• Most certainly yes

    There should even be mandatory abortions for victims of rape, molestation, incest, and interracial pregnancies. We shouldn't populate civilization with people who will be emotional wrecks. As a victim of rape I can tell you there is much emotional trauma had by having a child forced to be a part of your life

  • It's a human right. Not a religious one.

    Religion doesn't hold power over the government.
    Or else, I'd be calling that a corrupt government.

    If it's not developed. Than it cannot think. Than it cannot feel.

    Is it even truly alive at that point? Also, where are you guys for animal rights? I've heard some people defend countless hours about how abortion is wrong. Yet support animal cruelty.

  • Religion in politics is against the Constitution

    There is a legal separation of church and state and when people try to pass legislation controlling other people's bodies (especially against women who have been the victims of aggressions on behalf of religion for centuries) in is a direct violation of that separation. Why is it that radical christians and catholics are given so much power over other people simply on the basis that they believe in a money-making lie?

  • The Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states.

    Even though I don't believe in abortion, I do believe that the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states. The taking away of a choice of a person is not good. It should be up to the individual as to what they decide to do. Education on abortions instead should be given as a mandatory part of early education.

  • Yes, abortion is a women's rights issue and should not be restricted by government.

    Yes, the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states. Abortion is about the woman's right to choose what to do with her own body. It is illegal to force someone to have a surgery they don't want or to ingest medication they do not wish to take, however, a restriction is placed on women regarding the termination of a pregnancy. Those making the decision to discontinue abortions are not the ones who may have to face the consequences of carrying out an unwanted pregnancy and raising a child.

  • Separation of Church and State

    Of course, abortion should be legalized. People need to realize there are a plethora of reasons for anyone to get an abortion. Honestly, people make mistakes and can not afford to take care of a child. Also, there are certain medical reasons why a woman needs to get an abortion. My personal stance is abortion should always be the last option, but because I personally disagree with the issue base on my morals does not mean no one else should have to follow what I believe also. No one is forcing anyone to get an abortion. There has to be a choice and the government should not have to be involved in choosing what a woman can or cannot do with their body.

  • I am pro choice

    You have no clue what these females have been through. If they were raped they don't want to have that child. Childbirth is very painful and expensive if in a hospital setting. If someone did not want to have that child well they should not be forced to. At the time that the woman would have the abortion the fetus is not yet a child. It has no brain with thoughts or feelings. It is a gathering of cells.

  • It's the mom's choice

    If you don't want to abort your child, you don't have to. If you want to abort your child, you should be able to. What if someone gets raped without a condom. Why shouldn't they be allowed to get an abortion? Now if the child is capable of living outside the uterus, that's a different story.

  • Pro-choice: Women deserve the right to an abortion

    Many people who are pro-life give reasons involving religion, but, as we all know, church and state are supposed to remain separate. There are many reasons to have an abortion: rape, incest, and birth defects to name a few. Some people are able to raise a child after being raped and if that's the case, good for you. But I can't imagine condemning an unwilling person to look into a face so similar to that of their rapist every time they look at someone they love. They didn't choose that life. Though some who partake in incest do genuinely want a child, not only is it sick and disgusting, but the baby is just about guaranteed to have birth defects and health issues because of how close the parents' DNA is to each other. Birth defects may not be a big deal for some children, but for others it can be deadly. Some parents are forced to choose between letting their child live a painful and short life in the hopes that they might turn out alright, or aborting them. In this case, abortion should be an option to them because why put a child through an unbearable amount of pain if they might not live that long?

    Birth defects aren't the only issue with health. A mother's health is also at risk sometimes when pregnant. In some cases, it may be known that the baby won't live and if the mother continues with the pregnancy, she won't make it as well. Yet some pro-lifers still are against abortion and believe the mother should go down with the baby. If you can save the life of one being, why not do so regardless that it's confirming the death of another? Abortion will also prevent illegal or unsafe actions. If abortion becomes illegal, it still won’t stop people from getting rid of their babies. Methods will just become unsafe and dangerous to the mothers. It’s better to offer a safe alternative to an unwanted pregnancy.

    Many argue that abortion is wrong because it takes the life of an innocent being. The baby doesn't get the choice to live or die, and it's unfair that the mother can make the decision to kill it. But what about bodily autonomy? Let's say someone is dying in the hospital, and for some unknown reason, my blood type is the only kind in the world that can save them. Because of bodily autonomy, I have the right to deny them my blood. It belongs to me and I don't have to give it to anyone else. Let's try a different scenario. I've died, but my organs are still fully functioning and healthy organs. Someone is dying and needs one of my organs to save them. I'm dead, I'm no longer using them so it shouldn't matter, right? Well, bodily autonomy says it does matter. If, while still alive, I said no to giving away my organs, no doctor can take them from me.

