• Yes, Food Stamps are being abused

    Food stamps are being used in a manner that is just disgusting to see. Hard working families or families that truly need them should get food stamps. There are many people that come here from another country in order to receive help from the government and they are just laying down on their couches eating all of that food and watching television. Having children and signing for this program just to get the free food and go back to their country? This truly horrible to see. So much money is being used on this program and it could be better in another way to help the economy. Why is it that hard working people. Us the tax payers don't have benefits!!! Please look into this because there are millions of lazy people abusing this help. Remember that this program originally started to help the hard working farmers that produced crops for us the U.S.They worked hard and couldn't help themselves that's why this was created.

  • No, because food is a basic right.

    If the government would like to be more vigilant as it investigates the qualifications for eligibility of someone applying for food stamps, that may be a good thing as we do not want those not eligible to get them. But cutting back the program itself and changing the eligibility requirements is only going to ensure that some children go hungry.

  • No, it should not.

    With how bad the economy is people really need help to get food and clothing. Food stamps has been great for giving poor families and struggling people a way to still get food and be allowed to eat. It is a great system and has been working fine as far as I can tell.

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