• Yes proms and dances should be abolished

    Schools should be for academics and establishing a desired career path, not for parties, dating, and getting knocked up. Schools that stress the latter need to expect to rank lower in overall academic scores on a national and global level. There is plenty of time for adult activities once students graduate from school and get a job. It's called growing up first before just acting grown-up.

  • Waste of time

    There is no logical reason why pathetic people must satiate their desperate need for social interaction. As to why people cannot possibly conceive the thought of being alone is beyond me. And honestly, the drama, the money, the clothes and everything else that is fake, is a huge waste of time. I can't stand watching people going off to problem. What social sheep, just following the crowd, blending in and too afraid to stand out and be different.

  • Ridiculous tradition, do away with them!

    I did not attend my high-school proms (in the 1960s). I thought they were stupid then, and my opinion has not changed. Getting a date for those who are less socially oriented or shy can be very difficult. It creates a great deal of anxiety and low self-esteem in those who are socially awkward or less social.

  • I say yes

    I say yes because this is really important to some people. Like me i look forward to going to prom when i am that age because it celebrates you and others. My brother went to prom and he loved it. SO GO TO PROM AND ENJOY IT YOU WILL LIKE

  • Prom encourages bad behaviour

    Many high school teens have sex or do drugs after to prom. It is just ridiculous that a school, which is supposed to be devoted to receiving an education and becoming a better person, is hosting this type of outrageous party. Prom should be abolished to give teens a better sense of what the world actually is. The school should stop spending money on the prom and use it to build a better education system. The US seriously lacks in all areas, especially mathematics and science.

  • yes they should

    Why are invisible straps allowed? I read an article recently on how a school banned strapless dressed, but allowed invisible straps. Tell me how does that work? Most people can keep a strapless dress on properly without any use of straps. And for crying out loud, it's a prom! That's the only time people could wear strapless dresses without covering up their shoulders and being able to wear occasional dance/prom dresses near school-related events.

  • Keep it for ever

    Because of dez nuts de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de dez nuts ha gotem ha gotem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No nothing is wrong

    Why should we get away with prom why should over even be having this discussion in the first place? Prom is a normal tradition for people and it is the way things have been for quite a long time. We should keep this thing because it is a great socializing tool.

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