• Yes, it would help not only the U.S. But the world for multiple reasons.

    For thousands of years the Persians (Iranians) have been tormenting the west. From the early days of ancient Sparta to the Twin Towers on September 11 Iran has funded, housed, and even created terrorists of their own to fight the west. But lets start with modern time, during the second world war many middle eastern states such as Iraq allied with the Nazi's in support of their anti-jewish policies. To this day the president of Iran publicly stated that "the holocaust never happened" so that people would not feel sympathy for the Jews. After being invaded by all the arab nations simultaneously 6 times in the middle 20th century it's only logical to feel sympathy towards them. Also the Iranian president said on national television that the he would welcome the late Osama Bin Laden with open arms if he were ever in Iran. I mean after all it's only logical because Iran is the #1 producer of Al-qaeda insurgent forces. Plus they are the only theocracy in the world and teaches radical views in their public school systems. Iran has not only been linked to the 9/11 attacks, but they also have been spotted buying intercontinental nuclear missiles from the North Koreans (also another enemy of the United States that we had gone to WAR with not too long ago). They are the main supplier of terrorism in the world that have direct links to 9/11, Boston Bombings etc.. Also they've taken U.S. Hostages and prisoners for no reason whatsoever, invaded our allies multiple times, and publically burn U.S. Flags in their town squares. Iran IS ABLE to be invaded because there is no conclusive evidence that they have WMD's. But THERE IS conclusive evidence that they are in development. We stopped Iraq luckily before they could develop such weapons. So we need to stop Iran before the capability falls into the hands of Islamic Fascists that are as nuts as Hitler. We have taken out Iraq (Saddam), Afghanistan (Bin Laden), and now all that's left is the final ace's in the stack of cards that threaten the world's security- Iran (Ali Hosseini Khamenei and his twisted little sidekick Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). Disposing of them as we did Saddam and Bin Laden would not only put a major dent in global terrorism, but also may be the beginning of the end of terrorism. Because it would destroy the base of their operations causing the rest of the structure to fall.

  • We should have declared war on Iran when they took our citizens in 1980.

    Now they do what they want and we do nothing. They just boarded a U.S Navy ship and humiliated our soldiers by filming it and putting it on the net for the world to see. Now four Iranian ship's circled one of our ships and did not stop the harassment until we fired warning shots. Why do we take this? We should turn that country to dust.

  • Wake up America

    Of course we should unless you want to die and see your children screaming on fire. Russia is selling them missiles. They hate us. They chant "death to America" daily. Should we go to war now or wait till they have nukes? Take them out now before they become stronger. War sucks but it will suck a whole lot more when they have nukes. The deal is suicide for us. WAKE UP SHEEP!!

  • Only way to defeat an ideology is to crush it and those that support it.

    Point blank, the differences between East and West are 100% ideological in their most basic nature. Only way to ensure that Iran doesn't start WW3 is to strike before Iran can possibly nuke Israel or Europe. This is something that is almost a certainty considering that most all Muslim ideologies feel threatened by the cultural / technological advances of western nations.

    Religions fear change as this threatens their hold on power as their people become far more difficult to oppress. Now as such, I'd fully expect Iran to do as much damage as humanly possible before allowing their hold on power to diminish.

  • No, the United States does not need another useless war

    ABOSULETLY NOT, Wars do not ever benefit the common citizens of our nation. FIRST, the United States has a 19 trillion debt. If we decide to go war; we would have to borrow it from the private bank; which we"citizens" would have pay all debt and interest to the puppet master that control our money supply. These individuals sell wars to profit from it and to have more control over our governments. This has happened in the past, specially in Latin American countries, Africa, Philippines and many other beautiful places in the world. Wars only left devastation and incredible impoverishment. SECOND; Iran is a country that Is completely the opposite of what the media portraits them to be. I have been to Iran; it's a beautiful country with its good and bad; just like any other country. I can say they are better off than Latin American countries. Sure Iran doesn't like or agree the way the USA handles politics or business; but who really does?? Unless you know nothing about of all the genocide our country has done in name of our national security and the nation's interest; then are probably to busy watching Fox News. NO MORE WARS

  • If Israel needs our help, we should interfere with aggression, but without war

    I personally disagree with going to war after some influence from comments. I believe it isn't our fight, and therefore shouldn't interfere unless needed. But if we are needed, then we should interfere by destroying the nuclear weapons of Iran. I personally believe diplomacy should in most nuclear threats the first attempt, but if that doesn't work, the second attempt should be aggression.

  • No, war is the worst possible solution to the Iran issue

    Remember Iraq? That unnecessary war cost 3 TRILLION dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. It resulted in no long lasting peace for the people of Iraq, and could have been solved through diplomacy. Why can't we learn from our mistakes for once? If we continue to allow our kleptocratic government from declaring war in the Middle East out of corporate interests, then the entire world will feel the effects. A war with Iran would be disastrous to our economy (we could easily spend a few trillion dollars on this war), our international reputation (With the exception of Israel, very few foreign governments would support military action against Iran), and such a war would not be easily won (Iran is NOT Afghanistan, Iran has 80 million people, a huge military, a robust economy, occupies a vast area, and has several allies. It is important for the sake of world security for nuclear agreements to be reached, but war is not the answer. Iran's nuclear program can be terminated through diplomatic efforts, or at the most, sanctions. Iran's current government is becoming less relevant to Iran's people, and an American war would stimulate a new wave of anti-US support, preventing "democracy" from reaching Iran. To summarize, a war with Iran will not result in any positive affects for Iran or the US.

  • No, we should not

    Iranians are cool and love the U.S. Look at the time with the shah and how the U.S. controlled Iran. Now Iran just has an oppressive government that acts tough with America but will not want to engage in a war with U.S. We definitely should not declare war on iran

  • Not at all.

    What's the use of spending so much money on issues such as this? If the States really wants to WASTE money, it would be much better, if it was invested in aiding the LEDCs in coping with development and all the problems (socio-economic and environmental) that come with it.
    We're humans- animals with brains that can work if you want to make them!
    There are surely better ways to deal with international problems than indulging in war and causing mass destruction, bloodshed and a lot of sadness.

  • No moral authority to do anything in foreign policy

    The United States has no moral authority to do anything in foreign policy until it sets right what it has done to the Chagossians. Same with the United Kingdom as both nations were involved. Watch the documentaries "Stealing A Nation" and "Winning Back Paradise". The Chagossian people were exiled from their entire land their ancestors lived in for well over a century for the sake of a military base on only one island in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Their pets were gassed to coerce them to leave before they were finally just forcibly deported. It is a complete travesty that this isn't given more attention in the media. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

  • No way

    That would be a terrible idea. However, I feel as though we should take out their nuclear power plants. That's something we should have done a couple years ago when they first got it working. We should take out their nuclear power plants and call it a day. We don't need senseless killing but letting them have that kind of technology is dangerous because we already know their intentions.

  • Not as long as there's no threat to the US.

    As long as there is no threat to the United States or any of our allies, I don't think we should declare war on Iran. I think we need to focus on our own country right now. We've lost too many lives in the past decade, in wars that may not have been necessary.

  • No more war

    Short of an Iranian nuclear attack on someone, the US should not go to war with Iran. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have taught the lesson already. There is just no reason to waste even more money and soldiers' lives right now. The US should focus on its problems at home instead.

  • No, we shouldn't declare war on Iran

    The last thing this country needs is yet another war that will have no end. We spend enough money on the wars we are already fighting, and have lost too many men as it stands. There is no need beyond greed and political gain, which is the true reason for most wars, to start up another one. So no I don't think we should declare war on Iran at all.

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