• It is criminal to not have a draft

    It is criminal to not have a draft. Why is it criminal you may ask ? I will give you my opinion. I will use Vietnam as an example we had a draft and men were taken to war. Yes these men went and did their tours as required. I may be wrong but I don't believe any of them stayed any longer than they had to , or volunteered for an xtra combat tour. At least not if you were an eleven bravo.(for those of you that don't know what an eleven bravo is ill spell it out for you those were the guys out in the jungle every day hunting the enemy while they themselves were being hunted). So lets put this in perspective todays soldier or marine has done tour after tour after tour. So I have to ask is that fair? I think not . I know that most people are oblivious to the fact that a lot of our Vietnam vets are those people out there that are homeless , and that of the ones that are not homeless there are many more that to this day have mental problems such as ptsd from that war . Remember those guys only served one tour. How is it fair to these new enlistees that have done tour after tour some as many as six combat tours. That is incomprehensible and to me bordering on criminal. That is why we should have a draft in this country. I mean a draft were every 18 year old serves two years. And then you have your life ahead of you to go to college, or any other endeavor you wish.

  • Prevent Our Handicap

    We must reinstitute the Draft. Americans are some of the fattest people on planet Earth. A draft would require us to be more healthy. Because of our unhealthy bodies and diets if there was a World War 3 we would not be ready for it. Put down the burger and pick up a gun.

  • Freedom isn't free

    Freedom isn't free, on march 31, 2010. Only 2,266,883 people were in the military (including active duty, national guard, air national guard, and reserves.), which is less than 1% of the population. Do you think scene then the numbers have risen? No. There will be a world war 3, and at these numbers we will lose, we need to be prepared.

  • Should be drafting the educated students

    We live in a very technological world. The military is making good wages now. The better a service personnel is in their profession the more they could come to the aid of the country, that has helped them to get their education. The government would educate them, that needed help . Both the recruit and the government would have a win situation.

  • I would be in agreement

    Everyone has an obligation to serve this country. Close the loop holes in the system so everyone must serve. If nothing else it would teach our young to respect the people in the service, instill some patroitism and also to understand that all their freedoms are not free. They may not be needed for the short term but isn't it better to have backup when it is needed.
    As far as your presious college education and your job, how do you think you were able to have those privileges? Less people are killed and injured serving their country than driving your car to work and college.

    Freedom is not FREE. You have to earn it. So, get ready to put your time in!

  • People want to fight.

    The citizens of the US seem to want to fight. I don't think that is the answer. However, if there is to be yet another rush into another endless war, then everyone must sacrifice. We have been in two wars since 2001, and the same people have been asked to sacrifice again and again. People must understand the consequences of war. There needs to be a war tax (no more credit cards). And yes, there must be a draft!

  • It's an inexpensive way to train A new era of us soldiers

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  • Stop the rush to war by reinstating the draft

    It is far too easy for politicians to send the children of the poor and working class off to fight, die or be grievously injured in wars. Sending their own children and those of their wealthy political donors would give them reason to pause and consider the true cost of their war-cries, chest-thumping and false bravado.

  • Reinstate the draft

    A strong political leader along with a strong military is absolutely necessary to maintain our freedom. It is especially critical now as Russia is on the move in Europe, Isis is moving in the middle east with known sects sprouting up around the world, and China's build up in the South China Sea. This is directly related to the fact they no longer fear us ad a world power who will intercede and help stop the spread of Communism or terrorism. People who say the draft should not be forced on you because it infringes on your freedoms..Stop..Someone did fight and many died so you could live the way you do and if you want to keep your "freedom" you better hope someone us there to fight for it. God Bless the U.S.A. we ate going to need it.

  • Land of the "free".

    We live in a free country. Free. So far our freedoms have been ignored. Being forced to pay for things we don't want to happen, doing things against our beliefs, and if we don't think the same way as the people in charge, we are called intolerant, bigots, and we are told to shut up. I don't want another freedom taken away. Democrats say they are pro-choice, but only if you pick their chose. What if I chose not to pay for abortions, or if I chose not to sign of same-sex licenses. I don't want to be forced into something I don't want to do. We are in the land of the free, lets keep it that way.

  • Freedom of Choice.

    Why we should not reinstate the draft:
    1. Men will be less committed because they are being forced to do something.
    2.Negative experiences of being forced to fight could be passed on to next generations, making them less likely to join the military effort.
    3. Not prepared mentally or physically, when you voluntarily join the army you take time to prepare yourself for what you might be going into.
    4.Take young men away from the college/university bound life. Less educated young men in our country.
    5.Women will be forced to go into the workforce even more now that the men are gone, and this could lead to children being on their own.
    6.It will be harder for women to join the army if they decide to. (too many men:)
    7. The 1st act in stopping any war is refusing to fight!
    8.Perhaps the most important of them all, is the fact that it takes away our freedom! This nation, our nation was built on the rights of freedom for all humans, the right to make our own choices and live how we choose too. If we can't decide whether or not we want to go to war, how is this a free country?

