• Solar Power is Awesome

    It is a lot cleaner and easier to use. As long as the sun is out, there will be power. You can store extra power from the day and use it during the night. Solar power will be the key to a cleaner and more eco-friendly future for the planet.

  • Solar rules peeps

    Solar is amazing it has lots of pros and almost no cons and this is why solar energy is so amazing and this is why it is needed in the U.S. and all around the world that is my argument and this is all the reason why solar is amazing

  • Solar Energy Is Best

    Solar energy is the best, because it is reliable and can be used day or night. Solar energy also reduces electricity bills for adults. The best thing about solar energy is that it can be used day or night because of the battery charge. So even at night or on cloudy/rainy days solar panels will still be giving off energy.

  • It could save the world

    Solar Panels are incredibly good for the environment. They can replace the use of oil in homes and electricity, also reducing people's bills. There is a large manufacturing industry to be tapped with the construction of Solar Panels, so they also create jobs. Recently, a solar powered air plane was made, while it can't fly people, it could mean a lot of things for the future. Like solar powered cars that you never have to refuel.
    Overall, there are no negatives to solar panels. Except maybe some people don't like the way they look but do you know what else is ugly? Oil spills.

  • Yes, we need alternatives now.

    Not only the United States, but the whole world needs to begin focusing on developing alternative sources of power. It seems clear that our reliance on fossil fuels is no longer working for us in many ways. We should take this realization and create an earth "friendlier" way of existing. When we were young and envisioned the future most of us probably envisioned a world in which our knowledge would lead to a more culturally and environmentally friendly place to live. Fossil fuels have allowed us to make a lot of progress but their use has not given us either of those possibilities.

  • Yes, solar power is a necessary focus for any country.

    Any country that wants to be more than a chapter in a history book needs to focus on all sources of alternative energy. Solar power has been successfully harnessed and used by other countries as a primary source of their energy. Brazil runs all vehicles on corn based fuel for example, and are completely oil independent from the rest of the world. They are also projected to rise as one of the richest nations in the world by 2040. Alternative energy is the only key to the future.

  • More and more countries are doing it. So why not.

    U.S. could benefit a lot from looking for ways to increase the amount of solar power we use. A lot of countries in Europe have already started these projects years ago and are seeing the benefits right now. The sun is going to be in the sky until the world ends so better start using its renewable energy and not be dependent on energy that may one day disappear.

  • Yes

    With global warming or climate change becoming a huge concern for the world, we must look for alternative green sources of energy. The sun is one of the most powerful things and nature, being able to harness the energy it produces efficiently could save our world from global warming and climate change.

  • There are other things more important than energy usage...

    I guess that depends on whether or not you value human life over the environment. Don't get me wrong, I am all for saving the environment, but there are more important things people should be worrying about. There are people who are starving, and poor in our country, yet people seemed more concerned with our C02 output. I find it disapointing to see that there is more talk about how to go green and save the earth, than on how to help U.S. citizens who are homeless and without a job.

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