• Gun violence is a national security issue

    Americans kill each other with guns at rates that are unheard of in other advanced industrialized countries. Britain, with around a fifth of the population of the United States, had 41 gun murders in 2010 while the States had around 10,000.
    The scale of this death toll really resembles a national security problem as much it does a public health issue.
    Consider that jihadist terrorists have only been able to kill 17 Americans in the United States since 9/11. Meanwhile, some 88,000 Americans died in gun violence from 2003 and 2010, according to the U.N. study.

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  • Gun Free is advertising

    for people to be robbed or killed by someone who has no regard for our laws. They are going to have guns whether it's legal or not because they are criminals! They only thing we can do is arm are selves in defense. What is going to stop a criminal with a gun a sign that says "gun free zone" or a sign that says, "armed security on property at all times."

  • Absolutely

    Do they work? Obviously not! After all of the school shootings, hospital shootings, or just public shootings in general, you'd think that politicians and citizens would come to the realization that, hmmm.....maybe criminals don't obey the law! Do they really think criminals will be like "Well, I'd love to go break the law by shooting up the maternity ward of this hospital, but I can't break the law by bringing a gun into a gun free zone". Doesn't make an ounce of sense. On the other hand, if law abiding citizens were allowed to carry their guns in public, a lot of these shooting could be prevented, or at least not be as destructive. Again, if criminals are willing to go to the extent of mass murder, do you think they really give a fvck about gun free zones? If so, you are delusional.

  • I don't see why not.

    Places of special interest within the U.S. prohibit the possession of fire arms in places like hospitals, government facilities, and airports/seaports, etc; unless authorized by a city, state, or federal agency i.e. law enforcement. Therefore gun-free zones are already in place and should be certain areas. There are certain areas that should not permit firearms.

  • Yes, the U.S. should abolish gun-free zones

    The U.S. should abolish gun-free zones and ban guns directly. It is tragic that nearly 30 innocent people were killed because there is not gun control laws in place. Guns in general just make the U.S. a lot more dangerous place to live than other developed countries like Germany, Denmark, and Holland.

  • A gun free zone is like dangling meat in front of a starving lion.

    Its just one big target for a shooter. Do you know what else can be used as a dangerous weapon? Literally anything. Especially your hands. Seriously the whole gun free zone thing is dumb. IT IS NOT HUMAN NATURE TO GIVE UP WEAPONS AND SURRENDER. A shooter will kill as many people as possible. If someone isnt shooting back, a lot of people will die. Look at Paris. Sandy Hook. Columbine. Gun free zones. All resulted in massacres until it was too late. Cops take too long. To keep lives safe, we have to get rid of these gun free zones. If a guy with a gun wants to murder innocent people, he deserves to get taken down. If it has to be done, then put them down. Its called justice and self defense.

  • Use that grey matter

    Gun free zones are for people who follow the rules. Do you honestly believe that someone who wants to murder various people is going to care? No. In fact that's probably where a mass murderer would go to start his rampage... A place where no one can stop him until he's killed his share.

  • Abolish weapon free zones...Esp. At schools.

    Since the corrupt bureaucrats in D.C. And some states haven't been able to repeal the 2nd amendment yet, they try to ban some types of firearms. If that isn't enough, they ban places where you can have firearms and other "weapons". Oddly enough, unless the abolishing of gun free zones (ideally all) at schools is done there will still be more shootings (actual tragedies or orchestrations...What ever one chooses to believe...It doesn't matter) until these naive, greedy, corrupt, incompetent, lying and dangerous bureaucrats get their way... Unless that is done, you can severely limit where a person can carry their own firearm just by building more schools.
    A firearm is nothing more than a tool... An inanimate object designed to propel lead. There is no such thing as a good firearm nor an evil one. Teach the people all about firearms and the right ways of using them and they will treat them with respect. Disarming innocent people will not protect innocent people.
    The right to keep and bear arms are both a right and a necessity granted to each and every free person to better aid and secure the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...And furthermore the land in which they live.
    Ignorant and unethical people will vote for like representatives and rely on those same people to continue believing in lies...Hopefully they won't continue in believing in them.

  • Yes, there is no need for them.

    Yes, the US should abolish gun-free zones, because the gun-free zones do more harm than they do good. When people perpetrate large-scale murders, they are done at movie theaters, or at schools. These are places where the terrorists know that there are a lot of people who are not able to have their weapons with them. We would be safer being allowed to have guns anywhere.

  • Gun Free Zones Provide an Easy Target for Criminals

    When well-meaning authorities pass legislation to ban guns from an area they forget one important fact…only law-abiding gun-owners will comply. Those who intend to break our nation’s laws against murder, rape, and armed robbery are hardly likely to be deterred by the presence of gun-free-zone signs. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens enter the same areas defenseless.

    A rapist doesn't need to worry about his victim being armed in these zones. Recently, Colorado passed legislation banning concealed carry permits on college campuses. So how can woman defend themselves? The University of Colorado recommended that woman discourage their attacker BY PISSING ON THEMSELVES.

    As far as home invasion is concerned, a “gun-free-zone” sign is basically a public invitation to burglars-whether the burglars are armed or not. Many media personalities, and public figures who support gun-free-zone signs for the common man had a very different reaction when offered these signs for their homes (http://www.Wnd.Com/2013/01/journalists-reject-personal-gun-free-zone-signs/)

    Finally, cowards like Adam Lanza target such areas for mass slaughter. I find it extremely significant that James Holmes surrendered to armed police after massacring innocent victims in the theater, just as Adam Lanza took his own life before law enforcement could arrive. Let’s protect ourselves, and our children the same way the president, and these media personalities protect themselves-with deadly force against those who mean us serious harm. The consequences to disobeying a citizen with a gun are much more serious than the consequences of disobeying a “gun-free-zone” sign.

  • Gun Free Zones are one's rights

    People ,whether they are private citizens on their own property,or a business on their own property have a right to not allow guns on their property or in their community.Forcing guns on their places is a loss of thier rights.Schools have gun free areas,government buildings are gun free,as it should be.Looking at guns and gun control has many sides to it,ones that are for it and ones that are not.

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