Should the U.S. government help the persecuted church?

  • Christians are dying

    Christians are being raped, beheaded, murdered, and assaulted. Entire christian villages are being destroyed. The Muslims have a saying, " “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People,” which means “first we kill the Jews, then we kill the Christians." it would be very helpful for the government just to say that they are on their side. How would you like to live in constant fear for not only you but your family your friends knowing that at any time extremist or the government could come in and kill you for your belief. Is not religious freedom a right then why are you standing by? If Not us who if not now when?

  • Yes, they should!

    Government can't just sit back and watch Christians being arrested, imprisoned, and killed in countries all over the world! Don't Christians have rights as well? The government should defend human rights, as any decent person would say. Obama just speaking for a pastor doesn't do much to help. He should go farther than that. Christians need help.

  • Ever heard of the Bill of Rights?

    1. The government has said that its people have a right to free religion.
    2. The job of the government is to protect the rights of the people.
    3. The government needs to do its job and protect persecuted Christians. They are being killed for what they believe, and the government sits back and does nothing. This needs to change.

  • Yes, we should aid the persecuted church

    In the constitution, it expresses a right to our freedom both of religion and speech. If President Obama supports this like he says he does, shouldn't he protect not only our rights, but venture to protect the rights of those around us? America does not stand for standing by and watching things happen. Or should I say, did not use to.
    That is all.

  • The government should aid the persecuted church

    The government does not "have to take a side with one religion." It should provide freedom, justice, and equality for all. Any persecuted religious minority should be protected. Especially in the Middle East and Asia, religious minorities are being persecuted. Shall we be blind to the acts of cruelty, and deaf to the cries for help?

  • The government should defend the constitution.

    I'm not sure which church is persecuted but it is the governments responsibility to ensure the rights of the people are not infringed upon. While the government should not choose which church it should protect each church from persecution to ensure each citizen enjoys freedom of religion. Beyond ensuring everyone is free to worship as they see fit the government should do nothing more.

  • One Nation Under God!!!

    Yep thats right one nation under God! Think about that. Our nation was founded under God. We all should help others out. God wants us to and one can be sure that God would want us to help out his people! I strongly believe the government should help out those sad, depressed, dieing Christians.

  • They Need Help!

    Why does the government just sit there and do nothing when Christians are out there being arrested, judged, and even killed for what they believe in? The government should do something about it, and fast! They are the supreme authority for our country, and are responsible for the country and their actions.

  • Yeah Duh of course we should help.

    Christians are being raped, abandoned, hurt, and assaulted everyday by the US and by other countries. Our founding fathers we religious men and they understood the importance of God. These Christians are not aliens they are people. And these people are dieing. How would you like to know that you friend, who is a Christian, just got killed for his/her belief?

  • Yes we should

    Isn't it the US Government's job to protect people not only in the United States, but across the globe? Especially in Asia, since they're suffering from persecution badly. Also, if President Obama protects people like he says he does, shouldn't he be protecting the churches being persecuted. It doesn't look like he is.

  • The government should refrain from getting involved

    Simply put, separation of church and state is there for a reason. Religious groups are "persecuted" in our society all the time, and it is not a matter of government concern unless said persecution is infringing upon the rights of an individual. If the government comes to the aid of one particular religion, then that leaves it prone to having to help all religions... or to be judged as discriminatory for helping one and not another. It is best to just stay out of it.

  • If we rely on the government to help us then whats the point of relying on God?

    We would no longer need faith in God. God says that when we are in hard time to have FAITH IN HIM! He is our provider not the government. He didn't die on a cross for us so that when times got tough we could rely on the government to pull us through. The Patriots were out numbered by the British when they were fighting for Independence but they trusted God and won their freedom. In revelation it says the government will fall. If we rely the government we will surly fall with it. On Sunday one of our pastors gave a very strong teaching about the power of prayer. Because of prayer his wife is a live today. God moves in amazing ways we don't need to rely on a powerless government. We need to rely on a powerful God! In the Constitution it says that the church and the government are to be separate. If they believed in the constitution then Why don't we believe in it now?

