• Sometimes Not Always

    When a country who has comfort at the price of other countries remaining in poverty, it is our responsibility to step in from time to time to help others. No one can help where they were born, so the idea that we should leave innocent civilians to be slaughtered or suffer because they were born somewhere is inhumane. However, for fiscal reasons, we shouldn't get involved in the small stuff.

  • Maintaining our allies

    The U.S. should get more involved with these conflicts because maintaining allies is key to a great country. As with the terror attack on France, they've been there for us since the beginning of this country. They also supported us during the times of 9/11. Yes, many of our troops have been killed, and I am a military family. But, these folk who join the Army, or Marines, basically out ground troops, join knowing that they are putting their lives on the line.

  • Yes, In certain cases

    Duh, we should help others when NEEDED emphasis on needed also we need to take into account if its worth it or if we have the money and resources to intervene in foreign affairs, yes its good to help but not if we need help ourselves, when we need help will we get it?

  • Human Rights and Economic Reasons

    A majority of the dictators in power now are a result of failed us foreign policy so we are responsible for that and we should fix the problems we created. It is not easy to do. But if the US steps back and does nothing they are seen as the bad guy like in Bosnia or Rwanda. The world is a very complex place and some countries have the responsibility to help countries that are not capable of help themselves. But the US should be careful with its motives and the practices it carries out. The motives should be to help the civilians, promote democracies, and build up a stable economy for the country to better itself

  • We totally should

    We have helped foreign countries since the beginning of time so why should we change that now. That's the entire point of having allies, they help us and we help them. Yeah we should focus on our problems first but our problems compared to others is nothing. WE need to help the people that cant defend themselves because another country is bullying them.

  • U.S.A is in power

    Because it is not fair to go and treat human being like some countries do like how African Americans' were slaved and made to work when whites walked all over them. Another is when communism is trying to take over the world and terriost are becoming popular an no one going to over power us in U.S.A

  • We are all humans

    Why not help? We are the most powerful country in this planet and we need to help each other out. There will be a time when the United States is going to need help and there are going to be countries who will help us because we helped them. It is not their fault these humans were born in such horrible place. We have the power to make their lives better so why not help

  • All people are equal

    We need to help other countries because it is what Jesus would do. If you were to see someone on the street would you try to help them, it doesnt mean we have to send a whole entire army. We could help in wars by giving people supplies and other goods, but we could also send in troops for help.

  • I will agree

    Because what if I ran does something that will affect the world and the USA did nothing? We all would either A)die B) get injured or C)be paralysed.No one wants to die right? I don't I got a lot to live for,dying because us does nothing is crazy im 14 for god sake

  • Yes, we should

    The United States is a world superpower. Why not help countries and people that are struggling? Also, there hasn't been another world war since the United States became interventionists after WW2. The world needs a strong country to help out when needed. Without one, the world could launch into another world war.

  • It is unbiblical

    Getting involved in every distressed countries issues strains US military resources and funding. 1 Timothy 8:5- "Anyone who does not provide for their people, especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel." The US will go bankrupt if the government sends military support as well as diplomatic funding to every distressed country, and citizens will be neglected and impoverished. The US is not the global hegemony and should not act as such.

  • Seriously? No we shouldn't

    No, we should not get involved, it wasted precious resources and even costs us the lives of our citizens, it also gives other countries reasons to attack us, and I don't see how we can be able to help them if we can't even help ourselves, it's not really smart.

  • It can provoke the other countries

    The U.S is more likely to make enemies than allies. No one likes unrelated people involving in their private businesses. It's the same thing. If the U.S tries to get involved in foreign affairs, the foreign countries are likely to feel irritated and sometimes threatened. As a result, the U.S will have new enemies and the situation will be aggravated

  • We shouldn't get involved for many reasons!

    We need to prevent war world 3 because are we seriously prepared for that NO and look at the problems we are facing now I don't Even think we even have enough money. Think about it Does the U.S have Obligations to fix worlds problems? ~ from a 13 year old

  • Focus on America problems 1st

    There is an endless list of problems we Americans are facing here at home. Lets focus our time, money & efforts on OUR problems.
    If you & your neighbor are both behind on rent & are both facing eviction. You don't try to pay for your neighbors rent, You try to pay your own.

  • Too Dangerous for our troops to intervene

    Its too dangerous to send our troops to intervene in every genocide. When our troops get sent to a country or continent that we have never been to is really risky. We do not know what the living condition's are like, by sending our troops to a place we never been is putting our soldiers in danger. They can catch a disease and die or get killed by the attackers. For example in 1975 to 1978 a terrible genocide occurred it was called "Khmer Rouge". There was approximately 2 million Cambodians killed. If we sent our troops there they could have been part of the 2 million killed. When there families are waiting for there son or daughter etc.To come off the train or plane etc. and they are not there they will be questioning where are they? Is he\she okay?. When really instead of them risking their lives they can be training to fight for our country. If you think what about it what are the chances that the continent or country we helped will help us when we are at war. Was it really worth helping them if they will not help us when we need it?

  • NO it is not our business

    Why should we get involved. So we can loose soldiers and money over something that wasn't even our fight. There is no reason for us to get involved if it is not our fault it is a waste of time, money, and people with families. We should mind our business and stay where we belong.

  • Not in our best interest

    The US has enough problems going on inside its own borders. The money spent on foreign affairs is ridiculous and with the national debt at its highest point ever, it is foolish to give away money and troops to other countries. The country should at least slow down it's foreign aid except for extreme cases.

  • The US should have a plan

    Countries affects each other in many ways, it's impossible to isolate ourselves with international affairs, but before interfering foreign affairs, the government should think about theirs citizens first. No matter it's a military involvement or a just handing out money, they should obtain full information on the problem and estimate possible outcomes. The US shouldn't interfere for the sake of being the boss or advertising world peace. But in most cases, I think it's best to avoid involvement in foreign affairs.

  • Too Much Money!

    It just costs too much money to get involved in other countries affairs and wars. It has cost about 1, 440, 570, 500, 000 dollars in wars since 2001. We could be using that money to help people in the country find jobs, etc. Finally, it also costs the lives of our troops.

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