Should the unemployed have to work for their welfare money?

  • Absolutely

    There should be some type of work done instead of it just being free money. There are to many people out there that are just living of the government. They know the system and they are playing the "game" to the best of their ability. They need to get out and do something to get that check they get every month.

  • Unemployment, Welfare Benefits Go Too Far

    Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment benefits are too much. Americans who had posh full-time jobs and then lost them don't need government handouts to compensate for lost wages. Instead, Americans should simply go out and get two jobs. If one part time job isn't enough, get a second part time position. If a full time job doesn't make up for unemployment compensation, get a second job to make up for it. America didn't achieve freedom from the British by being lazy or waiting for King George III to give the colonists a handout. The founding fathers took action. Instead of getting money from Uncle Sam, let's start working hard to make this country great again. Fast food chains and retail stores are always hiring.

  • Yes - they need to learn how to contribute to society

    I believe it is extremely important that a program is in place to make sure that those receiving welfare are actively looking to improve their conditions. Many hard-working middle class people lose money due to taxes that are sent to those on welfare, who often do not do anything but collect free money each month and spend it however they choose.

  • Yes the unemployed should have to work for their welfare money

    Welfare should not just be a government handout, they should have to do something for it too, lest they lose it. Even if it's just something like community service, they shouldn't be able to be complacent and do nothing. They should have to do something constructive to keep the money going after a certain period of time. It might get them going in a positive way as well than if they were doing nothing at all.

    So I do think the unemployed should need to earn their welfare money somehow, rather than be able to continually get it for nothing.

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