes of course!

    The guy obviously feels passionate about failing repeatedly at the same debate, so we should help him celebrate the 50th time he does it!

    Site administrators, you should agree to this; this guy contributes a lot to the total number of debates, and engages a lot of people in easily winnable debates!

  • The 50th repost deserves a party!

    As many of you probably know, the user ViceRegent, in the span of about 1 month, has reposted the same exact debate 27 times. At first, we thought it was annoying, then, it was funny. Now, it's just so ridiculous it seems unreal. Again, this guy has posted the SAME EXACT DEBATE 27 TIMES IN 1 MONTH.

    I am asking the site administrators to hold a celebration once Vice reaches 50 reposts, (it shouldn't take more than a month at the rate he's going." By celebration, I mean streamers, party balloons, and "happy 50" everywhere. If you agree that this occasion is special and deserves praise, say yes!

  • This is Truly a World Record; It Calls for Celebration!

    I don't think there is anyone else on the site that has created as many arguments under the same name as ViceRegent! He has also lost all but one of those debates, and his win was only due to forfeiture. This is truly win ratio that cannot be recreated! The 50th post must be celebrated!

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