• Yes it should

    If I could smoke at the age of 18 I should be able to drink at the age of 18 and not only that you could do alot of thing at 18 including smoking so why not let an 18 old drink smoking is just as bad as drinking so why not

  • I think the tobacco age should be the same as the drinking age.

    Both are dangerous controlled substances that can cause a lot of damage and both should be regulated. The same age restrictions should apply to both things because it matters what stage in their life a person starts out using these substances. There might still be bodily development happening at eighteen so the smoking age should be raised to match the drinking age.

  • Yes, smoking age should be raised to 21.

    Many teenagers start smoking between the ages of 14-18. However, many obtain cigarettes from older teenagers who can legally purchase them. Smoking cause dangerous diseases like cancer or cardiovascular diseases , so the more they raise the age of smoking to 21 the better it was. If alcohol can have that limit because it is dangerous and can get people into trouble, it should be the same for cigarettes.

  • No, if eighteen years of age is sufficient to defend the nation, it should be adequate for making personal decisions.

    If eighteen years of age is old enough to vote and fight for our country, it should be old enough to make informed decisions about using tobacco products. Unless we are to reform the age of consent for these first two rights, young people should maintain the right to choose whether to use or not use tobacco products.

  • No it shouldn't

    I don't believe the tobacco age should be the same as the drinking age. Yes, tobacco has been proven to be harmful, but it doesn't cause you to make influential decisions and have the same effects that alcohol does. If we keep wrapping our children in cotton wool they will never be able to do anything by themselves.

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