Should the United Nations punish the African peacekeepers who commit sex abuse crimes?

  • Yes, this undermines the entire goal of the peacekeepers.

    Yes, African peacekeepers who are committing sex scandals are actively undermining the entire goal of the United Nations' presence in Africa. The point of having these groups in Africa is to protect the peace and to ensure human rights are fulfilled. In violating basic human rights, the peacekeepers are making their presence entirely pointless.

  • The abusive African peacekeepers should be dealt with harshly by the United Nations

    The world was rocked recently when the horrific news of sexual abuse by African peacekeepers came out. The United Nations should mete out justice for the victims, and punish the perpetrators. Sex abuse is an awful crime no matter what, but especially when it is committed by individuals who come to a country under the guise of peace.

  • The United Nations should punish the African peacekeepers who commit sex abuse crimes

    While common sense dictates that the United Nations should punish the African peacekeepers who commit sex abuse crimes, the reality is that the United Nations is a toothless organization that will not do a thing about it. Even if it were ti institute a punishment, it is so weak and powerless that it lacks the will to enforce it. The UN is a waste.

  • Anyone who commits sex crimes should be punished

    I think anyone who commits a sex crime should be punished. This includes anyone, wherever they are in the world. Just because they are in Africa does not mean they are excluded from being punished for committing a crime. I think the UN is the perfect group to punish these people.

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