• Smoking should be illegal for any age.

    Individuals are not competent enough at any age to make their own decisions. We need local, state, and federal government to step in and tell us what is right and what is wrong. That will fix all of our problems. We need to take parenting and personal responsibility out of the equation. Those are such outdated and irrelevant concepts now of days.

  • Keep kids safe and healthy!

    I fully support raising the legal age to purchase cigarettes to 21, right along with alcohol. Whether or not teens will continue to be "rebellious" and try to consume these harmful substances illegally is less of a concern than the ability of adults to fully prosecute, penalize, fine and in all other ways hold accountable the Big Tobacco companies, convenience store clerks, BFFs, negligent parents and others who enable these vulnerable young people to become addicted to harmful substances long before they have the necessary confidence, independence and developmental comprehension to choose against taking a first puff or first drink.

  • Yes, I agree that the smoking age should be raised to 21, because it is more addictive and dangerous than alcohol, which has a 21-year old age limit, so it should at least equal that.

    Yes, I agree that the smoking age should be raised to 21, because it is more addicting and harmful than alcohol, which has an age limit of 21. If alcohol can have that limit because it is dangerous and can get people into trouble, it should be the same for cigarettes. A lot of the time, people say a 21-year old age limit is best, because a person is not fully mature until their early 20s. So, wouldn't it be wiser to have the smoking age raised to 21, so young adults can make wiser decisions? I think raising the age limit could decrease smoking rates.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Raise it to 21

    The smoking age should be raised to 21 because many people at the age of 18 are still in high school. Everyone knows that tobacco is not allowed on school property, however, when you have immature 18 year olds who are technically "allowed" to smoke, then they will push the boundaries and bring it to school. This will in turn get them in a lot of trouble. When in high school teenagers try to fit in and be "cool" like the seniors. If the seniors happen to smoke because of age, then that is their decision, however, introducing it at such a young age to underclassmen no longer is just affecting them selves. Smoking affects the people around you due to second hand smoke.

  • Better Regulation to protect our youth!

    A substance as addictive and harmful as tobacco will be used and abused by youth, but by raising the age to 21, the perception of harm and cultural norm is shifted, bringing the dangers to the public eye, and decreasing youth use through easier enforcement (same legal age to purchase and use alcohol, and getting tobacco out of High Schools and Junior Highs, since no one will be of legal age to posess or use tobacco).

  • Limit teenage access to cigarettes and improve retailer compliance

    By raising the legal age to purchase tobacco to the same age as alcohol we reduce teen access to easy purchases. Every high school has an 18 year old who can buy cigarettes for under age students, but few have 21 year olds. We can then tie tobacco and alcohol retail licenses together increasing the risk for a retailer who allows someone under age to purchase these products. Better compliance and reduced access.

  • Yes, smoking age should be raised to 21.

    Many teenagers start smoking between the ages of 14-18. However, many obtain cigarettes from older teenagers who can legally purchase them. Too many smoking adults suffer from debilitating chronic diseases. Moreover, the cost of providing care to patients with smoking related diseases is too high for tax payers who are already struggling in this weak economic environment. Raising the smoking age will help protect our children from picking up this health devastating habit. Prevention is the best cure.

  • yes i agree for smoking only for 21.

    The purchase age should be raised to 18-20 before 21. In years for public possession and purchase of cigarettes and tobacco should be 21 in Ireland and us and uk and should be banned in almost any indoor places in nursing homes, prisons, hotel rooms, apartments, city homes. Railway stations, parks, beaches, indoor car parks, parades, outdoor sports grounds and places. Unenclosed outdoor areas of pubs and cafes , restaurants.

  • It is dangerous to human and environment .

    Smoking cause dangerous diseases like cancer or cardiovascular diseases and you may die, so the more they raise the age of smoking to 21 the better it was.

    In addition, by smoking you will increase the amount of carbon dioxide and that will cause Global worming.

    By the way, I am not a native and English is not my mother language , and I am 17 years old.

  • The smoking age ought to be raised to 21, in all 50 U.S. states.

