Should the United States be an isolationist country?

  • I think the U.S should go into isolation.

    The reason I think the united states should go into isolation, is because their are to many people in our country that are hungry, suffering from oppression, and without homes. We have people in the middle east and around the globe that want to kill us just because they don't agree with how we do things. By closing the border we will limit/ or completely stop the number of illegal aliens from getting in the country and killing our citizens. Their are cartel members from Mexico recruiting kids that are in the country. We have isis coming in through the same way the illegal aliens are. I agree with the reasoning to not become Isolationist. But , what is the cost of trying to fix the rest of the world. We will have more lunatics trying to kill our military and civilians personal. Is it worth gaining more enemies trying to be the mediator in other peoples problems?

  • Benefitcial or is it?

    There any of those whom are surfing from hunger and sickness or homeless and so are many in other states if we help them what will do do in return? Will we have enough to treat our people? We should our citizens first and practice isolationism to focus on citizen. So many opposition groups wants to dominate us like the Isis, where were the times we helped other countries will they assist us?

  • In the end, America needs more independence for its own sake

    Even though there a lot of help we can do for this world, one nation cannot be responsible for almost all of it. Currently in the U.S. There are millions of children who have stomachs aching for something to eat or a blanket not made of cardboard to hold onto when they fall asleep. No offense to other countries whom have problems similar to this, but how can we possibly feed children thousands of miles away when some kids in your community has children hungry still. For the time being we must focus on ourselves and not countries whom we have few other relations with. Especially now that the Ebola virus has contracted 2 people in the U.S. (Posts date is 10/14/14) and our flights have still been going through West African Countries and back to the U.S. With nurses and hospitals unprepared with no training from government even though the nurses are thrown under the bus. If this attitude of the mediator of the world holds in the government it will come at a grave cost.

  • Why is it our job to control the world?

    Why is it, that the United States is referred to as the Police of the World. Why are we involved in everything? We are expected to be the forefront of every non domestic fight but then the very same people who cry to us for help, decry us to the media and the public for how its done. I am sick and tired of seeing this great nation and its military might used as a hammer because other nations cannot or will not stand up for themselves. How many countries out there barely have a sustainable army because they expect us to be their watchdog. There is zero reason why we need to have our military stationed across the world protecting interests that are not our own. We give to aide to countries that shun us and decry our way of life, yet beg for our money. The Tsunami that struck Asia years ago, other countries stated we did not do enough to help yet when Katrina hit our Shores only a few came to our aide and sent help. We are expected to do so much, and in the end its never enough. If it's so wrong, or not enough then these nations can learn to deal with their problems themselves.

  • The American government's main sense of duty should be towards the american people.

    While there are many groups of people around the world that are Anti-American, unless they are a direct threat (and by direct threat I mean actively attempting to attack US territory), they should not be a priority. The US has a multitude of other domestic problems such as poverty, infrastructure, tax levels, crime, among others. Therefore as bad as it seems, the problems of other people who are unjustly persecuted is not of our concern.

  • Handle US problems first!

    While it is generous that we help other countries with their problems we have our own right here on our own soil. Children without enough to eat or place to live, failing infrastructure, unemployment...The list goes on and on. I'm all for helping others, but not at the expense of our own people.

  • We must fix our house first before we try to help others

    Lets make USA a stable country by allow only the most brilliant emigrants to come here regardless of their race, by collaborating with other nation willing to become a close block . We are the only nation that put humans in the moon, forget about other primitives countries. We cannot continue spend american lives and resources to people that are unable to solve their own problems. Its is like feeding wild animals, you think that is good for them but in reality, they increase their population, get adjusted to get free food, and at the end they die in a brutal way. We need to create a bigger technological gap between us and other countries if we want to keep America stable.

  • The United States as had its fun!

    Since World War I America has always been involved in conflicts all over the world in one way or another. Once America gets involved all hell breaks loose and ends up ruining the world as usual rather than saving or helping it and as a "winner" the United States has always benefitted the most from all kinds of conflicts leaving its enemies and allies with little or nothing. The U.S. has been policing the world for too long I think its time for it to just get out and stay out of all political & military conflicts. Unless another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor like situation happens again, then only then can the U.S. get involved

  • Facts and Opinions

    Sorry before hand if any grammar problems are found, I was never good voicing opinions on paper.
    Opinion- America, well the US( I hate using the word America) is doing really bad, for starters. Anyways the U.S has way too many problems to be thinking about others at the time. Besides that sorry for the next horrible opinion though, the international community really needs behold a world without the US, (rampant terrorism, declining tech advances, and innovation as well as world economic output.) I personally feel like the international community must suffer for bashing America so much but enough of opinions lets get into Facts and Outcomes.
    Key Elements in Going Dark-
    -Increase in Domestic manufacturing and pretty much everything.( after an epic depression lasting 10- 20 years) maybe less if we can adjust faster.
    -Avoiding world conflict.(Wars cost a lot) trillions saved
    -Less time in diplomatic relations.
    - Government leaders focusing on domestic issues( president)
    - Trade Deficit. ( Too much money leaving the country) More imports than exports.
    - Culture diffusion decline. American culture expands domestically
    - Probably billions saved through government aid( Egypt, Israel)
    -Bill Gates and other rich ppl stop donating to other countries.

