Should the Ten Commandments be displayed in public schools?

  • Yes they should

    Maybe the ten commandments should be displayed in public schools and taught throughout the nation because it is very moral and to say the least it can be very helpful in understanding about history and what some people believe to be written by God himself and is really quite interesting.

  • Freedom of Religion

    You should not force people in a public school to be forced on your beliefs in a learning environment. Also the Ten Commandments are not necessary in learning about history and if a child is interested they would investigate it on their own. Also teachers are not supposed to have a bias on what they teach and teaching the Ten Commandments or any other religious form could cause them to teach in a bias way.

  • The Do Not Have a Place

    Public schools are secular in nature and it should not be a place to spread religion. These institutions are supported by tax money, and not everybody in a given community will be Christian. If a religious person wants their children to see the Ten Commandments every day, they should put their children into a private school.

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