• Yes, the United States military should report civilian casualties

    Yes, the United States military should report civilian casualties. All lives are important. If reporting the casualty rate of civilians makes people less supportive of the military efforts of the United States, then these military efforts should receive less support. It does not make sense to believe that the deaths of civilians should be overlooked.

  • Yes, it's more respectful

    Out of respect for those who die and their friends and families, civilian casualties should certainly be reported. It provides a more realistic, accurate view of the war for the layman only looking at the news or official reports, and makes sure that the hurt parties know they are heard and cared about.

  • Yes, civilians have the right to know about casualities

    When civilians are sometimes forced to participate in war and armed conflicts, it is only fair they should know what they are signing up for. Civilians have a rigt to know the truth about how many casualties result from a conflict and the U.S. should start reporting them publicly today.

  • Yes, the U. S. military has a responsibility to report civilian casualties

    Yes, I feel that the U.S. military - and any military, for that matter - has a strong responsibility to report civilian casualties. This will shed better light on the true toll and cost of military action. There is no reason whatsoever to hide this information. It is important that the military take responsibility for casualties resulting from its actions.

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