• Get Rid Of It

    I believe the United States should abolish the electoral college and move to a straight popular vote tally. I do not believe the electoral college functions in a way that benefits the American people and I believe that we have seen it manipulated in the past. It makes no sense not to use majority vote.

  • Absolutely

    The electoral college is probably one of the biggest reasons that a lot of people don't vote. I did vote but in the back of my mind I was kind of wondering what the point was. The electoral college does not make it fair in choosing a candidate. Let the people choose, the people in the electoral college are people too; what makes them so special?

  • Yes the US Should Abolish the Electoral College

    The electoral college doesn't accurately reflect the voting public. Furthermore, it discourages people from voting if they know their vote makes no impact on the overall scheme of things. Abolishing the electoral college and going by the popular vote is the best way to ensure that the person the country most wants to be president will be.

  • Yes the U.S. should abolish the electoral college

    The popular vote should be the ONLY vote that matters, not this state by state thing that has been the standard over the decades. Sure that may give you a faster result, and maybe even moreso now in this want it now, fast food style world, but it is not fair.

    If someone won in the electoral college, but lost the overall vote as was the case in the 2000 election, why should they win? More people voted for the other person than him, regardless of state numbers. It's simply a flawed system, and it needs to be disposed of. Every vote should matter, not just the votes in the states with the bigger electoral votes. It completely undermines the process and is not fair to the states that have less votes, as their votes mean less than others do.

    So yeah, I absolutely think the electoral college should be done away with in favor of the overall popular vote deciding the winner.

  • Yes, abolish it!

    Yes, I feel we should abolish the electoral college vote. We are always told that our opinion counts and encouraged to vote, yet it doesn't seem like that matters. In yesterdays election, results showed last night that Mitt Romney won by popular vote, yet President Obama won by the amount of electoral college votes. I am happy with the results, but I don't understand what the point of everyone voting is, if the electoral college makes the decision.

  • No, not yet.

    I think that the current electoral college system, while it seems a bit biased, and some folks feel like their vote doesn't get counted, truth of the matter is- it's a simplified average of votes, and it makes the counting and election process easier. I believe that it works, for now, until their is a faster and more accurate way of counting everyone's single vote. But that's so much data, and with a wider margin of error.

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