• How couldn't we?

    Of course we should support Israel. Not for a gain in military power, but because we can. They are people in need of assistance and we have the money to provide it. They may seem like a violent group to most, but this is only because they are in a time war. I'm sure they wouldnt feel the urge to help the US after we bombed japan. I truly believe that if we continue to support them, they will eventually progress to the point of having focuses outside the scope of war, such as education and science. Once their war is over, we will have found a powerful ally in the economic and technological progression of the USA. Yet only so long as we continue to support them.

  • On Biblical and Moral Grounds.

    Due to the constant fear Israelis live in because of their neighbors' hatred and endless bullying and unprovoked attacks and assaults, morally, we should not stand by and watch the slaughter. Biblically, there are blessings and wonderful promise for those who bless and pray for Israel; that's it for now.

  • Yes we should

    I personally do not agree with our aid to Israel, but the fact of the matter is we need them right now. They are our only allies in the Middle East that we can trust, it also helps when the United States can have another country agree with them 94% of the time on UN decisions. Israel has one of the most advanced military and spy networks the world has ever seen. They are a key member of our war on terrorism, and having them at this time is necessary.

  • Yes we need someone we can trust over there

    I know a lot of people have hated for Israel in their hearts but I don't understand it, I don't care about what they believe in as a religion because as an alley they are fair to us.

    We need to protect them and their interests or else we might see a total meltdown in the middle east without their leadership to steady things over there.

  • Israel needs our protection.

    The Arabs have always been anti-Israel and always will be. They will never respect the right of the Jewish state to exist where it does. This requires Israel to have powerful friends that can remind these neighboring states that the nation is not going anywhere, no matter how much anti-Semetic propaganda its enemies pump out on networks like Al Jazeera.

  • The Danger of Antisemitism

    We should continue to support Israel because the hatred for that country in their region is appalling. The leaders of the nations of Syria, Iran, and Jordan are all holocaust deniers, this is extremely dangerous in itself. Iran has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map". Israel has been attacked in four different wars by Arab nations. Their sovereignty should be upheld and respected, if they lose it they will suffer, and it will undermine the strength of the US and international forces.

  • We should help Israel.

    SUPPORT ISRAEL! America should keep focusing on other countries, because I believe that is good. If America stops helping Israel, what would happen next? If Israel need our help, we should give it to it. Also, what's there to stop the U.S. from meddling with foreign countries for the greater good?

  • The U.S's only TRUE ally in the Middle East

    Israel is the U.S's only supportive and functional ally in the Middle East, even countries like Saudi Arabia have disagreements with the U.S. To put it in short, Israel is the only free religious, and TRUE Democracy in Southwest Asia. However, this does not justify attacks on Palestinian people, but then again this does NOT justify Palestinians to attack Israelis. Israel is also the only TRUE military ally of the U.S in the Middle East against terrorists, and crazy theocracies states like Iran.

  • Yes we should

    If we do support Israel, they can help us as well. Nor only do we need financial and economical support, but they do as well. If we work together we can get good to come out of it. This is why i think we should continue our relationship with Israel.

  • We need to

    Palestine decided to try to be tough and shook the cage the big dog. Then they played the victim when the big dog bared its teeth in response. Hamas is a terrorist group that will only stop when Isreal has fallen or they are stopped. Isreal is our ally and we need to help them

  • They have enough.

    We should not support Israel because they already have enough resources. A nuclear power does not need extra military funding. The total amount of funding given to Israel by the US is around $242,451,000,000 in todays dollars. The Jews deserve some reparations, but we have taken this much too far.

  • They have enough.

    We should not support Israel because they already have enough resources. A nuclear power does not need extra military funding. The total amount of funding given to Israel by the US is around $242,451,000,000 in todays dollars. The Jews deserve some reparations, but we have taken this much too far.

  • The rest of the world doesn't support Israel, for good reasons.

    Our media can't be trusted. Go watch foreign news and foreign documentaries if you still feel that Israel is in the right. Here is an Australian documentary about Israelian soldiers' violence to non-Jewish children to get you started:

    This documentary talks about how the Israeli soldiers pull children from their beds in the night and torture them until they confess that they did some crime which they did not. This is just one example of foreign media spreading the truth.

  • I hate jews

    Us support for israel created al qaeda and other terror groups . Us support for israel has only caused suffering and will be a source for future wars . Us and israel are bad luck and should be destroyed because nothing good of their existence will ever come. Death to enemies of allah.