  • Leave a choice open

    There are many arguments for why abortion should be legal or illegal. The easy way out of this situation is that abortion should be an option. It shouldn't be forced or taken away because once something is made illegal, it loses its situational flexibility. Just leave it out as an option.

  • If you support killing children you're not human

    Ok you don't use a condom or tampon and poof you conceived a child you don't like it, well who are you to choose if that child lives or not? What's more important a childs life or being skinny for 9 months if you don't want it when it's born give it up for adoption, if you feel it should be a right to kill a child you need to die.

  • I do not think that killing a child before it even had a chance to live should qualify as legal in all 50 states.

    If a teenager is pregnant, there are many options (such as adoption) that can keep the responsibility of a baby off young shoulders. Abortion is a horrible practice and can destroy the chance to live of individuals that could have made a difference if they had the chance to grow. Think about all the famous scientists and mathematicians of the world; if their mother had just decided to abort them, our world would miss out on something fundamental. Or yourself; imagine your own mother choosing to give your life up because she couldn't bring herself to even take you to an orphanage.

  • It's not about religion

    Its simply the fact that you are killing and taking away the life of someone that can't even defend themselves. I get that if you have been raped and you don't want anything to do with it then theres adoption as simple as that you don't have to kill them

  • Noooo no no

    No just no if you get a baby and you don't want it put it up for adoption don't kill it,that's like murder therefore you should go to jail I don't understand why anyone would ever ever want to kill a baby unless they are crazy that's just really rude.

  • All Life is Precious

    Yes, I know I'm quoting the Walking Dead, but the quote pretty much sums up exactly why I'm pro life.

    I do believe that all life should be protected. When most people ask me "Even unborn babies", my response is "Especially unborn babies."

    Abortion takes 3,700 lives a day, and has taken more than 63,000,000 since Roe v. Wade was passed. Those are numbers that make natural disasters look normal by comparison, and yet we allow it to happen with little if any government regulation.

    So no, SCOTUS should not legalize abortion in all 50 states, as it did in 1973. If anything it should ban abortion in all 50 states.

  • Abortion should not be legalized in all 50 states.

    Abortion should not be legalized in all 50 states. It’s not human, the woman is committing murder to her own child to be. Every time one person commits to abortion that’s one more innocent life lost. According to the article Abortion Facts, “abortion is more dangerous than childbirth”(Abortion facts) The mortality rates are significantly higher for doing abortion then giving birth to a child. Some may say poverty, rape, disability, or unwantedness morally justify abortion however killing an innocent human being after birth would not be morally justified so killing a human being before birth isn’t justified either. No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion is no different. Abortion can cause pain to an 8 month old fetus growing in the womb. In instances of rape abortion punishes the unborn child who did nothing wrong when instead the perpetrator should be the one who is punished not the baby. More than 60 million babies are aborted which is technically 60 million murders therefore abortion should not be allowed in all of the 50 states.

  • No, I do not think the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states

    What the heck, ok lets put this in a situation you were born no problem right, well ok lets imagine they didnt want you so your dead, now how do you feel well you dont because your dead, well now your going to legalize this and innocent babies get knifed cooked and just battered every day you want more before they can even get up and stand and talk and get friends wtf is wrong with people so no they should not. Also if you dont want to be pregnant where a fucking condom the man of course but you all are bastards

  • Abortion is not a right.

    I'm pro choice so I'm kind of borderline on this one.

    Do you remember what the civil war was fought over? Slavery.
    Is slavery bad? Yes
    Was it bad back then? Apparently it was debatable
    How could it be debatable? Back then it was debatable on whether or not blacks counted as fully human.
    But how???? It just was, kind of like a human fetus is today.

    Think about it from both sides. I'm pro choice, but I can understand how people would want to stop mistreatment of any human. If the US allows some states to maintain a pro life system, then people can still drive out of state, so its not like the states with different moral standing are eliminating the option or anything. If the majority people of those states don't want abortion within their borders then let it be so.

    Here's how I look at it. I don't think abortion is a bad thing, but I don't think its a good thing either. People who do think its a bad thing think its a HORRIBLE thing. So if I'm right, its not a good thing, and if I'm wrong, its a horrible thing. Now if a state has in majority people that think abortion is HORRIBLE, should said state be forced to legalize something that's justifiably evil in their culture just because other states feel differently in majority?

    If we ever have universal law it should be to protect people, or to abolish mistreatment of people, so if anything the United States should only universally eliminate choice, if the pro life is chosen. Again, I'm pro choice, but I'm just not cocky enough to say my way or the highway. I consider pregnancy to be a calculated risk before the time of conception, and anything thereafter aside from keeping the baby to be a privilege that was previously understood.

