Should the U.S. government invest in renewable energy technologies?

  • Yes, The government should.

    We all know about the effects of global warming but, the sad thing is that once we hit a certain degree islands and other geographical areas will soon start to disappear. This is all caused by drilling, submitting carbon emissions as well as, not taking good care of our unhealthy earth.

  • Yes because yes

    MD.Forkan 820
    In the year 2060 the United State of America would face one of its worst disasters, the instinct of fossil fuel. The United State had already used up about 60% of the fossil fuel, soon enough the United State will run out of Non-Renewable energy. According to Wikipedia it states that “The main energy source used by humans is non-renewable fossil fuels”, so I think the United State should invest money on renewable energy. The whole entire world

  • Yes because yes

    If the united state does not invest money on renewable energy the world just might come to an end. Pollution is harming the ozone layer is the ozone layer brakes the sun harmful rays could reach the earth and destroy the earth. If we do not want that to happen we must invest money on renewable energy

  • Yes, the US government should invest in renewable energy.

    Renewable energy could potentially solve the expensive oil crisis. This is why the United States government should invest as much money as possible into renewable energy sources. We should also remain investors in the current energy methods that we use. But it is very important to increase investments in renewable energy.

  • Renewable energy resources are useful

    Each source of renewable energy has an unique benefits. Renewable energy is made from resources mother nature can replace like wind, water, and sunshine. This sources are being used all over the world. I believe that the UNITED STATES government should start investing money in renewable energy resources. Renewable energy produces much less air pollution.
    Perhaps, the U.S.'s government should invest money in alternative energy.

  • yes they should!

    Obviously its the best source of energy. Its clean, reliable, Eco friendly! Why wouldn't the government invest? It might cost a lot in the beginning but then it pays off in the long run. Require less maintenance then fossil fuel combustion engines and the fuel source is unlimited. Tidal energy produces energy 24/7. Its nonsense to not invest.

  • Not only is it more environmentally stable, but in the long run its more economically helpful.

    If you think about, these renewable sources can be renewed. They can be used again for other energy or for something else. You won't have to produce as much energy and you don't have to worry so much about our atmosphere tearing down. But if we continue on the path we are on now, which is using alternative sources lightly, then our world won't look the same.

  • The current situation won't allow alternative sources to develop.

    Consumers won't invest in energy unless private industries create the infrastructure. However, private industries won't invest in the infrastructure unless consumers are willing to invest in the alternative source. Therefore, alternative sources won't be developed unless other incentives are in place. The government can make a real difference by placing in these incentives to start alternative sources.

  • Yes

    I think we should have renewable energy because without it what will the future look like; what kind of world will our kids, grandkids, and ancestors live in? We need renewable energy for them and for a greener world. This would also create jobs and put people back to work making sources, help people who use them in the long run, and is just better for the earth.

  • why not?

    I think it's ignorant to think there are no more good ideas for creating energy in an always changing world. As we gain knowledge and technology, we should be able to either harvest different forms of energy, or improve on the types of energy being created today. I am a big fan of nuclear energy however, it's one of the most pure and efficient forms of energy. We have also improved on this type of energy and are able to create it safer and more cost efficient. If we changed over to this form of energy, not only would it create jobs in America, but also make us more energy independent. I understand the fears behind this type of energy, but times have changed and it is a proven fact that this type of energy is better, why not use it? I think the EPA has set us back in the world market however. There are far too many regulations that only America is having to follow, even though pollution is a worldwide issue. I do believe we should be as clean as we possibly can, but when China, India, etc are using ancient technology and moving forward economically while we go backwards, there is an issue. We need to remain competative with world markets and as long as we keep restricting ourselves, our flow can never be at the peak. The westerlies just push that pollution from China straight to the good ol' US of A and we are regulating ourselves to a point where our progress is almost at a halt, and who is that hurting exactly? Think people.

  • Thorium reactors are the way to go.

    Not that renewable energy is bad, really it initially had some good intentions, but now it is politicized and as such largely a way for politicians to continue to abuse that system to get more votes and money. Same goes with many (not all) eco groups. The largest problem with renewable energy though is the cost to power ratio and variables like if the wind is blowing (wind turbines obviously). This is why I personally feel that Thorium reactors are the way to go.
    But what are thorium reactors?
    Thorium reactors are often little known about for they don't actually exist in everyday life and are mostly in research development. Thorium is indeed a nuclear reactor but, the reactors we see today use Uranium or Plutonium.
    Why Thorium?
    Thorium offers a huge number of advantages over normal reactors for these reasons:
    Thorium is roughly 3-4 times more abundant than Uranium (Thorium is often thrown away as a trash metal by heavy-metal miners)
    Thorium is hard to be used for weapons (only about less than 2 percent of the by-product)
    No threat of melt-down
    Does not need to be enriched to used for fuel
    Also Thorium is safe after only one hundred compared to Uranium's one million (The remaining material after the reaction obviously)

    With that: Why don't we use Thorium?
    The main reason for the lack of use comes from the Cold War (70's specifically) when research was done, however it was rejected for Thorium was rejected because guess what- It can't be weaponized.

    In essence Thorium is great element on the periodic table and wasn't used because it can't be used for war (people tend to make and advance a lot of things because of war... Airplane, rocket, etc.)
    Lesson: spread the word about how great thorium is, and do something about theses damned politicians.

  • why?

    If a good idea in renewable energy exists, why wouldn't private investors jump on it? Why do you think we need government to do this? To create solyndra or ethanol? I think it's ignorant if you don't realize there are thousands of people right now looking for business opportunities in every corner of the world and they are better at it than the government. Why should I believe that politicians care about the environment while us mere mortals don't? WHen we all realize that these are simply emotion-ridden topics politicians use to play us?

  • Nope.

    If the US government is going to "invest" in renewable energy, it is different from when private people invest in renewable energy using their own money prudently. When the gov't uses this money, it soaks it up from other areas of the economy destroying jobs. And, gov't is often inefficient and because there is no price mechanism, resources cannot be allocated correctly. Only the free market can invest in renewable energy if this venture is profitable, if it is, the free market will fill this need, and the customers of the market will pick the winners and losers, not some corrupt bureaucrats.

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