• It's cruel unnecessary fallacy

    No human being has the right to take the life of another. We call that murder. Taking the life of somebody that you believe to have murdered somebody else does not bring the murdered person back. It just murders another person. The Death Penalty is just a dramatic way for Americans to play God and continue their superiority complex, in the belief that they alone are the most liberal, evolved country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Liberalism connotes freedom. Planned execution has nothing to do with freedom and the American states that still plug this line of thinking. It boils down to the fact that no human being has the right to kill another. Period.

  • It is not effective

    Nowadays capital punishment or death penalty isn't that effective that it was two hundred years ago. It is because now people are more educated and intelligent to understand that a murder still is a human and that if you agree with death penalty we become murders too. Most people think that even more terrible punishment is to be sentenced for life.

  • We are paying Death

    Many taxpayers across america pay police officials to which some of these officials are in charge of the death penalty. So we are paying people who take someones lives. The death penalty should be abolished or your a murderer too. If you pay them to kill them you are part of the murder of the man or woman who received this penalty

  • The death penalty is ineffective

    While going to prison for stealing something allows him to learn his lesson by basically not wanting to go back there, a person that murders someone for a reason or no reason they most likely are put to death and learn absolutely nothing because they are no longer alive to learn from their mistake. Even though you kill the person there are still many murders happening all over the world.
    Impact: If death penalties don’t change the minds of murderers we must abolish the death penalty and create a new system that will be more effective in stopping murders.

  • Human Rights are Important

    Although the argument is not simple, what is simple is that the death penalty violates basic Human Rights. Taking a person's life no matter which way looked upon is murder. Murder is clearly a violation of all rights. Why should our government promote something that violates our rights? As kids, weren't we taught that two rights don't make a right? So does killing someone because they killed another person make it right? I think not!

  • Basic Human Rights

    Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "everyone has the right to life." It doesn't matter if someone is a murderer. We do not kill them. You sentence them to Life Without Parole instead. This way, you are able to uphold human rights and can also stop terrorists from becoming martyrs. Also, occasionally, innocent people are found guilty.

    The death penalty does NOT act as a deterrent. Studies have found that states in America with the death penalty do not have a lower murder rate than states without the death penalty - in fact, the murder rate is higher! It is also more expensive to hold a prisoner on Death Row, and that extra money could be spent on education or health.

  • Killing is murder, no exceptions.

    When we murder murderers, we become murderers ourselves. This is one of the many reasons why the United States is the worst possible industrialized country to live in these days. All life is precious, no matter what people do with their life. All people who agree with the death penalty are brutal sadists who don't give a crap about how precious life really is. Maybe when they're on deathrow will they see the truth.

  • So many reasons the death penalty should Disappear!

    The US Should abolish the death penalty. Only 17 states thus far have abolished this ridiculous form of punishment. I understand that cold blooded killers, rapists, etc. should die, but it is NOT our right to kill them. The main reason this should be abolished is because innocent people have been killed by means of death at the hands of our government, in which other then the appeals system, had no means of avoiding it. It's like trapping an animal in a cage and the animal knowing it will die. Not only that, but common! Our legal system? Really? No one in our legal system should be able to sentence anyone to death. Mainly, a person being innocent or guilty is based on how well their lawyer argues their position.

  • The criminal suffers more

    Having the criminal killed instantly is not going to teach them anything. However having them locked up in prison for life is a way for the criminal to suffer. They will go crazy and actually learn something. Isn't that what the victims family want? For the criminals to suffer. .

  • People don't have the right

    People shouldn't be aloud to kill another human being because then we would steep down to murderers level and nobody should want that. Everyone deserves to live because they were born into this would for a reason and deserve to live it to the fullest and to the end. Others shouldn't have the right to choose when people die or when they don't. I thought the people in the supremecort would be smarter to know this and not have a 12 yr tell them!!!!