    Rights can only protect life. Those claiming abortion is a right are just plain wrong until its universally established with complete certainty across the nation, that killing an unborn is not killing a human, in which case we would have no reason to change anyone's mind in the first place, and no reason for a supreme court decision.

  • No, I do not think the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states.

    No, I do not think the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states because America is very diverse and more states are considered more conservative than others. Conservative states are very opposed to abortion because of its occupants, hence the Supreme Court shouldn't force all 50 states to legalize a practice that many Americans are religiously and fundamentally opposed to.

  • No, I do not think the Supreme Court should legalize abortion in all 50 states

    What the heck, ok lets put this in a situation you were born no problem right, well ok lets imagine they didnt want you so your dead, now how do you feel well you dont because your dead, well now your going to legalize this and innocent babies get knifed cooked and just battered every day you want more before they can even get up and stand and talk and get friends wtf is wrong with people so no they should not. Also if you dont want to be pregnant where a fucking condom the man of course but you all are bastards

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Stefy says2016-04-10T23:26:49.653
You guys are all idiots. Why is this even happening. Abortion is already legal in all 50 states because of the Roe vs. Wade SCOTUS decision. Its just a matter of laws that could place an undo burden on women who want to exercise this constitutional rights.
Lissyb123 says2017-01-28T00:05:53.303
Saying that abortion is not wrong because it is legal but is something you would not do is like saying that Hitler was wrong but you would never follow in his footsteps. Hitler's horrible actions were legal, and it's time for people to realize that abortion is not a women's right issue. It is, in fact, a human's right issue.
John_C_1812 says2017-06-04T13:58:29.430
People are not idiots abortion is a complex fraud that is not easily prosecute, any conviction would be rare and the cost to the Constitutional separation process would be great. It was created by lack of United Sates Constitutional representation as it was an obstacle, by blame, to why abortion is an illegal act waiting for trail on all accounts of confession. A proper separation process from public self-incrimination to this confessed crime was never put in place. A person or panel of people could argue misrepresentation was used as a political means granting law by legislatively fabricated to establish an unconstitutional crime. The crime then used to justify an attack on basic principle and legal precedent.

Abortion is a prime example of the First Amendment disclaimer that Congress can pass no law which helps or hinders the establishment of religion. Abortion is a self-incriminating confession made when used with the medical condition of pregnancy. It is both a prediction to a crime and an admittance to a crime that has taken place. It is only a crime due to the timing and nature of confessions. The Self-incrimination is made public, then it is moved to a state of accusation as a public finds a need to justify the past confession that had taken place after the self-incrimination was publicly establishes.

Congress cannot legislate a law that makes a self-incriminating confession legal in any state, It has been made inalienable by admission of guilt, due to the fact a self-incriminating confession holds no one state to affix a law too. There are several states which are now crimes and they are not permanently fix to the confession that is made by a woman.
In order to defend the United States Constitution in this matter of religious interpretation, a basic principle needs to be applied form an impartial, non-bias legal precedent. Gender Specific Amputation even Female Specific Amputation are still confessions which can be only interpreted as an abortion. A known State of officially STOP. However they both do not also make a self-incrimination into a possible felony crime of murder the official STOP in abortion moves to a known termination with no constitutional separation.
Row vs Wade does not make abortion legal the Court ruling is only addressing a state created by the lack of judicial separation, the common defense of privacy that was generated from the self-incriminating confession a woman makes to one crime. This confession is transferable to the public with a self-incrimination contacting them to the crime of confession plus other crimes created by the unconstitutional response to the term abortion.

No there are no idiots it was a hard test and the subject was never covered by representation. If this is to be an intellectual challenge Prove Gender Specific Amputation is Abortion.
John_C_1812 says2017-06-04T14:21:27.037
The Supreme Court as well cannot make any self-incriminating confession to all crime legal, even when the crimes are the same it can only hear, then clear one crime, by session, as the case has been presented before the Judicial Separation process. The United State between Roe vs Wade was privacy, which is not held by law to standards of double jeopardy so it can be still be proved as a lack of personal ability, to any understanding of Constitutional order. An unwillingness to prosecute or press criminal charge, be it by bribe, or burden of cost is not a legalization of a crime. The sad part is that the independence was to establish an attack on constitution and not position taken by woman to insure a common defense to all woman, as a whole in the matter of cost place on men and woman for the right of reproduction by birth and child.
pinkRoyalty says2017-10-24T18:56:41.593
Yes they woman should be able to abortion because say a young girl got pregenant all the teens and things its just to much so yes of course it should be legal