Should the U.S. build a national high speed rail system?

  • Spend money that actually gives us some return

    It is cheap, environmentally friendly, and it creates jobs. Some people say it would be too expensive but it wouldn't cost more than building and maintaining an interstate. Also if we stopped having wasteful wars, we could easily pay for it. Final thought: every other first world country has kt and likes it. All aboard!

  • Makes much more sense than wars.

    Tell the government that they need to stop spending money on unnecessary wars and fixing other countries. We need to be modernizing our own infrastructure, and a high speed rail network is an absolute necessity for that. Not only will it put thousands of Americans back to work, thus providing a much-needed boost for the economy, but it reduces CO2 emissions and unclogs congestion in highways and airports. We cannot continue to be the laughingstock of the world. GET IT BUILT!

  • Right Away!

    These types of transportation are already in use in many otehr countries to great success and efficiency. the building of thsi system would mean many jobs, would improve traffic congestion, and pollution in our cities, and be very cost-effective to commuters. They could made to run on alternative fuels, and would even possibly be attractive. Carbon emissions would be reduced which is good for all. As the systems popularity grew, it would mean more and more infrastructure and more and more jobs in construction, maintenance, and operations.

  • Yes the U.S. should build a national high speed rail system

    Why not? Other countries have them. It is a much more convenient way of travel than by something like bus or airline. What's the downside? More people would probably be able to afford it as well compared to these other methods of transportation. So yeah, I think the U.S. should build a national high speed rail system, there's certainly worse ways to be spending our money.

  • Yes, the US is wasting resources by not building high speed rails.

    The US is wasting resources by requiring all freight that has to be moved quickly over a long distance to be moved by jets. High speed rail systems are much more efficient at moving cargo and people between metropolitan areas, yet we continue to waste increasingly expensive jet fuel and creating excess carbon emissions. A high speed rail system would be an excellent investment for the US to make.

  • Too much money

    It has been estimated to cost 150 billion dollars just to connect Boston to New York to Washington D.C., it would cost well over a trillion to connect all of the major cities. Also, the current plans of high speed would just be 220 miles an hour, our current lines travel at 110 miles an hour. A 110 mile increase in speed does not justify spending over a trillion dollars when we are already in so much debt.

  • No, Too Costly

    The Japanese and Taiwanese governments are actually going bankrupt just to maintain their high-speed rail system. Other countries have them doesn't mean America has to follow. High speed rail is super costly, billions and billions of dollars are expensed. High speed rail costs a lot of money to build, maintenance/repair, insurance, electricity (whatever used to produce electricity), wear and tear etc. America already has a very solid aviation infrastructure in place, there is no need to build a high speed rail system. America should find ways to save money, not to spend even more money for luxuries.

  • No, not at all

    I think that we have enough transportation we have things that we need to worry about more than that. This world and our country in particular has things like hunger and crime that need to be addressed. If it was built privately than if would fail because people would still fly more than use that.

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