• Yes, Snowden should not be granted amnesty.

    Although many people probably appreciated knowing the information that Snowden leaked about the NSA, the fact that the U.S. wishes to prosecute him sends a strong message to anyone who works in a government agency that they must protect United States information and keep it from getting into the wrong hands. What he did was illegal, and granting him amnesty would show that we're lenient in prosecuting people who betray the United States. This information was relatively harmless to disclose, but it doesn't excuse the fact that what he did was an act of espionage.

  • He is a hero

    He disclosed information that the United States government was never going to tell us. He Is a hero. If another country did this we would say that they violated international laws spying on us and human rights groups would start going crazy asking for sanctions and protesting war and start crying about education, gay rights, welfare, how illegal immigrants deserve a chance, and stop paying taxes "until the United States government takes a stand against violations to individual rights"

  • No, the U.S. should grant amnesty to Edward Snowden because the U.S. was being dishonest.

    Edward Snowden revealed an important problem in the United States: unjustified invasion of privacy of United States citizens. In addition to that, the United States also spied on other countries, including those claimed to be allies to the United States. This is a breach of trust. Edward Snowden is a hero who revealed that the United States government was dishonest. The United States should save face and leave Mr. Snowden alone.

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