Should the U.S. maintain its embargo against Cuba?

  • The time is not right.

    With Raul Castro being just about 80 years old, it is clear that the time is about to come for a new administration. The embargo could still be used as a bargaining chip. Lifting the embargo now would mean the end of a good political opportunity that might very well affect the way this nation will run itself for the years to come.

  • Don't lift is

    If we lift the embargo, then Cuba will not hesitate to keep the Castro reign. They won't feel the need to change and wont. They are still communist, and that could become a problem. The embargo will work once Cuba realizes that they need to change, or else they will become a desperate country

  • Lifting the Embargo would be a mistake.

    Does it better serve the interests of the United States? No. Europe, Latin America, and Canada have been actively trading with Cuba for decades, each with a promise to bring prosperity to the island. But all it's done is line the pockets of the dictator. If the rest of the world trades with the Nation, then please explain to me how we would help the Cuban people. Most of the Cuban economy is owned by the Castro government and all foreign trade is channeled through agencies that support the regime. For example, all foreign companies must pay wages in hard currency (dollars or euros) to the Cuban government, and from those wages the state pays in local currency (Cuban pesos) a small percentage to the individual employees. As a report by the Brooking Foundation described it: “If the firm pays the employment agency $500 a month and the employment agency pays the workers 500 pesos, over 90 percent of the wage payment disappears in the currency conversion; the effective compensation is instantly deflated to $21 per month.” Why should we support this?

    Posted by: JDuB
  • The Embargo has failed in its goals and US will benefit from the lifting of the embargo

    The embargo's main purposes were to pressure Cuba to enact humanitarian reform and force the Castro regime out. Yet, we can see that not only has the embargo failed in these aspects, it has worsened them.

    The embargo has hurt Cuba's economy; however, Cuban officials have deflected the economic damage onto the Cuban masses and the government has gotten away scot-free. This means that the regular Cuban people are the ones suffering under the economic damage and hurts our goals of protecting the Cuban people. Furthermore, since the Castro regime controls the news media on the island, they have twisted the embargo to portray the US badly and strengthen their own regime. The embargo has actually become a propaganda point for strengthening the hold of the Castro regime.

    Yet, furthermore, we can also look at how the US will benefit from the lifting of the embargo in bringing about actual reform in Cuba, increased business opportunities, and better diplomacy in the Latin American region.

    With more open business and travel connections with Cuba, more Western ideals will be able to flow to Cuba and help bring about reform and change. It is vital to open these venues of information transportation. Furthermore, Cuba is fertile ground for US businesses, specifically agriculture and telecommunications. Since Cuba imports 60-65% of their food, they need food from outside sources and the US is in a great position to utilize its food surplus and increase the customers for US agriculture. Also, Cuba needs to develop its telecommunications lines and service more people which is where US providers can come in and make profit. Finally, the embargo against Cuba has long been a stumbling block in diplomatic relations with other Latin American countries. If the embargo is lifted, we will see better reception of the US from other LA countries. This is important for US diplomacy in the region.

    So we can see that the US must lift the embargo against Cuba.

  • No it shouldn't.

    The United States should not continue to maintain its embargo against Cuba. Fidel Castro's Cuba is no longer and Cuba has made quite a few changes. Although they still have a lot of work to do, I think it is a good idea for the US to improve relations by trading with Cuba.

  • No, it hasn't worked.

    No, the U.S. should not maintain its embargo against Cuba, because it has not worked. Cuba is no closer to being free than it was 50 years ago. By engaging the USSR and now China, the United States is showing those countries that having a free economy leads to riches. Doing the same with Cuba would produce a better result.

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