• U.S.A is in power

    Because it is not fair to go and treat human being like some countries do like how African Americans' were slaved and made to work when whites walked all over them. Another is when communism is trying to take over the world and terriost are becoming popular an no one going to over power us in U.S.A

  • We are all humans

    Why not help? We are the most powerful country in this planet and we need to help each other out. There will be a time when the United States is going to need help and there are going to be countries who will help us because we helped them. It is not their fault these humans were born in such horrible place. We have the power to make their lives better so why not help

  • All people are equal

    We need to help other countries because it is what Jesus would do. If you were to see someone on the street would you try to help them, it doesnt mean we have to send a whole entire army. We could help in wars by giving people supplies and other goods, but we could also send in troops for help.

  • I will agree

    Because what if I ran does something that will affect the world and the USA did nothing? We all would either A)die B) get injured or C)be paralysed.No one wants to die right? I don't I got a lot to live for,dying because us does nothing is crazy im 14 for god sake

  • Yes, we should

    The United States is a world superpower. Why not help countries and people that are struggling? Also, there hasn't been another world war since the United States became interventionists after WW2. The world needs a strong country to help out when needed. Without one, the world could launch into another world war.

  • We need to finish what we started.

    When the Soviets occupied Afghanistan, we backed the mujahideen so that they could liberate themselves from the USSR. This led to an extremely powerful radical group with no foreign enemies. A member of this group was Osama Bin Laden. We have successfully eliminated the threat that Osama Bin Laden posed to America, but not the threat of the Taliban or the prevalent new group Isis. The United States helped create these groups, and must rid the world of their evil.

  • Yes We should

    So if your walking and you hear a woman getting beat up in a parking lot and your the bigger guy and u do something to save her how is that wrong it's the same idea, now ISIS would have chemical weapons if we didn't get involved, why would we let all of the powers get bigger so by the time we do fight them there gonna take a bigger toll on us

  • Yes we should

    Yes we should because if we just do nothing no good can come Just think what would have happened if we never attacked Germany in world war 2. Some things just need to be stopped, just think of what could of happened in ISIS got ahold of chemical and nuclear weapons.

  • It is morally correct

    Throughout the ages it has been clear that Genocide has been a constant issue in humanity. Well, one may ask what Genocide is: Genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. From genocide of the Amalekites and Midianites,), to the Rwandan Massacre (1994), to The Armenian Genocide, all the way to present day Genocide in Iraq and all of the Top Ten Most Horrific Genocides in History as well as all the countries who are on genocide watch, one that many people recognize is that of The Holocaust which is most commonly known because it is taught in many high schools of the united states and because of the many books written about the topic [ example: Night by Elie Wiesel] this will be the example that this essay will mostly be written around. Although some people believe that the U.S shouldn’t police the entire world, one would like to disagree and ask the following question; where would humanity be if everyone just stood as these inhumane acts of cruelty happen before everyone’s eyes no matter how hard the world tries to conceal them? Take the Holocaust for example, what would’ve happened if allied troops hadn’t fought to liberate all the innocent Jews who were being exterminated solely based upon their looks and their religion?
    For example, one would like to believe that if that were oneself; then one would want someone else to step in and defend those who are watching the numbers of their people decrease every time they blink. Is it not expected from every human to know what’s morally just and unjust? Is it not obvious that killing one human is the worst thing one can do? Let alone a complete race, a complete group of believers? How is it that people can give more importance to the fact that the U.S. always seems to step in when another country is in need of protection? When did Government rise above the importance of human lives?

  • Sure thing. Right?

    We have the largest military. If we loose imports than where is all of our imports going to be. America, the land of the imports. We also don't want communism. We could loose allies. We wont be taken seriously so all of our treaties will go down hill. We wont have that much attacks on America like 9/11. More involved= more motived to country.

  • It is unbiblical

    Getting involved in every distressed countries issues strains US military resources and funding. 1 Timothy 8:5- "Anyone who does not provide for their people, especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." The US will go bankrupt if the government sends military support as well as diplomatic funding to every distressed country, and citizens will be neglected and impoverished. The US is not the global hegemony and should not act as such.

  • Too Dangerous for our troops to intervene

    Its too dangerous to send our troops to intervene in every genocide. When our troops get sent to a country or continent that we have never been to is really risky. We do not know what the living condition's are like, by sending our troops to a place we never been is putting our soldiers in danger. They can catch a disease and die or get killed by the attackers. For example in 1975 to 1978 a terrible genocide occurred it was called "Khmer Rouge". There was approximately 2 million Cambodians killed. If we sent our troops there they could have been part of the 2 million killed. When there families are waiting for there son or daughter etc.To come off the train or plane etc. and they are not there they will be questioning where are they? Is he\she okay?. When really instead of them risking their lives they can be training to fight for our country. If you think what about it what are the chances that the continent or country we helped will help us when we are at war. Was it really worth helping them if they will not help us when we need it?

  • NO it is not our business

    Why should we get involved. So we can loose soldiers and money over something that wasn't even our fight. There is no reason for us to get involved if it is not our fault it is a waste of time, money, and people with families. We should mind our business and stay where we belong.

  • Not in our best interest

    The US has enough problems going on inside its own borders. The money spent on foreign affairs is ridiculous and with the national debt at its highest point ever, it is foolish to give away money and troops to other countries. The country should at least slow down it's foreign aid except for extreme cases.

  • The US should have a plan

    Countries affects each other in many ways, it's impossible to isolate ourselves with international affairs, but before interfering foreign affairs, the government should think about theirs citizens first. No matter it's a military involvement or a just handing out money, they should obtain full information on the problem and estimate possible outcomes. The US shouldn't interfere for the sake of being the boss or advertising world peace. But in most cases, I think it's best to avoid involvement in foreign affairs.

  • Too Much Money!

    It just costs too much money to get involved in other countries affairs and wars. It has cost about 1, 440, 570, 500, 000 dollars in wars since 2001. We could be using that money to help people in the country find jobs, etc. Finally, it also costs the lives of our troops.

  • Not really, no

    The founding fathers of our nation once advised all who were to succeed them that America should never be involved in foreign affairs, and they were right. Had we not decided to stick our noses in World War I, we would not have been involved in World War II and the wars to follow. History might have changed, but who's to say it wouldn't have been for the better?

  • Should not be involved unless absolutely necessary.

    Although some people find it necessary, U.S. Involvement in foreign affairs causes unnecessary deaths of U.S. Servicemen. In Vietnam, thousands of people, including my great uncle Mike, died, and in the end, Vietnam is STILL communist! Also, the Korean War. That war got us literally NOWHERE! In conclusion, The United States should not get into foreign affairs unless absolutely necessary.

  • Repeating history? NO

    Obviously the U.S. shouldn't be involved, you can see it in the past events. How did the Vietnam War end for the US? We lost men... And either way the results ended in Vietnam being taken over by communism. In the end, it resulted in the current president then, attempting to get the US out of Vietnam without looking like we lost. Soldiers that were even put in the country didn't even know what themselves, what they were fighting for. Lyndon B. Johnson also had an ideal program into attempt to decrease the levels of unemployment. No money was ever put into the program because it all went to the Vietnam war. Staying an isolationist country would've saved us from losing so much money as well as soldiers.

  • Would they help us?

    If counties need help from us, well that's something because we as a country are already not the strongest and if we are helping a strong county such as Russia would they then do the same for us because as I said before the U.S is not that strong the U.S can't even take care of themselves most of the time. So, no U.S should NOT get involved in foreign affairs but should be worrying about how to improve themselves as a country.

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