  • No, Israel's problems should be theirs, and theirs alone.

    America getting caught up in other countries' problems has never done anything good for us, both financially and reputation-wise. We've bent over backwards for other nations for far too long; it's time we looked out for our own interests. This is costing the tax dollars of citizens who want nothing to do with a conflict taking place on the other side of the world.
    We have nothing to gain from continuing to serve these people.
    Israel should stand on its own two legs for once, like almost every single other nation in the history of humanity.

  • ISIS is actually Israeli Jews hired by Bush...

    It's true. No one likes jews anyways, FREE PALESTINE!! Also, Bush hired some jews to do 9/11, why do you think over 3,000 jews were not in attendance in the World Trade Center. Israel took land that is not theres, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. Instead of help them, lets return the favor of 9/11 and bomb them... (Not the Jerusalem Holy Part)

  • US foreign policy should be about pursuing the interests of the US, not those of a foreign country.

    Our current foreign policy is aligned with that of Israel to the point where it is sometimes difficulty to figure out who the senior partner in the relationship is.
    Where we disagree with Israel (eg: the two state solution), we defer to their judgment and are effectively complicit in the oppression of millions of Palestinians on the West Bank. That is not in the interest of the US.
    Where we find our Israely ally spying on us (eg the Pollard affair) they get away with barely a slap on the wrist. Imagine the outcry if our Japanese ally or our French ally (yes, they are allies) were to be caught in the same position.
    What is the use of the billions of $ of military aid we provide them? We cannot use their military as a proxy: that would unite the entire Arab world against the US. While it is true that we feel greater affinity with Israel than with other countries in the Middle East, Israel is not a source of stability in the region. They cannot help us militarily; they render our relationship with the region more difficult; they are a direct cause in the growth of terrorism.
    Lest I be misunderstood, I support Israel. And I think they a card we need to keep in our deck. On our terms, not theirs.

  • Killers and Enemy to the USA

    The bombed the crap out of the USSR. They identified the ship as a US ship but still went on to bomb it. They knew that 9/11 was going to happen but yet they didn't inform their "ally". America is the only country that supports that apartheid state.

    They kill innocent children every summer. They kill thousands of innocent people. They bomb mosques and hospitals. The Israel PM said he will never allow Palestine to become a country. And he is getting mad at the US for getting an agreement with Iran.

    We should not keep supporting this idiots. They are killers. They rape and do inhuman things to children. America should stop supporting them. Then Israel will be done for. Every country on the face of the earth will put sanctions against that terroist state. They will be gone a couple months after the US stops supporting them.

  • The US should stop all foreign aid to Israel and refuse to support them in the UN when their objectives are not aligned with ours.

    The US has different objectives than Israel and which Israel refuses to support. Our continued support of Israel's Illegal settlements, mistreatment of Palestine, and international terrorism (kidnapping, and assassinations) damage the US international relations with countries more important to our strategic objectives. Therefore we should "cut loose" Israel and wish them well.

  • USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Rachel Corrie, etc.

    Israel is not our ally, nor are they our friend. They have directly and indirectly attacked American and British interests in the region on multiple occasions and tried to frame Arabs for their actions.

    In the USS Liberty situation, the Israeli air force shot up a U.S. Navy ship despite knowledge of what it was. Then they shot up the life boats to prevent survivors. All of these murderous actions were meant to be blamed on Egypt in order to pull the U.S. to Israel's side. Please research the USS Liberty.

    In the Lavon affair, Israel attempted to bomb sites in Egypt frequented by Americans and British in order to blame it on Egypt for the purpose of turning the US and British against Egypt. The perpitrators were caught and informed on Israel's involvement in the plan. Israel even booted their defense minister due to the plan's failure. Please research the Lavon Affair.

    What is even more outrageous, is the Rachel Corrie story. This was a college student attempting to establish a sister city with Rafah. While peacefully protesting the collective punishment practiced by Israel through demolishing homes, Ms. Corrie was intentionally ran over by an Israeli Defense Forces bulldozer. No punishment was meated out, and all culpability was denied. Please research Rachel Corrie.

    These are three of the biggest reasons I can come up with off the top of my head why Israel needs to be cut off. Notice that I didn't even address what they've been doing to the Palestinians and other Arab nations, which would require a book to describe. PLEASE RESEARCH ISRAELI CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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