Should the U.S. build a wall along the southern boarder?

Asked by: LowestStone
  • It's not racist

    It is not racist to want to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. As a matter of fact I have some friends that are Mexican that support Trump and want the wall built. You know why? Because they are legal and all the illegal in this country are making people suspicious of the legal Mexicans. Not only that I have talked to many people against the building of the wall and they straight up said it was because they had illegal friends. And that I was a racist for supporting the wall. Even though I said they could have entered legally they just kept screaming racist.

  • Fake news! Sad!

    It's not a fence it's a wall! A great wall! This wall will help keep out drugs! Who cares if it will cost over $600,000,000,000 or that more than 90% of illegal immigrants come on planes! It will stop the 10% and money is basically free! All who say it's bad are sad! If anyone else has actual facts i call it alternative facts! Fake news!

  • Secure the border

    The Mexicans are pouring into the US like ticks. They come here illegally and don't respect the country they invade. They are to incompetent to learn English and make us learn Spanish. If we can make it harder for these pest to get here than it might save this country.

  • Security, no more Mexican illegals

    The border patrol is doing a horrible job, and so many of the people in the United states are here illegally. It would be great to build a wall. The wall will make people think twice before sneaking in, and will make the other countries think twice before messing with us. We should also not just build a wall on the southern border, but in the north, and the east and west coast. This will provide a lot of security and keep terrorists and smugglers out

  • The wall will help U.S.A

    I strongly believe that U.S.A should a wall to keep the terrorists and such from entering their country and harming or destroying it.It is definitely very expensive but it is good for the citizens in U.S.A from being harmed. Keeping such criminals away from their country protects the right pf their citizens feeling safe in their country.This is why U.S.A should build a wall between U.S.A and Mexico.

  • It Would Help lots of Things.

    I feel that a building a wall on the border long the southern border is a great idea. So yes, I think the U.S. should build the wall. The wall would keep most illegal immigrants out. The wall would still allow immigrants to come into the U.S. while making sure they're doing it right. The wall may be costly but I think it's worth it. We won't have illegal immigrants coming here and having rights that they shouldn't have because they're illegal.

  • Expensive, waste .

    This will not stop them.They will keep coming and think of the wall as a challenge. A raise of taxes will be needed and this is against everything he has said. This will be a huge cost of money and blow our ties with mexico and screw our selves .

  • It would be too expensive, and inefficient

    I feel that a wall would be too costly, ineffective, unpractical, and history has shown that walls don't work. I feel that easing the current process of legal immigration would be the better path to go down rather than making harder for both people that intend in coming legally and illegally.

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