• I would be in agreement

    Everyone has an obligation to serve this country. Close the loop holes in the system so everyone must serve. If nothing else it would teach our young to respect the people in the service, instill some patroitism and also to understand that all their freedoms are not free. They may not be needed for the short term but isn't it better to have backup when it is needed.
    As far as your presious college education and your job, how do you think you were able to have those privileges? Less people are killed and injured serving their country than driving your car to work and college.

    Freedom is not FREE. You have to earn it. So, get ready to put your time in!

  • Most afternoons, I sit out in front of the building, in my wheelchair seeking sunlight. Any stray bit that comes. People who

    Most afternoons, I sit out in front of the building, in my wheelchair seeking sunlight. Any stray bit that comes. People who walk by comment on my search for vitamin D. I’m really in my Cinderella mode waiting for my prince to come. Should he appear, there will be trumpets.

  • Bring back the United STATES Draft.

    Being there are many terrorists groups in the world now, I believe the Military Draft should be re-instated so that our Country has enough service members already trained for any combat in the near future, such as: AlQueda, ISIS, The Soviet Union, North Korea, Syria, etc. I feel there is something Nuclear getting ready to happen and We need to be in Strong numbers and Ready to defend Our Freedom, Our Country, Our People and Our Allies.

  • DRAFT OR GANGS what is their choice?

    Give the young men a choice to belong to something with their comrades besides GANGS some of the lost boys looking for structure and a future would do better in the armed forces environment then in the streets with No job No future Mothers and Fathers would rather see their children in military for 2 years then in prison for life

  • Oh God yes!

    You know how we live in a free country? We are in a free country because we effectively had a draft for the revolution, for the silver war, and both World Wars. Do you see where it has gotten us? Being the most powerful nation on earth. I see some topics where it says if parents serve and get injured the kids won't serve the nation. This is mainly false, because my dad lost an arm in Iraq and I have a friend who's dad died overseas, but we both are still serving our country to EARN OUR freedom!!!

  • Everyone has a stake.

    If everyone had a stake, I believe we would be less likely to be drawn into a war. If war did occur we would all know someone who fought and sacrificed, unlike the small percentage paying the price now. Less than 1% of the population, primarily from less affluent families make up the armed services now. We are a land that needs the support of all its citizens. God bless the USA.

  • It is criminal to not have a draft

    It is criminal to not have a draft. Why is it criminal you may ask ? I will give you my opinion. I will use Vietnam as an example we had a draft and men were taken to war. Yes these men went and did their tours as required. I may be wrong but I don't believe any of them stayed any longer than they had to , or volunteered for an xtra combat tour. At least not if you were an eleven bravo.(for those of you that don't know what an eleven bravo is ill spell it out for you those were the guys out in the jungle every day hunting the enemy while they themselves were being hunted). So lets put this in perspective todays soldier or marine has done tour after tour after tour. So I have to ask is that fair? I think not . I know that most people are oblivious to the fact that a lot of our Vietnam vets are those people out there that are homeless , and that of the ones that are not homeless there are many more that to this day have mental problems such as ptsd from that war . Remember those guys only served one tour. How is it fair to these new enlistees that have done tour after tour some as many as six combat tours. That is incomprehensible and to me bordering on criminal. That is why we should have a draft in this country. I mean a draft were every 18 year old serves two years. And then you have your life ahead of you to go to college, or any other endeavor you wish.

  • Prevent Our Handicap

    We must reinstitute the Draft. Americans are some of the fattest people on planet Earth. A draft would require us to be more healthy. Because of our unhealthy bodies and diets if there was a World War 3 we would not be ready for it. Put down the burger and pick up a gun.

  • Freedom isn't free

    Freedom isn't free, on march 31, 2010. Only 2,266,883 people were in the military (including active duty, national guard, air national guard, and reserves.), which is less than 1% of the population. Do you think scene then the numbers have risen? No. There will be a world war 3, and at these numbers we will lose, we need to be prepared.

  • Should be drafting the educated students

    We live in a very technological world. The military is making good wages now. The better a service personnel is in their profession the more they could come to the aid of the country, that has helped them to get their education. The government would educate them, that needed help . Both the recruit and the government would have a win situation.

  • Land of the "free".

    We live in a free country. Free. So far our freedoms have been ignored. Being forced to pay for things we don't want to happen, doing things against our beliefs, and if we don't think the same way as the people in charge, we are called intolerant, bigots, and we are told to shut up. I don't want another freedom taken away. Democrats say they are pro-choice, but only if you pick their chose. What if I chose not to pay for abortions, or if I chose not to sign of same-sex licenses. I don't want to be forced into something I don't want to do. We are in the land of the free, lets keep it that way.

  • I do not thank there should be a draft

    I do not thank there should be a draft because they say that this is the land of the free if you are made to do some thing that you do not wont to do that is not freedom at all we need is people that wont to be in the military not a military draft.

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  • No, The draft should not be reinstated AT ALL

    Some people would rather live the life they want by going to college and fufilling their dreams. If people are forced into the army they wont be as commited and they most likely won't be aas mentally and physically prepared for war. We live in a "Free" country which means we should be able to make our own choices. Well we already have a lot of our rights taken away so why should we add on one more when it's not even needed? I am only a 16 year old but I know that it would be pointless because first of all it's not needed and secondly what kind of army is an army full of scared people forced to fight for something they may not even believe in? I think their is no point in bringing back the draft becasue it will only cause pain to millions of people who didn't have a choice.
    -Celeste P.

  • No, there should not be a draft.

    A new draft will raise taxes. It will keep young people away from college, ultimately killing the US economy. It will create disillusioned hoards of new soldiers who resent the military and will not fight hard for it, maybe even attacking it. It will force Jehovah's Witnesses, Anabaptists, Hasidic Jews, etc. to serve a force other than God, violating their First Amendment rights. The list goes on and on

  • Let's just stop educating people beyond high school, and send the young to die in the old politicians' wars.

    There are 2 big reasons why a draft is a terrible idea.
    1.) Instead of going off to college after high school and being able to get a higher education to improve the interior of our nation, they will be sent overseas to fight for an overactive country, and some, which could have been doctors or inventors, will be killed or affected forever with PTSD.

    2.) Why should we force the young to fight and die in a war caused by aggressive politicians? The drafting age is young, so older people are unaffected by it. Some might have children, but some don't. They will just send all the young to fight and die.

    There is no reason to force people to fight overseas for an overly aggressive nation. Now, if a major attack or invasion on US soil occours that endangers our liberties, by all means draft evreybody.

  • The US should not reinstate the draft.

    Reinstating the draft is not a good idea. This is because we do not have a severe lack of soldiers. Furthermore, we should not reinstate the draft unless we are prepared to force women to go into the army as well. Doing this would mean there would be no one at home with the kids.

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