    The intended consequences of raising the smoking age to 21 would be to decrease the number of smokers in America. The thought on this is that a person is less likely to take up smoking at the age of 21 than they would be when they are a teenager. Older people usually have better judgement than the younger people they encounter. Also, it is obvious that 18 year olds in high school who do smoke are more likely to disseminate cigarettes to their younger high school friends, whereas 21 year olds do not attend high school, and therefore are less likely to do the same. The other intended purpose would be to increase the number of people with lungs that are not blackened by cigarette smoke.

  • I believe the smoking age is fine at 18. By raising the age, kids will feel more of a need to smoke earlier, to be "badass" and "rebellious", and overuse tobacco products, as they currently do with alcohol.

    By leaving the smoking age lower, kids will see a smaller number of their friends begin to smoke, and will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to or not, rather than feeling like they should smoke just to be rebellious.

    Posted by: BigLacy
  • Once you're 18, you're an adult.

    I dislike the smoking habit, I'd never personally do it. But once you're 18, you are indeed an adult and can choose for yourself whether you want to do such a thing. Taking away this ability will only make people want to do it more at a young age, so why bother?

  • Screw this rule and anyone who agrees with it

    There is no perfectly good reason to raise the age limit. Why raise the age limit when the age limit now is totally fine. If you raise the age limit on smoking it's only going to make things worse. As my grandfather says "if it's not broken don't fix it"

  • Double standards and being an adult.

    Drinking age: 21
    Proposed smoking age: 21
    Age for legally grabbing a gun and fighting to the death against other people (military): 18
    Do you see a problem? Do you spot a double standard? It should be pretty obvious. If a person has the trust and responsibility instilled in him by the government to fight for them and possibly die for them, I find it ridiculous and illogical to deny them the trust and responsibility of drinking or smoking. I propose an answer to these double standards without allowing high school students the ability to smoke: adjust the age for smoking, drinking, and joining the military to the same age. I think the perfect age for this is 19. If you are 19, chances are that you have graduated high school or are just about to. This means that seniors in high school cannot buy cigarettes for younger students, discouraging smoking among teens.

  • We know the risks

    Us smokers know the risks associated with smoking. We choose to ignore these because we are adults and enjoy it. By raising the age to 21 you are only stripping away basic freedoms from young adults. The definition of adult should be changed to 21 as well as joining the army.

  • No, because any minimum smoking age has proven to be ineffective.

    Age is no matter, teens will always have a way to get cigarettes regardless of age. Kids smoke because they try to fit in with many other teens. Once they continue to do it, they begin to do it because they enjoy it. Fitting in no longer becomes the issue. Smoking is a choice; if a kid wants to smoke it's his own decision. Raising the age will only infuriate kids and cause them to rebel and find even more ways to get the tobacco they love.

  • You can buy a gun at 18.

    There is no reason to treat an adult like he or she cannot make his or her own decisions. The drinking age should be lowered to 18.

    Also consider Colorado and Washington in all this. Smoke *what*? The question is ambiguous when we're in an era where we are beginning to legalize other smoking materials.

  • Why make it higher?

    Why should smoking be changed to age 21 when all its going to do is have more underage smoking? Why not actually move the smoking age down to 16? All these teens these days are smoking underage due to peer pressure and stress. So why not change it to 16 instead of 21? That's the real question.

  • If I can vote, enlist in the military, & be tried as an adult, I can decide for myself if I'd like to have a cigarette

    Upon becoming a legal adult, you become responsible for your own life. You can live on your own, support yourself, join the military and vote for the freaking president. At this age, you're old enough to make your own decisions. I'm not a smoker, I just believe in my constitutional freedoms and think that an adult should be able to make adult decisions

  • Expectations & Restrictions placed on Youth Unbalanced

    I think there are too many restrictions on young people, with too many expectations. I think if you are going to have a lot of expectations, there should be less restrictions. And if you are going to put on a lot of restrictions, there should be less expectations. I also think that if they want something like this, then they should tie an amendment to stop allowing the Armed Forces to recruit kids in those states. If children can’t be responsible for their own decision to smoke, they surely cannot be responsible enough to understand what military recruitment means.

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