• Yes for the global good.

    The United States is a country of generally positive values, democracy, personal freedom, regulated capitalism, federalism, etc. Not only do we have positive values, our values have given rise to the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Given our excellent quality of life and the power we have, it is the duty of the American people to exercise this power to defend our way of life and promote it abroad.

  • Yes, the US should absolutely be involved in foreign affairs.

    Putting world policing and war aside, the US, through their work in the UN and of their own accord, is a powerful leader in not only dealing in beneficial trade agreements with many other nations, but working as a mediator in economic, health and human rights conflicts throughout the world. The world is much better off with powerful countries like the United States "butting in" on affairs that nations cannot resolve themselves.

  • Yes, the US should be involved in foreign affairs

    Yes, the US of course should be involved in foreign affairs. In the world of different nations, it is almost impossible to not have foreign affairs. It is very important for leaders from different nations to communicate to avoid conflicts. Also, foreign affairs can benefit both parties such as establishing trade relations and exchanging resources.

  • Diplomacy Better Than Warfare

    The United States should be involved in foreign affairs such as diplomacy and showing the rest of the world how a peaceful democracy works. What doesn't need to happen is the U.S. military continually responding to emergencies all over the planet like a 9-1-1 service. America should be a bastion for democracy to the rest of the world.

  • Yes, the U.S. should be involved in foreign affairs.

    Yes, I believe that the U.S. should be involved in foreign affairs. While many people foreigners accuse the U.S. of always "butting in" on other countries' problems, there are also those among them who are thankful that the U.S. takes an active role in foreign affairs. In a way, the U.S. acts sort of like the world police for other countries that are treating their citizens unfairly. While this is somewhat pretentious of us to do, the good that we do for other countries (like foreign aid and military assistance) outweighs the bad (the Iraq/Afghanistan War).

  • Of course we should.

    Look at what happened when we went all isolationist before WWII. We indirectly caused the war to happen by not being involved with European affairs. Also, there are many injustices and horrible wrongs happening all over the world and it is only right to help when things like that occur (ISIS, etc)

  • Yes, there are many benefits

    Benefits such as economic growth (trade-wise), cultural influence, political and religious beliefs, and creating alliance all comes from getting involved in the affairs of other nations. Without getting involved with other nations there wouldn't be much communication or understanding and the resources other nations trade with each other wouldn't be there so there wouldn't be much left for a nation. The benefits are highly understandable and realistic while the negatives or harmful factors can be a little unrealistic as society modernizes and improves. So, yes a nation should get involved with another nation

  • America has a big economy.

    America's economy represents most of the world in dollar value. Therefore, if we have the money. We have the power. If we have the power, why not help other countries? I mean, if China, one of our biggest trade partners, was in war with someone else, would we help them? OF COURSE!

  • Don't let this happen again.

    Not getting involved is the same thing that the British did in the 1930s. What happened? Multiple countries were invaded and occupied, millions of people (mostly civilians) were killed, and the world was plunged into another war that culminated in the detonation of nuclear weapons which in turn lead to an the Cold War, an Arms Race, multiple wars in Asia, the Middle East, and several revolutions inn Europe. Most of the racial, social, and cultural tensions in the world today all go back to people who refused to get involved in other people's problems.

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  • We have our own problems, and no one else is helping us with them.

    There are people right here at home that are homeless, poor, starving, unemployed and dying that need help. Since the resources that the government is giving away to other countries is collect by American citizens from American citizens, then it should first be used to help an Americans that may need it. If we help all of our own citizens and get all our problems taken care of, then by all means help other countries that need it. But we need to take care of our own first. Our Foreign Policy states that the government is pushing to maintain U.S. safety and world peace and to maintain a balance of power in the world. What about the balance of power right here in the States? People here are not completely safe, crime rates are outrageous.
    We also have a huge amount of debt that needs to be paid back. We are giving out supplies and resources that we just don't have to give. What happens when other countries decide they want their money and they are tired of waiting for it? Who is going to help us when they take action? No one. No one sends us supplies when we have a natural disaster. But they all expect it from us when they need it. You can't buy friends in real life and its time our government learns that they can't buy friends and allies.
    We need to fix OUR OWN problems before we should even consider taking on someone else's. And even then we should only help if we are asked to help.

  • America should not

    I mean obviously there's those situations that need the help of the military, but it seems like we get involved in every little matter that involves countries that we have no relation to. We don't get thanks for it either! We go into Afghanistan and clear up a lot of the problems there, but at what cost? Thousands of soldiers dying for a lost cause. They've been fighting in that region for millions of years, why would it stop just because a couple people say that it's wrong.

  • Focus at home first

    We have so many more problems here at home, and better things to do than to go out and police the world. By being isolated we will be able to focus on ourselves here at home, how do we expect to help others if we cant help ourselves. We have to realize that we aren't the country we were 60-70 years ago. We aren't the greatest anymore, and we won't be unless we better ourselves first.

  • It is for the Presidents fun.

    Honestly, I believe the president brings the U.S. into wars in other countries for fun. If you think about it, after the Cold War the U.S. doesn’t have a communist superpower to screw around with, therefore when the U.S. gets bored it finds a random country and attacks it. That's my theory.

  • We should focus on ourselves first.

    The U.S involvements in wars that don't pose a direct threat means dead soldiers and less money. We are in huge debt right now and should focus on that first. Using our resources to help other countries is not a good idea considering we are at a lack of it. Gas prices are very high and this policy does not help.

  • Let other countries be.

    Unless they pose a direct threat, let them be. We don't need to waste resources dealing with conflicts on the other side of the world. They have different cultures than ours, and view the world differently. Stop pushing American idealism on every one else. Look where it is getting us...

  • Soliders dead, And money debt

    I believe as an opinion that the US is losing too many dedicated soliders to other peoples wars. It also seems that most allies we forge turn against us, Saddam Hussien and Osama bin Ladden. I don't care if I spelt their names wrong the both committed horrible crimes against the US and other ethnicities and countries. The point is Our people die, we lose money the people we give power turn against us.

  • Let others fix themselves

    My opinion on this topic is that the U.S. should not participate in foreign affairs at all. Primarily because it is an additional cost to the US economy and it's not like we need to be more in debt, $17.1 trillion sounds like enough to worry about. We are not the world police and we should not stick our noses where they don't belong. Rather our goal should be to focus on health care and education because the US is amongst the worst when it comes to those areas.
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  • America is not a Cop

    America, in my opinion, is shoving their head through the privacy of other countries. The U.S. needs to take a step back and deal with the problems that are bubbling to the surface, like the 17 trillion dollar debt that have put themselves in. America is a mom or a cop and doesn't need to act like it is.

  • We aren't all police

    Sure, its nice to help others. But unless its going to affect us right now, or if there is mass genocide going on, we really shouldn't shove our noses in other country's business. For both world wars, we stepped in and helped. It seems we are always doing that for more of a benefit for the other countries.

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