• It Supports our Interests

    Taiwan is our ally as of now, and in the TRA (Taiwan Relation Act) it talks about how we will sell them arms as needed for their self defense, Furthermore. We are treaty bound to go to their defense if war DOES break out, selling arms to taiwan is more like selling insurance to them that we will be there when hell breaks loose.

  • Yes, the U.S. should continue to sell guns to Taiwan

    If Taiwan government is continuing to allow the purchase and distribution of arms then there is no reason that the U.S should stop selling arms. The U.S cannot stop the conflict that is going on in Taiwan. If the U.S stops selling arms to Taiwan it is likely that another country will sell to them.

  • Yes, U.S. should continue to sell arms to Taiwan

    There is the possibility of having a war between China and Taiwan in the near future since China always want Taiwan to be a part of it's province, Taiwan is a small country and does not have enough weapons. If U.S. Continue to sell weapons to Taiwan, it will have the power to fight with China if war occurs.

  • It helps America.

    I think they should sell arms to Taiwan. If the US didn't sell arms to Taiwan, there are plenty of other countries who will happily step in and sell them arms instead. Also by selling them arms, the US can maintain some influence in the region, and also help the balance of trade deficit as well.

  • not at all

    No, we need to stop selling them arms right now, since it is going to end up coming back on us and making us look real bad when the arms that we sold are used to kill a lot of people that did not need to be killed over there.

  • No, the US should not.

    The US should not sell arms to anyone. The sale of arms not only outrages countries who aren't in good standings with the US or who they are selling arms to, but a lot of times those arms can be used against the US decades down the road. We have fought many past allies.

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