Should the U.S. focus more on gun background checks?

  • Yes, the U.S. should have more gun background checks.

    The main loophole that exists in gun sales is at gun shows. Private sellers are allowed to sell guns at gun shows without requiring a background check of the buyer. This applies to most states, but not all. I feel that private sales of guns, even from friend to friend, should also require background checks, to make sure that the purchaser is not a convicted criminal.

  • Background Checks Are Important

    I believe background checks for gun ownership is important and if the US wants to seek out policy that may cut down on gun ownership, I believe this is the way to go. Background checks ensure that the average citizen can obtain the firearms they want. It leaves the least amount of people out of the legal buying market.

  • Yes, more background checks for guns.

    Personal gun sales happen everyday in the United States. It is not hard for a criminal to buy a gun from a normal citizen. Rules need to be in effect for background checks on every single gun sale. This could be done by creating a service for private guns sales to go through.

  • Support gun control

    The us should pace a background check for people trying to buy guns so that way they don't sell guns to psychos. It can help prevent a school shooting and help save the lives of hundreds of people. It can also help prevent a shooting at a movie theater and also in public areas.

  • For the love of sanity

    There are people, articulate people with real influence and impact in this world, that think background checks on gun sales aren't needed. That is horrifying. There are a lot of debates to be had regarding guns, but it blows my mind that this is one of them. What rational person on this earth wouldn't want to know if the person about to be handed a firearm has a criminal history or not?

  • Yes, background checks on people wanting to own a gun is the only smart thing to do.

    Background checks can reveal a lot of information. A person with a felony can easily get a gun from a private owner or a lot of gun shows because background checks are not required in these instances. If a background check was done, the felon would be denied the right to purchase the gun. It makes it that much harder for those who are not allowed to have guns to get them.

  • People without violent background commit crimes too

    No, I do not believe that there a need for more background check when acquiring guns. Some of the more recent attacks on schools, the offender had no violent background. This shows that in reality that a clean background does not constitute a good person, they may not have gotten caught. The regular law abiding person may decide to do the most violent crime.

  • No, this would not benefit Americans.

    Harsher gun laws are notoriously bad for crime rates. Case and point would be Brazil. Brazil made it nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to acquire guns, and with this came an extreme increase in crime. The only thing that making gun laws harsher does is disarm good citizens while arming criminals.

  • No, the US shouldn't focus more on gun background checks.

    No, I believe that the United States should not focus more on gun background checks. The reason I believe they should not is because mainly only law abiding citizens will purchase guns in a legal manner. Criminals, however, will not abide by gun-enforcing laws anyways, therefore focusing more on gun background checks would be a waste of time and funds that could be used for more important things.

  • We Shouldn't Focus On Them More

    I do not think that the United States should focus more on background checks. Every company and organization has their policies on background checks and it should stay that way. There is no big reason to put more focus on this when you can look up someone's information online so easily.

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