• It kills fishes

    If it kills fish fisherman will have no job so you can take that career out so if all fish die all sea food resturants will be shut down and all we have is fast food witch is not good because who dosent like some good sea food? Am I right?

  • Causes the Us too much money to clean up

    These oil spills are the types of things that can ruin the Us government and that is not what the Us needs right now. For now im pretty sure we can find many other ways to get oil besides getting it from the ocean. These are the reasons i vote yes

  • Yes offshore drilling for oil should be banned.

    Offshore drilling should be banned on the principle fact that it will not give us any benefit till 2030 at least, and the damage that will be done to the environment will turn around and bite us one day. The offshore drilling puts the environment at risk with the amount of waste rigs built to do the actually drilling. Our enviroenment is already at risk so why risk it more for extra oil that will not even benefit us.

  • Drill away for oil

    No, we need to do offshore drilling for oil, we should not rely so heavily on foreign countries for oil, its not cost effective, also drilling for oil will give us jobs in the USA that we still need so desperatly so no drill away we need all the oil we can get

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