• Yes, they should.

    The Olympic Comitte made a grave mistake when choosing Rio to be the site of the next Olympic Games, and they need to rectify that situaltion immidiatly before any more people are hurt. The polution and crime in Rio is too severe and the athletes and attendies of the game are targets.

  • Yes, the Olympics should be cancelled.

    Yes, the Olympics in Rio should be cancelled due to health risks. Since the Brazilian government lack the resources, capacity and resolve to combat the zika-virus outbreak, it is irresponsible to subject athletes and sport fans to these risks. This is especially true of visitors from warm countries where zika has not yet taken root; all it takes is once infected "Typhoid Mary" to bring zika back home to start a fresh outbreak.

  • Yes, the public health and preventing the spread of disease are more important if there's a danger of spreading a disease for which there are yet any vaccines.

    The potential to create a global pandemic is enormous when you consider how close athletes and spectators must live and work during the games. Add to this the number of international travelers who must return home, and it's easy to see how fast a disease outbreak can spread around the world.

  • Ziak virus poses little risk to people at Olympic games

    The CDC reports that the Zika virus is a serious threat to pregnant women and their unborn children, but it is of little concern to most healthy people. The symptoms are just mild flu-like symptoms and many people infected do not realize they contacted the Zika virus. Symptoms go away in a few days.

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