• Parties easily subverted.

    Political parties are subverted and controlled and tend to control the electability of an individual. Outsiders who are not in line with either political party must run as an independent or battle against the party to win it's nomination. A simple no party primary vote then a general election runoff vote is all that's needed.

  • WE should disband ALL Parties!

    Look at our country and the shape it is in today Look at Congress and how they can very seldom agree on anything. Look at our elections where parties are demanding that voters join their party or you cannot vote for a candidate. All of these are just a small example of why we should disband ALL Parties. Our Founding Fathers didn't want a government controled. They wanted a government that is for the People by the People. Instead it has become currupt, self appointing, self governed, and supporting of only the top 2% of America. Of course our Founding Fathers warned us of what would happen once our government grew too large. We need to return to electing Congressmen and our President for the person they are and not for the party they are a member of.

  • Political parties make it difficult for the government to function properly.

    In a two party system like America, political parties sometimes do more harm than good. They often let party differences affect their voting. For the government to run smoothly the two parties have to work together. This hardly ever happens and the American people suffer for it. The recent government shutdown is an example of how the two party system fails the people most of the time.

  • Country Is Based On An Idea

    Why not keep it that way. You label people, and that is when the problems start to begin. People start judging people for no reason. They start using ideology instead of common sense. Wouldn't it be nice if we used ideas that came from the best politician, instead of that idea is no good because he is a Democrat and I am a Republican

  • They control everything.

    Yes, the U.S. should do away with political parties, because the party bosses control everything and the people have very little say. When Michigan held its primary too early, they decided not to give Rick Santorum the votes that he deserved. The parties anoint the candidates before there is even an election. Get rid of them.

  • The U.S. should not do away with political parties.

    The United States should not do away with political parties. Although partisanship can be bad for the country, it is perfectly legal for there to be political parties. It would be unconstitutional for the government to disband political parties. The constitution protects Americans' right to hold assemblies for political purposes.

  • Not at all

    No, the United States should not do away with political parties. They are an important tool in the government system that we have today, and I think that despite what people think, they are an important thing to have in your system. I think that we need to keep them.

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