  • The U.S government should not protect the persecuted church

    The government would be stupid to invade different countries to protect Christians. The governments of those countries should be dealing with their own problems not trying to fix everybody else by invading and killing people. There's o point in any government going into other countries just because they don't like the religion.

  • The U.S. Government is separate from the church.

    The government is not supposed to involve itself in religion. Now, if this hypothetical persecution broke laws, they should definitely interfere, but that would have nothing to do with religion, just law and the people. The term 'persecution' has been thrown around a lot lately in an almost casual way, I should note. If a religious group was REALLY being persecuted, there probably would be a law being broken, and the government would step in- but as I said, not because of religious reasons. The government doesn't help the church, it helps the people. Whether or not the people are in the church is irrelevant.

  • No, the US government should not help the persecuted church.

    If they did, they would take the side of a religion, something that a government must never do. There is already too much religion in politics. The christian faith should not be associated with the US government, as no religion should. They do not pay taxes and do not have to abide by the same business laws as any other organization as it is, although a church is the very definition of a business. Religions cannot choose to opt out of laws they do not like, while receiving support of any kind with tax payer dollars.

  • God will provide

    I personally think that the government should not help the persecuted church. My reasons are 1 God will provide, I mean think of Corrie ten Boom she was persecuted because of helping Jews and because of Christianity she almost died but she made it through. 2 The government has already messed up so much and we are in TONS of debt. If they helped that would mean higher taxes and we would be in more debt from borrowing money from other countries. So that's all I have to say bye.

  • Bad bad government they'll screw this up to

    The government has messed up soooo much! Why should we also allow them to mess our christian church up? The government is bad, the less the better. The government is slowly going down. It won't be long before it completely fails, if we let the Church depend on the government what will it become when it fails?

  • Government = makes a mess of everything

    The government has turned away from the Biblical principles on which this country was founded. We have seen in the past that when they get involved in things they aren't supposed to and try to control everything, they mess up and things end up worse than before. That is what will happen in this case. These people are suffering a great deal, and if the government goes in, it will raise debt, raise taxes, only to fail in helping and make it worse. Then our money will have been poured into a useless cause just like most other things the government does that we are taxed for. It is the job of the churches and relief organizations and missions in the U.S, wear there is not much persecution, to aid those in other countries suffering persecution.

  • I have mixed feelings

    If you are trusting in God and fearing Him and not man then it shouldn't matter if you are killed. If you are a true Christian you know exactly where you are going. On the other hand, I don't think that America should just sit back and watch Christians being persecuted I'm just saying if you are a Christian you shouldn't be living in fear of dying.

  • A Country No Longer Under God

    I love the persecuted church. I believe that much, much more should be done to help the persecuted in countries around the world. Sadly, though, the U.S. Government is I feel inadequate for the job. And I do believe that taking one government, and invading another for religious reasons wouldn't end well. Most of these countries have laws against Christianity, or their religious leaders are strongly against it. America would only cause chaos if they stepped in and essentially tried to overtake multiple countries' religious perspectives, and change them for Christianity. Now I am NOT saying that America should do nothing. I am certainly not saying "leave it up to the people"! Instead of throwing the Government into this, I believe we should have agencies protecting these Christians, and funds for agencies like VOM who help the persecuted. And no matter what, we have to take into consideration that these are PEOPLE we are dealing with. America feels the Church and persecution to be a touchy subject. The reality is that the persecuted church is one of the greatest and most widespread horrors in the world today. Too few know about those who are suffering, and those that do don't take action. We need to take action, but not as one government against another.

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nathansimon4529 says2013-10-21T21:57:53.440
Guys, have you heard about the, "Human rights violation law?" It is a no brainer that the persecuted churches should get help.
I am a professional DEBATE person and I knwo that they should be helped.