  • An eye for an eye

    I think that if a person murders another person that person has to die, murderers should not be allowed to stay in prison with a chance of parole. They should pay the ultimate price for their crime, we can not rehab these people because their is always a chance they will do it again

  • Or give me death

    I beleive that is a crime is severe enough, or a prisoner does not behave, the death penalty should be enforced. If this punishment is enforced crime rate will go down, and prisoners will most likely behave under threat of death. So, if we would enforce the penalty more often, the USA National Security would be protected.

  • No, the death penalty is appropriate for murder.

    When a person has proved their willingness to deliberately take an innocent life, that person has forfeited their own right to life, and has moreover proved a serious danger to others in society. The death penalty protects the innocent from that particular murderer and might also have value as a deterrent, though to serve that purpose it would probably need to be imposed more consistently (and more quickly after the crime is committed) than currently. It is hardly less humane than life imprisonment, which allows a person life but takes away all that pertains to it. The death penalty should never be used lightly; it is an extremely serious matter and used only for the most serious crime, and should require clear proof. But it is also appropriate in certain cases.

  • Support Death penalty

    No, the United States should not abolish the death penalty. A person should die especially if they are 100% known to be a cold blooded murderer themselves. They caused so much hurt and grief to that person's family, they shouldn't get to live either. Why keep them in jail for 60 years and pay for them?

  • The death penalty should be abolished

    The late great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, once said” An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” There is no arguing that crimes associated with the death penalty such as premeditated murder are reprehensible. However, if we are to agree that taking the life of another human being can be categorized as the upmost heinous of acts, how can we justify treating such a crime with a punishment that mirrors the very thing we so adamantly condemn?

    The death penalty in the United Sates of America must be abolished not only because it is in-human but wrong, and it puts civilians at risk. Instead of making America Great again and keeping every American life safe, they are destroying it. Because justice is focused on protecting the civilian but not once, not twice, but many times has the court and the jury sentenced innocent people to their death, failing its purpose, and since 1976, 138 people have been released from their death row, when their innocence has been proved, but how many have died innocent.

    Everyone has the right to recognition as a person before the law (Article 6) The death penalty violates the right to live which happens to be the most basic of all human rights. It also violates the right not to be subjected to torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment. Furthermore, the death penalty undermines human dignity which is inherent to every human being. This “Law” is breaking about 5 of the human right charter laws, what are we “animals”, this charter was designed for our freedom, for our security, to give us a better life, but we are America, we do as we please, we are very powerful so we kill to keep our people safe,RIGHT we fight for other countries to keep them safe, but we kill in the progress of making America and the World great again.

    Lets try to make a change, lets find a solution that doesn’t involve killing a human being and violating all its rights

  • Eye for an eye

    You kill, you die. People that murder someone should be killed. People kill others and i just don't get it. People will be scared enough not to kill because they will face death. Why would someone who ends someones life be allowed to live?

    Written by some kid in class that needs information

  • Eye for an eye

    You kill, you die. I don't understand why people would kill another person they don't even know, i do not get it but if that person ends someone's life, theirs should be ended too. People will not kill sometimes because they are going to be executed.

    This was written by Someone in a class that needs information.

  • It saves lives

    It’s proven that every time a murderer is executed innocent lives are saved plus some people are just to damaged to be rehabilitated they love doing what they do there’s more than enough scumbags on this planet we don’t need anymore putting them in prison we taxpayers have to fund to keep them alive they get free healthcare meals we have to keep them alive and well screw that put those scumbags to death

  • More fitting punishment

    When you kill someone there is no going back there dead so instead of them jut killing you done off the earth why not make you just wait for natural death it gives them tome to think and evaluate there diocesans so we should abolish the us death penalty bye

  • Innocent Life for their life

    If they had the nerve to take an innocent life, who could have been a mother/father, son/daughter, brother/sister or guardian then I believe it is only fair for their own lives to be taken. They may never change and if they are released or escape then the possibility of them killing someone else is high.

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