Should the South (yes) or the North (no) have won the Civil War?

Asked by: Noswad63
  • All south was their own country

    North was selfish in thinking that the south shouldn't have their own rights and should remain under the United States. Minding other people's business is just what they are good at. Look at the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Cold War. Communism. Libya. Egypt. Now Iran. Racist much? If the South was the Confederate States of America, and north was their own little USA, you think CSA would have invaded and messed up other countries? Now think again: about racism: North is racist to other countries and selfish since it doesnt care about people from other countries' lives. North is all about going to war and robbing other countries for their selfish desires, without thinking a bit about innocent people's lives.

  • Were a few slaves worth the millions of Americans murdered in the civil war, no.

    I do not believe in slavery yet neither do I believe in false multi-culturalism. Mixing cultures and races will ultimately destroy one or the other race. Thanks to people like Abraham Lincoln and George Soros the white race who civilizes the world and created all of our technology is being destroyed. Why do they hate us? Because we are the lost tribes of Israel. Who wants to destroy us? The false Jews who are the khazars from the steeps of Russia. These Khazars are Turkish Arabs mixed wit Europeans yet they have retained their Khazar Arab blood line and culture and are determined to destroy the people of God who are know called Christians.

  • Yes the south should have won,.

    If the people in a state support it, overwhelmingly, they should be able to leave! The dumb Yankees had their pants in a wad because they didn't understand basic states rights! The south didn't agree with the north, why should they be punished for doing so? The south WIlL rise Again!

  • "The South Was Right"

    To this very day, the south can not be prove wrong! You may ask me "but how"? The very simple fact that 96% of the southerners did NOT own a slave or even dream of it. You ask"how can that be"? Coming straight form the mouth of a family of non-slave owners that were owned at some time!
    Slavery was somewhat started by whites that enslaved whites! And these whit salves had no intention of being owned again ever. I pray that you can in someway understand these facts! The part that I have a hard time understanding is why one would want my ancestors helping to free the very race that wants me enslaved today?

    Archie Higgins
    Crossville, TN

  • Abraham Lincoln was NOT a Good President!

    Despite contrary belief, Abe was not the ideal president. If you just look back on what he accomplished in his reign as a President, you'll see that all he did was create the bloodiest war in American history! The only reason that he made The Proclamation was because he realized that, pretty soon, the Union would loose the war as they didn't have a 'drive', while the South knew that if they lost the war, they would loose everything. If you think about it, the Civil War was a lot like the Revolutionary War, except, this time around, Britain won. If Britain won back then, would we be praising the antics of President George Washington? Of John Adams? Of Thomas Jefferson? No, we would probably be criticizing and shunning them.

  • The Africans sold their own people

    Alot of people say that slaves where forced over here but they weren't they where sold by their own people don't get me wrong I don't agree with slavery but I think Lincoln got what he deserved he was more of a tyrant than a president but no body cares what I think because they have it stuck in their mind that the South was bad they can't see it from other people's point of view

  • The South was oppressed

    The north used oppressive taxes and were cruel to the south. The south had a constitutional right to secede . Plus, the north had people working in factories which had worse conditions than plantations. You may argue that they were payed, but they were only payed high enough so that they could afford food and shelter which slaves had anyway

  • Imagine yourself in the 1860s...

    Do you honestly think that boys yet in their 20s - North or South - were willing to die (and over half a million did) because they wanted slaves to be free? If you read outside of what your middle school teacher taught you, you may be surprised. That isn't to say it had zero percent relevance, but the war was extremely brutal.

    If you're concerned about ending slavery, look into how other countries were able to do it. The British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danes, and others utilized slave rebellions, abolitionist campaigns, election of antislavery politicians, encouragement of runaway slaves, fundraisers to buy the freedom of slaves, and taxpayer-funded buying of slaves.

  • Do the research and know the facts!

    The civil war was NOT fought over slavery! The south succeded from the union, started the confederacy and fought for these reasons. 1: the southern states did not want to have their govt to include a strong central and overpowering govt over the state govts. 2: cotton was the central economical production of the south. The north cheated the south by taking the cotton with out paying a fair price of wat was produced, sending it to the factories up north, and charging the south more than the north for the clothing they made from the cotton they stole. 3: taxes. The south was being charged higher taxes for goods that came from the north. (Hint hint: this is the same reason why we went to war against Great Britain). The south succeeded from the union creating a confederacy (a govt where the states have a strong govt in each state and balanced by a weaker central govt). During the war, the north used propaganda to convince others that the war was over slavery. And even though Lincoln created the emancipation proclomation, he did not care if all of the slaves were freed. He was concerned about preserving the union. Even after the war ended, Lincoln proposed that the slaves would be properly sent back to Africa and the families they were taken from, but congress turned him down. According to the recent problems America has had with our govt, the people have given too much power to the central govt and our constitutional and state rights are being threatened. This is why the south should have won and a confederate govt would have been more sufficient. Even with slavery, the slaves would have started their own rebellion and slavery would be done and away with just like it is today. I am 100 percent against slavery but I am tired of people not knowing the facts and being ignorant and saying that slavery was why the civil war was fought. If he south would've won the war would have gone down in the history books as the second revolutionary war. And that's exactly what it was.

