• Yes, the Technocracy movement should be brought back.

    Today our Federal government is large and inefficient; responsible for providing countless services that many feel don't add up to what they are promised. The technocracy movement would place experts into government positions that could better run programs than the incompetent bureaucrats we have now. This would improve the quality of life for our citizens, and restore faith in our government.

  • Would Technocracy mean minding our own business?

    World governments are money driven, there's no doubt about that. If bringing the focus of our world government around to technology and doing things for the betterment of mankind rather than focusing on the almighty dollar, we could solve a lot of world issues. Sadly, I don't see that happening as long as there are greedy politicians in positions of power.

  • Yes, our goal as a planet should be advancing our capabilities in space.

    Yes, Technocracy as a movement should be brought back. Too often are politicians and businessmen concerned with issues of the past: money, power, etc. The reality that the world has been shielded from is that the only truly important thing, the reason that we have developed consciousness and intelligence is to push the boundaries of our scientific knowledge and explore space. We need to go intersteller, and soon. We are wasting time, resources, and frankly, our greatest gifts. These things are being drained by war and the safes of the elite. We have failed as a species until we can unify as Earthlings instead of Americans, Russians, Koreans, etc. Without technocracy, people will continue to be in the shadow of big business and lifetime politicians. The world needs a huge wake up call. There is a fine line between our extinction and our spread throughout the cosmos.

  • Yes, Technocracy can fix government.

    Yes, the Technocracy Movement should be brought back. The Technocracy Movement was designed to bring Science and Engineering experts into positions of leadership within the government. In present day, few people running few companies have created monopolies of many markets, creating a false sense of scarcity in order to drive the price of their products up. The goal of this movement is to utilize the expertise of scientists and engineers to run all social mechanisms, eliminating political and financial motivations from pricing and goods distribution.

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