• I think we should be isolated so terrorists and killers can't just waltz right in.

    Trump said he was going to build a wall but his wall isn't going to help because people can break down the wall and get through or they could simply dig under it, and trump is building this so mexicans can't sneak in here, hello is he even thinking. All they would have to do is get a drill or get on the next plane to america and bam their here. So in my opinion, we aren't isolated at all right now and even when the wall is built, we still won't be isolated enough to keep people we don't want here out, they can come in here whenever they feel like it, so we need to be isolated more.

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  • Focus on America

    Our nation needs to heal within. We have been so intent on solving the world's problems that we have lost touch with our own. Isolate our nation, focus on our economy, immigration and political issues, such as getting rid of civil servants who are out to line their own pockets instead of what will make America great again. Strengthen our military, etc

  • BigDaddy4Trump form Oklahoma

    We win with Trump. Trump is the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Build the wall. Cut taxes and bring money back to America. Make America great again. Death to Obamacare. We don't need any other countries. We just need TRUMP. Let's get rid of those annoying Chinese. Isolationism is the best way to win with Trump.

  • Trump 4 Prez

    Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall! Build a wall!

  • Yes yes yes

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  • It hurts both sides

    Our manufacturing base is kaput and most jobs have been outsourced
    to countries that the us has financially and militarily screwed over if we are isolated companies will be forced to hire from within the country or leave allowing us to form our own industry where that company used to be

  • What we could do and save if we did

    We would save billions of dollars in foreign aid, thousands of military lives, lower the budget in military by housing our military supplies and troops here, use the money we save to fix the repairable flaws in the economy and government. We would be able to keep our information secret and grow our military and strength along with wealth and tactics. Nobody could interrupt us without being considered and act of aggression considering we aren't attacking anyone else. Our military would all be in the country and be able to attack at full force.

  • Nationalist United States

    We must work on our home market. Our own Nation. So we can get our own people back to work. If we do not work for our home market and our own people soon. We are bound to fall and collapse. We need True Fascism. Down with Racism and Internationalism Heil Il Duce Benito Mussolini!

  • Not for the sake of population.

    If I am understanding what you mean, in the sense that Isolated in the way of no contact or interaction with the rest of the world. I would say No. Multiple reasons.

    First:, This would cut off needed trade with the rest of the world, though we could in all retrospect continue without some things coming in from other countries, such as Swiss chocolate, we function better as a people if we allow trade for some of these things.

    Second: This would mean that we would need to call all of the military men and woman, (including equipment and there families,) back from every single country that we have any kind of allied stance of nutria ground with. Because we have the freaking biggest military in the world we have decided to have at least a thousand foot soldiers in those countries mentioned above. This would be the first step to increasing overpopulation that we already face in many places, not that I don't want to bring em' home. But, then we face new issues. Also, bring them ALL home, and how will we give them jobs when we don't have enough as it is? To this you may say, we could open all the industries that we hove outsourced, because we have cut off that trade. Which would help with jobs. But not on the scale we need.
    Also every single ambassador, student and whom ever else is a U.S citizen that is abroad needs to now come home.

    Third: Now that we have everyone home and have safely shut up the boarders, now we have an even more giant problem with immigration, because we are "isolating" ourselves, we shouldn't allow anyone in. I suppose we should then at that point not let anyone out. (sounds like Cuba....)

    Forth: Cutting ourselves off from the "Outside" world leave us incredible open for attacks, and other such negative worldly stances with the other members of the earth. Plus, we've now royally ticked off people such as China, who we owe like basically all that Yosemite national park equals in value to. (Probably more now.)

    I could go on, but these are the basic ones that came to mind first. If I misinterpreted your meaning [please let me know. If not, I look forward to a rebuttal to my position and statement.

  • How many of us would still remain here?

    Becoming more liable for attacks due to suspicion, removing ourselves from trade. How many of us would want to be part of a country who can't provide for themselves? Sure, we grow produce and make things, but where do all of our goods get manufactured? Where do we buy all of our goods from? I do not see many "Made in America" tags on anything. How would we be able to provide for ourselves? Bringing home our businesses and their workers? That would be great, but only if we had enough room for everything. We would over crowd our country, and then we would all want to leave because of it. We need other countries to benefit ours, because we can't do everything.

  • The US should not be isolated.

    All we have to do is look at history. Look what happened during WWII with the Japanese and Germans. Families pulled from their homes, schools, affiliations to be housed in sub level camps surrounded by barb wire. Something the US has had to apologize for ever since. Cuba. They isolated themselves, the country is stuck in time. What if the US did isolate themselves. They would have to close all embassies, bring all troops home, let US citizens working oversees have a choice of returning home or staying where they are. Businesses that are located in foreign countries, but also is helping US economy, close down and return to US. The Rep. Want to get rid of Obamacare. If you bring all these people home, what medical insurance will they have. Two things that is true about all humans are we will all get sick and we will all die. What about jobs. You will have to have jobs for all of these people. Politicians are telling us now that we don't enough jobs. How will we fill positions for all these people. Where will they live? The US government is going to take over peoples land that is not being used or cultivated? Armed services personnel. Many of them will not come back by themselves. They will come with families. What happens to them. When we stop foreign goods from coming into our country, that means prices will go up? If there aren't enough jobs, whose going to pay for higher prices for goods that once was available more cheaply. Let's not talk about what it's going to do to the countries that depend us for money, protection, jobs. Pretty soon, we will have another Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Tojo. Countries will be invaded, people will die and eventually what we are isolating ourselves from will come to our shores. Look at German spies, US Nazi Party and Pearl Harbor. Many Arab countries have oil. How much oil do we produce? Will US leaders once again confiscate land, move out entire communities for oil production? Food will be changed drastically. Imported foods will no longer be available. Change in diet good or bad! We are not there yet in regards to race and sex. With the world not looking, that will give more power to those who want to segregate against blacks, Latinos, gays, Catholics,and women; whatever is not considered "All American". This will create a domino effect of epic proportions. It will set us back 50-100 years. Something we can't afford to do. America is still great. We are the only super power in the entire world. We do have the greatest military infrastructure in the entire world. Our economy is up, jobs is up. Those who couldn't afford health care now have it. Without, people will die. Those who die, leave empty spots in job production. Everything is relative. Don't let fear be the guide for the American people. History tells us, it will not be beneficial.

    Posted by: MHH
  • We should not

    It stupid and will lead to the end of the world. It will lead others to rise up and gain a stronger army then there will be a nuclear war which will lead to killing us all. Do you all want to die? No I did not think so. Please stop being stupid and look at the facts people

  • We should not

    It stupid and will lead to the end of the world. It will lead others to rise up and gain a stronger army then there will be a nuclear war which will lead to killing us all. Do you all want to die? No I did not think so. Please stop being stupid and look at the facts people

  • The U.S. should not become isolated.

    The U.S. should not become isolated. The U.S. depends highly on the support and resources of other countries. If we become isolated then we lose the resources that we have with other countries and nations. We would also risk upsetting another country and jeopardize having a war on our own soil.

  • It should not be isolated.

    I think the world is fine the way it is and there is no need for countries to become isolated, especially the United States. There is enough seperation and segregation as it is and we do not need to cause more controversy by becoming an isolated country. Leave it be.

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