  • The South should definitely have won

    The South should have definitely won for several reasons: first is that it was the states' rights to secede. By definition a state is a self-governing body of people. The states were supposed to decide for themselves what to do; the federal government was just there to loosely hold them together. Second reason: slavery would have ended itself very quick, despite what people say. America was one of the last countries to have slavery, and the North was supplying them to the South. Country splits, no supplier, soon, no more slaves. Third, I don't give a flying crap what you Yankees got taught in elementary school, THE CIVIL WAR WAS NOT ABOUT SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE. 96% OF CONFEDERATE CITIZENS OWNED NO SLAVES, AND DO YOU THINK THEY'D TAKE A BULLET SO SOME FAT RICH GUY COULD KEEP HIS? HERE'S A HINT: NOT ON YOUR FREAKING LIFE. NO, I DON'T SUPPORT SLAVERY. I HATE IT. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS WAS ABOUT. Also, on a side note, the Confederate Flag is NOT a freaking sign of racism or any of that bull. It's a sign of freedom, independence, Southern pride, and maybe a bit of a rebellious streak. Y'know why the government says we can't wear it in school? To keep us in freaking line, to keep us from growing a rebellious streak.

  • The North is the winner!

    The south believed in slavery and beating the slaves. They sat on their porch drinking Iced tea while the colored slaved away in the fields. They didn't ask to be brought here! They were stolen from their homes in Africa, taken here in chains. The North disagreed with this treatment of human beings and lo and behold, a war was born. The North was in the right.

  • The south is a joke

    The south wanted for slavery to continue. And also people think that Lincoln was a bad president. Think about Donald Truimp. He will be the worst president ever. He will start a new civil war and we do not want that. If Lincoln did not free slaves we would still have slaves. That is my argument on the north should have won the civil war

  • The right side won.

    If you are someone who believes in the decency and freedom and value of every human being, then you will see that the correct side (the north) should have won the Civil War. If you see the value in slavery and oppression, then you would say the South should win.

  • The North Deserved to Win

    The South was being inhumane and treating other humans as animals. The North didn't agree with it so they put an end to it. Even though some people still don't agree with having no slavery, they should stop living in the past and just deal with it. END OF STORY.

  • Slavery was wrong

    South had a worse advantage even though tariffs were the punishment of leaving the government and breaking up the United States. Slavery was taking the rights of African Americans taking them from there home. Plantation owners could make there own crops and serve themselves with own made crops to let them have freedom to all Americans

  • North Needed to Win

    If the south had successfully seceded from the Union, secession would have become an acceptable thing. The second New York doesn't like something, they're out of the Union too. It would have been political suicide. Take, for example, how quickly West Virginia seceded from Virginia after Virginia joined the Confederacy.

  • Slavery is Wrong, The South Was Wrong to Secede to Preserve Slavery, and The North Was Right When They Won Following The Emancipation Proclamation

    The principal argument of all those saying that the south should have won the war seems to be that they were constitutionally allowed to leave the union. If they were, (which I do not acknowledge because the constitution was binding not an accept now change your mind later deal) then the federal government still had the constitutional right to go to war against the now foreign entity at their border. Hence, even if the South was entitled to secede the union was entitled to take back control.

    The Civil War started at Fort Sumter when the Confederates attacked. Defending their claim to that fort as well as all the other land the southern government had seized when it seceded was the right of the government. Defending these new claims was the right of the Confederacy.

    However, what determines who should have won is the fact that Lincoln did issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Before that it could have been considered a war over the extent of state rights. Yet the South did not support that emancipation and turn loose those slaves so it was at that moment transformed into a war to maintain the Union which was a legitimate purpose though not necessarily right into a war against slavery. Given that the South largely seceded because a Republican in favor of abolition was elected, it the war may have already had that purpose, but once Lincoln enumerated it in the Emancipation Proclamation, the only way for the South to claim to have been on the right side would have been for them to immediately free the slaves making clear that their purpose in the war was not to perpetuate slavery. They did not. The North and the Union regained its purpose, fighting for human freedom against it adversaries.

    The South's failure to do the same gave it a different purpose; defending the economic interests of slaveholders, defending a way of life which relied upon enslaving innocents.

  • The North Won the Civil War

    It is a good thing that the North won the Civil War. As a result, millions of slaves were freed and could pursue their own lives and education and jobs. The North encouraged freedom amongst every state in the United States and because of their efforts in the Civil War, the black people and other minorities gained freedom and a life that they should have deserved to live.

  • It was Justified

    Despite what people keep saying the war was about slavery. There's a reason nearly every slave state seceded from the union, you are right they wanted independence. But that was because they felt it was their right to own slaves, they thought that it was the federal government sticking their noses where it didn't belong. Also they thought that losing their slaves would be like having their property taken away.

  • Sometimes a violation of one right is necessary to give another all of theirs

    It is true that the South had a Constitutional right to secede, what they were doing was morally wrong. While the South's culture was based on slavery, it was inhumane. The North had every right to change this culture to save the lives of others. The Southerners were being deprived of property, true, but the slaves' rights were being completely demolished.

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