• Moral obligation to do so

    Thousands of innocent civilians are being slaughtered. To stand by and allow this atrocity to occur when it is clear who we should be supporting is an absolute shame on the history of the U.N. If a majority of nations in the U.N. Are willing to intervene on the same side then by all means the U.N. Should stop the civil war in Syria.

  • This Is Why The UN Exists

    The United Nations was created to promote world peace and end conflict. In this case, you have a Security Council Member standing in the way. Ultimately, this could end up just like the Balkans or Rwanda where the UN could have saved lives but couldn't due to geopolitical and institutional flaws like the Security Council.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, that is the purpose

    The United Nations is supposed to be a group of nations working together to make sure that no single government is corrupt and hurting its citizens. Whenever there is even a hint of problems within a country, the United Nations needs to investigate. When appropriate, they should intervene. That is the reason they are around.

  • STOP Syrian War

    UN summit must be called and come out with strategic actions involving blue helemets @UN #peacekeeping and stop Syrian citizens flee their homes. In doing so we tackle the root cause and avoid massive refugees fleeing to EU which is not a long term solution at all for no one.

  • This war will not end itself.

    In a war, soldiers are prepared to die. This is why soldiers are here. Soldiers are here to stop innocent people in Syria from getting killed. If we do not intervene now, the innocent people in Syria will die, which happens to be mostly children. Besides, if we do not intervene right now, this war will turn into something greater like Armageddon. Is this the End of Ages? Or is this a New Beginning? That's up to you to decide depending on which side you're on.

  • What is wrong with this world

    What's happening in Syria is not a civil war it's a massacre! It's not ok to rape a child in front of its parents and then chop the child's head off and kick it like a soccer ball!! People arnt seeing these things but isis members r posting it on social media.. To me as a human being that is not ok. I'm not racist but one black kid gets shot and everyone stands up to the cops and riots but nobody seems to wana help these innocent children. Why does the UN even exist then. This world is needs to end it's disgusting

  • It's Complicated In Syria

    Yes it is a sovereign country that is having a civil war, and yes the UN do have a history of making situations worse once they intervene, so on that basis No they shouldn't . BUT, once this civil war is over another one may emerge. Approximately 20+ different groups are involved, not one can independently hold power without the other groups being left out of decisions that could impact the running of the country.

  • People Are Dying!!

    Thousands of Syrian civilians are dying and being murdered each day due to Assad's regime! Something must be done to stop the slaughtering of innocent people!! People will look back in the world's history to tragedies such as these, like the holocaust, but this time they will wonder why the world did nothing!

  • It will not end itself

    This is a civil war. People need to get involved. It will not end by itself and more people, innocent people are getting killed everyday by the Assad regime. It is a problem which can no longer be ignored. It will just get greater and greater if something isn`t done soon. The UN`s purpose and duty is to promote world peace. They need to step in otherwise what is the purpose of it`s existence.

  • Before the Entire Region Blows UP

    This sectarian battle is actually a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The displaced Sunni's now residing in Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and elsewhere will become fodder for jihadist elements which will target not just the west but the east as well.

    This is the same type of scenario that happened in Afghanistan during Russia folly there, we know how poorly that turned out.

  • We Should Not Intervene

    I do not think that the United States should intervene in Syria. We have a really bad habit of intervening and it really needs to stop. Let people fight their own battles. We have a lot of troubles on our homeland and we need to be focusing on those as much as possible.

  • It's an internal conflict.

    What's happening in Syria is a civil war, and it's none of the U.N.'s business what is happening there. While conflict is distressing, especially the loss of civilian life, it would be impossible for the rest of the world to get involved without taking sides -- and ultimately, that means the side with the best concessions to an ally wins, not the citizens of Syria. We have to let what's happening play out, let them figure it out for themselves.

  • No, it might become worse, besides its a CIVIL war.

    Remember what happened in Iraq? There was a war that happened from 2003-2011. The United States intervened in the war, and guess what? Things got worse. Besides, it is a Civil war. The UN isn't allowed to intervene a civil war unless requested from the country itself. To add on to that, if there is a military intervention, innocent civilians' lives may be threatened.

  • Look at the precedents.

    I'm entirely pro stopping deaths but if you look at what's happened the other times the US have interfered with Arabic countries the result has been much more death and resentment than there would have been in an ordinary Civil war. Additionally the regimes that win have become entirely distrustful of the west as a result which doesn't help anybody. Unfortunately for the citizens of Syria, I think we're just going to have to let them fight this one out.

  • You need to choose between a civil war or a military occupation.

    The little partnership which American and the Arab countries has can be too easily destroyed. Russia and China have the right of veto at the Security Council and with this the United States cannot act (legally...). The only way to assist them with the army in their battle is to go on the ground. On the air, they have Russian counter fly to shoot some of our planes. Bombs can't be launched so high because the population is too concentrated together. If nobody had won, it's probably because the government isn't ready to fall... For now, the United States doesn't have much to do there. They don't have a lot of petrol like in Iraq and Libya. Sometimes, you can really do things and the interaction in this conflict by the USA will kill more citizens.

  • NO, They Shouldn't

    The United Nations should not intervene in Syria. It is a sovereign country that is having a civil war, and the United Nations has a habit of butting their nose in and only making things worse for everybody. Let them fight it out for themselves, and let the victors truly and fairly claim the land for themselves.

  • NO

    The United Nations should not intervene in Syria. It is a sovereign country that is having a civil war, and the United Nations has a habit of butting their nose in and only making things worse for everybody. Let them fight it out for themselves, and let the victors truly and fairly claim the land for themselves.

    I would say that if there was some kind of real proof that there was a massive amount of chemical weapons or nuclear weapons being used against totally civilian populations, then that would be different. However, it would have to be a very extreme case before intervention would be warranted.

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