• How couldn't we?

    Of course we should support Israel. Not for a gain in military power, but because we can. They are people in need of assistance and we have the money to provide it. They may seem like a violent group to most, but this is only because they are in a time war. I'm sure they wouldnt feel the urge to help the US after we bombed japan. I truly believe that if we continue to support them, they will eventually progress to the point of having focuses outside the scope of war, such as education and science. Once their war is over, we will have found a powerful ally in the economic and technological progression of the USA. Yet only so long as we continue to support them.

  • Israel needs our protection.

    The Arabs have always been anti-Israel and always will be. They will never respect the right of the Jewish state to exist where it does. This requires Israel to have powerful friends that can remind these neighboring states that the nation is not going anywhere, no matter how much anti-Semetic propaganda its enemies pump out on networks like Al Jazeera.

  • The Danger of Antisemitism

    We should continue to support Israel because the hatred for that country in their region is appalling. The leaders of the nations of Syria, Iran, and Jordan are all holocaust deniers, this is extremely dangerous in itself. Iran has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map". Israel has been attacked in four different wars by Arab nations. Their sovereignty should be upheld and respected, if they lose it they will suffer, and it will undermine the strength of the US and international forces.

  • On Biblical and Moral Grounds.

    Due to the constant fear Israelis live in because of their neighbors' hatred and endless bullying and unprovoked attacks and assaults, morally, we should not stand by and watch the slaughter. Biblically, there are blessings and wonderful promise for those who bless and pray for Israel; that's it for now.

  • Yes we should

    I personally do not agree with our aid to Israel, but the fact of the matter is we need them right now. They are our only allies in the Middle East that we can trust, it also helps when the United States can have another country agree with them 94% of the time on UN decisions. Israel has one of the most advanced military and spy networks the world has ever seen. They are a key member of our war on terrorism, and having them at this time is necessary.

  • Yes we need someone we can trust over there

    I know a lot of people have hated for Israel in their hearts but I don't understand it, I don't care about what they believe in as a religion because as an alley they are fair to us.

    We need to protect them and their interests or else we might see a total meltdown in the middle east without their leadership to steady things over there.

  • Israel needs to learn to get along with other countries

    Israel has legitimate security concerns of course, but they must learn to get along with others and take care of themselves. They provoke most of their current problems. They continually to build in disputed territory, which is a well-known way to ensure decades of hatred. The worst thing about the Israel-USA subject is that it's a taboo; can't even talk about it at universities.

  • Supporting Israel is the cause of terrorism.

    Supporting Israel is a giant feedback loop. The US funds Israels' purchase of US military equipment which they then use to kill large numbers of people in retaliation for the deaths of a few. I would be pretty pissed off if my next door neighbor kept annexing chunks of my yard just because he needs the room for his over populous family, then followed up by killing multiple members of my family because I through a rock into their yard.

    Israel claims this is done in self defense but they are "defending" lands they took by force in the first place. What does the US do about this? We support them. But what about Nazi Germany, Iraq under Hussein and Japan during WWII? We destroyed them.

    Continuing to fund Israel is just adding fuel to a religious fire. Israel believes they have the right to exist and kill others because God has their backs. The US is a country founded on laws not religion, with a distinct "separation of church and state" for the protection of both, yet we fund a state based in religious zealotry.

    Israel is a "democracy" in name only. If you cannot trace your bloodlines back to an original Jewish family, you area second class citizen and will never attain full rights. How is that a democracy?

  • The economy Crisses

    Israel is a self sufficant country, it has nukes, and enough wealth to sustan its self. THe united states doesnt need to send billions of dollars to israel, plus we dont get much back , if the us wants to keep isreal a ally, they have to think up of something else.

  • Israel is making the world sympathize with Palestinian plight.

    Until they stop building settlements in areas that the entire world considers illegal for them to be building, they are doing to the Palestinians what South Africa did during apartheid. Israel owes their very existence to The United States, and they continue to defy us. In my humble opinion, they don't even have the right to be there in the first place. The land was taken from people already living there and sectioned off and handed over. It's not even enough they were just given an Israel state they had no right to, (historical/biblical, Israel was created at the end of WW II from land already inhabited. I don't care what they believe is their historical home, that doesn't give them the right to just take it because they want it), they get greedy and continue to build on land that does NOT belong to them, it was TAKEN. I'm NOT anti-semetic, but if ISRAEL deserved their own state, why don't the Palestinians deserve their own state? It's absurd and I'm growing increasingly less supportive of their position that they are entitled.

  • US Aid to Israel

    To date, the United States has provided Israel $118 billion (current, or non-inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance. Most of this 'aid' has gone to military expenditure. The weapons and supplies the Israeli army buys is mostly used to keep control over the land they illegally took over and to keep Palestinian people in their 'place'.
    In November 2012 the BBC reported that 147 people had been killed in the conflict between then and the start of October. They didn't report that only five were Israeli. Only eleven of the Palestinian fatalities were military or political targets, meaning 131 people who died in the conflict in that period were Palestinian CIVILIANS. These figures are kept from the public in the United States and Britain for the most part in order to keep people on the side of the Israelis and to 'pull the wool over their eyes'. This is as simple as it gets. The US government is bankrolling and supporting an imperial force of war criminals and keeping the people who supply this aid through taxes completely in the dark.

  • NO America should not support Israel

    Take a look! Supporting Israel is removing the U.S.'s credibility. The U.S. Says we support freedom but when we denied Palestine's right to exist.....We showed that we don't actually support it. We need to stop supporting Israel so we can appear human and stop supporting the counting violation of human rights BY ISRAEL!

  • No, We should not cotinue to support Israel.

    I do not believe America should support any other nation in a military sense. We should be helping to resolve conflict, grow resources, and aid troubling nations with supplies. This notion that we are only a powerful nation if our military is global is insane. Someday the global monetary system will completely collapse and people will realize that without money, war has no value or purpose.

  • Get Out.

    We are not helping by supporting Israel, so we should not continue to support it. They need to work out their issues for themselves and we do not need to be involved. If we would just stay out of it things would be so much easier. We need to move on from there.

  • We look like idiots

    How did that U.N vote for upgrading the status of Palestine go, we succeeded in blocking that right? Oh we lost 138-9? Nuts. Take one of the many hints and please stop blindly standing by this country, they have an unblemished track record of crimes against human rights and it's disgusting to watch the United States unconditionally look the other way and say how wonderful they are.

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