• Regret and Mistakes

    I am a REMAINER. Living within Britain I know how people are feeling about the referendum result, and there are a number of reasons I believe we need to have a second referendum.


    The leave campaign was built upon a number of false claims. "Turkey is going to join the EU" FALSE. "We send 350 million to the EU every week" FALSE. I believe a referendum built upon false claims should be as valid as no referendum at all.

    2. Regret

    A lot of people had no idea what they were voting for. For many individuals, politics is a daunting topic and many are very receptive to false claims that they hear as it is the easier option. Many people also voted LEAVE because they were showing discontent with the Conservative government, however they were not aware of the true consequences of what they were voting for.

    3. Non-Voters

    It frustrates me how people don't vote. Our ancestors fought for the right to vote - not just women but the working class, younger people ect. Therefore I believe everybody should vote. A lot of people have told me they didn't vote because they "weren't sure what would be best". In this case I believe the best case is continuity. They clearly aren't too unhappy with the country so there is no need for dramatic change. It has now come to my attention that these non-voters are unhappy with the decision and wished they used their vote...

    Personally I believe a second referendum should be held, lowering the age of voting to 16 year olds - as this will have the largest effects on their futures. If the outcome is still Leave then we will accept the decision. I believe a fair, neutral, informative lead up should happen also. But firstly let's get the facts straight...

    Turkey will most likely NOT join the EU - they have been trying to join since the 1990's!

    We do NOT send 350 million to the EU every week - we did one week last year but on average we send 250 million, and keep about 75 million for our own spending!

    Immigration will NOT go down by leaving the EU - more immigration comes from non EU countries, where the government controls the borders! Also if we want to have free trade with Europe we have to have open borders!

    What a joke!

  • They really screwed up

    They definitely need a do over. People were voting based on emotion and not practicality. It was an oops moment that will cost the country dearly. They should be allowed to go back in after having a moment of clarity and get it right this time. I don't know if they can at this point but I hope so for their sakes.

  • Leave voters aren't stupid

    I knew exactly what I was voting for when I voted to leave the EU. Regain national sovereignty and control our country's destiny, sorry remoaners but you have lost the debate. If remain had won and all the leave voters called for a second referendum then they would all be shouted down as being crazyi

    Also if young people were so into the European Union, then why on Earth did they not get off their backsides and vote. As I say Snooze you Lose the vote as happened and the people have spoken. I suspect a large chunk of young people have no real idea what the EU is. I'm a young person and in my class, at least half of the people in there thought that the EU was a continent???

  • No, they should not hold a second referendum

    REGREXIT has happened, but perhaps it will be a chance for the rest of the world to see that it cannot exist solely on the current, fleeting emotional rhetoric that is thrown into the foray. We must learn to be thoughtful and educated on the issues at hand, particularly when such a vote has such devastating effects.

  • No, the U.K. should not hold a second referendum on Brexit.

    No, the U.K. should not hold a second referendum on Brexit. The people already voted, and they have made the decision for the U.K. to leave the EU. While it may not have been a terrific result, it is what the majority of the public voted for, and the government should abide by it.

  • What's done is done.

    The citizens of the United Kingdom have voted. The answer was to leave the EU. There is no need to redo the vote. Although It is true that the consequences of the Brexit event were unforeseen, what's done has been done, and they have to go through with it. Personally I think that the Brexit vote was a good idea.

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