  • Stop the perpetual war.

    The first act in stopping any war is refusing to fight.

    People talk about serving one's country, it's a ridiculous notion. Most people serve their country everyday, if by nothing else then working. By bring the country's production up, by following laws, helping your actual community (by helping the local area, not killing foreign people) by paying taxes; there's the best argument, how many people pro-draft would want to raise taxes to pay for soldier's benefits and armory? Or just pay more money to serve this country better? How dare anyone suggest that the government taking of money is a greater evil then taking of a person freedoms

  • Draft is not needed at this time.

    Draft is not needed at this time. There is no need for the U.S. to reinstate the draft at this time. We are trying to pull our soldiers out of foreign locations, not looking to send more soldiers everywhere. The draft could be effective when we need it, but this is definitely not one of the times that we need it. Maybe when there is a war or attack that may happen, a draft could/should be established. But at this very moment in American history, we are in no need of extra military power

  • Lets reinstate slavery too...

    Because that is exactly what conscripting people to fight in wars amounts to. As a vet with 12 years active service, I chose to serve. I personally don't want someone next to me in battle that was forced to be there. If the war is just and worth fighting (unlike most of the wars we have been fighting) you will have plenty of volunteers. There was no trouble getting people to fight in WWII. Besides the fact that only the poor and middle-class get drafted, the rich and the elite always find a way to avoid it. I don't want my son forced to fight some unknown enemy, in a distant land, so some fat cat corporate exec can get richer selling weapons, or financing the war. Take it from someone who has lost several friends in this so called war on terror, there are only 3 things worth fighting for... Your personal life and that of your family's....To protect your homeland from an invading army.....And the Constitution from those who usurp it to deprive you of your liberty and freedom. Everything else is BS!

  • I am in College for a PhD in Chemistry

    There is no reason for Selective Service. With the view towards war now, and mass communication of ideas, outside of an actual invasion of the mainland US, the draft is not needed. I willl never stop my college education to fight in a war for the fat cats on wall street. Any war today would still be a poor boys' war but the top 1% would reap all the money. I will leave this country before I fight an unneeded war. I was born here and am currently 18. My life is worth more to me than fighting to make the rich richer. Only Republicans think there should be a draft it seems.

  • No, people should have free choice to fight

    We live in a free country and should always have free choice in certain matters, regardless of what circumstances we are in. Its America's greatest quality, and that alone should say that we should not have a military draft. Not now not ever. So lets keep no draft. God bless America

  • Won't work well at all.

    With the way our country is going, waging wars and getting involved in civil wars with 3rd world countries who hate us, a draft would probably cause rebellion at this point. Anyone who needs to be drafted into the force won't do well at all. They will likely try to flee the second they can. I know if they tried to draft for the war in Iraq that I would leave the country. Someone not motivated to fight for their country will simply cause more issues to those who do.

  • Draft is only for extreme war time

    There is no need for the US to reinstate the draft at this time. We are trying to pull our soldiers out of foreign locations and not looking to send more soldiers everywhere. The draft can be affected when we need it but this is defintely not one of the times that we need it.

  • A Drafted Military is No Military At All.

    Should the United States continue to rely on forced military labor going into the future? Occam’s razor suggests that the answer is a firm ‘no’. The Selective Training and Service Act may have solved problems in the past for a struggling military, but the answer becomes much more convoluted when analyzed in the grand scheme of international and national affairs. The draft process was begun with the initial intention of creating a military even when there are not enough personnel to field one. The idea behind a draft was that the military may need extra manpower during times of crisis, and there needed to be a backup plan in case public opinion was not enough to sway able-bodied men to join the military. If this were the case, a traditional volunteer army would simply dwindle down to nothing, leaving the world’s strongest country defenseless and cowering in a corner. Although it is a reasonable concern, it is not compelling enough to justify the involuntary service of a generation of young men.
    The military draft is hinged on the idea of individuals (or a group of individuals) being unwilling to serve the country in a military capacity. While this is a large concern for a country, particularly during times of war, it does not necessarily indicate that a draft is the best solution. The lawmakers need to understand that if a generation of young men is unwilling to voluntarily engage in a conflict, the conflict may not be worth continuing. For instance, when support for the war in Vietnam was at a low, military power was increased through Selective Service inductions. This is not a fair or humane system.
    The humanity of the system can be judged based on the unwillingness of many individuals to get out of their “mandatory” service. Many people became conscientious objectors, scrambled to attain student status, or even faked physical or psychiatric maladies to avoid being drafted. In a humane system, men are not forced to risk life and limb to fight a war they are unwilling to support with their lives. Men and women who are comfortable with the potential consequences of military service should be the only people serving our country.
    An even larger concern shows its face in the issue of fairness. The draft system has traditionally been one of inequality. Wealthy individuals were far less likely to serve time in the military during the draft than poor people. The reason behind this was that it was far easier for the wealthy individuals to come up with the connections necessary to “dodge” the draft.

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