Should the sponsors of Maria Sharapova still have maintained their ties with her?

  • Yes they should stick by her.

    The suspension and case against Maria Sharapova is not something that i consider fair. we need to look at the facts of the case before judging. The substance she was using was legal until a month before she self reported her use. Furthermore she was taking the medicine for health reason and should not be so harshly punished.

  • No, they need to protect their image.

    No, after news broke of Maria Sharapova's use of banned performance enhancing substances, it was sensible for her sponsors to cut ties with her. As corporations, it was necessary for them to protect their images so that the public doesn't get the impression that they support cheating in sports or that they support drug use.

  • No, the sponsors would hurt their shareholders if they maintained sponsorship.

    The sponsors have to keep up their obligations to their shareholders first. It is unfortunate that Maria Sharapova got caught in a rule change, but the fact remains that she is now out for using banned substances. Continued sponsorship would hurt the sponsors' image and that would, in turn, hurt their financial bottom line, which potentially harms their employees and shareholders.

  • She doesn't deserve sponsors.

    I think that Maria Sharapova's sponsors should NOT have maintained their ties with her. She has shown that she is not someone to be looked up to, especially for younger athletes. Actions and decisions need to have consequences, and she deserves to lose sponsors and money for the choices she has made.

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