    No No's
    - Economy crashes for a period from 10- 25 years
    - Immigration( We need it) ( Skilled workers)aka Einstein was foreign.
    - Foreign products disappearing ( Oh no PS4)
    - A smaller decline in innovations and ideas( Yes the world does contribute some part, the the US is the leading force)

    In conclusion the world including America would go into a spiral, Epic Epic depression for a decade though America and probably China would recover soon. Many countries could go starving since America really is the world's breadbasket. America would eventually if it can, comeback tremendously. I mean unemployment at 4%
    (1% is impossible), government surplus, everyone working means no government aid woohoo. Trillions saved from avoided international disputes( wars, embassy cost,etc). The US really becomes Japan in culture style( Strict without outside influence). And since we're aren't feeding the world plenty of babies are going to be needed. Soo yeah in the end, if we make it, we'd probably be doing awesome for a good time intill another power, China or Russia tries sweeping the space the US has left and Monopolizing the international community into it's bidding, Hitler. Then we fight, the US wins or not but then the world sees everlasting peace. Well intill we meet aliens but thats too far to tell. Anyways... Yeah that's my opinions and factual theories. I'd put refs but that take too long.

  • We need to take care of Americans.

    The whole reason we're not isolationists anymore was because of WW2 and the Cold War. We are no longer in a world war or in a cold war. We are throwing money at other nations for no good reason. We need to draw back our economic stimulus packages for other nations and we need to draw back our military forces to remain at home where they are needed the most.

  • Great idea, but unachievable.

    Yes, we are spending money towards wars that we needn't be fighting, but what would happen if we were to drop out our foreign policy?

    Well for one, we have many countries worldwide as allies. So, what would become of these alliances if we were to all of a sudden drop out of these international conflicts?

    It's similar to if you were to see someone beating up your best friend while he is calling for your help. Yes, you want to help your friend in his time of need. Tho something crosses your mind. What if this guy is stronger than you? What if you get just as badly injured as your friend? So, you decide to not help your friend in fear of you getting hurt. You just stand as watch as your friend is hurt and attacked, ignoring his calls for help.

    Weeks pass and your friend doesn't speak a word to you. You know he's mad. He's pissed. How could you just stand there while he is attacked?

    Well, this is similar to the US's foreign policy. Currently if one of our allies, or friends, is attacked, they normally will ask for help if they need so. We help them in any way possible, and in return they help us when we need fit.

    If we were to ignore their cries for help in fear that we will be just as bad off as them, we risk losing a close ally; we risk losing a friend.

    We must also take into consider another possibility. They may go further than to ignore our cries as we did their's. They may attack us in response to our ignorance during their time of need.

    On September, 11th of 2001, two commercial jets crashed into the World Trade Center of New York City and one plane crashed right into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

    This was an attack of the Iraqi terrorist group known as Al Qaeda, lead by Osama bin Laden. When this attack happened we sent troops to Iraq to execute bin Laden and get revenge for the attack on our nation.

    Now we weren't able to just stroll into Iraq with weapons without their permission. Iraq allowed us in under one condition, we must rid their people of the popular terrorist group, Taliban.

    After bin Laden was taken care of, there were many US citizens upset that our troops were still in Iraq when our job was done.

    Many of us do not realize that we made a deal with Iraq. They help us get rid of bin Laden, and we are to rid them of the Talibans' terror.

    So, in reality, our job was not done. We had to hold up our end of the agreement.

    Now what would change if we were to not have an alliance with Iraq? Would Iraq care that bin Laden was attacking our nation? Would bin Laden just stop his attacks against us without Iraq's help? I think not.

  • Should the United States be an isolationist country?

    In a world that is becoming increasing globalized the United states of America needs to be as open as possible. Isolationism would cripple our economy, we need to import and export goods so we can have a growing economy. The idea of isolationism is insane, and the globalized economics we are seeing make it impractical.

  • No I don't think the United States should be an isolationist country

    Shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world, would not do us or those who wish to visit here any favors as free people. People should have the right to travel or move here as they see fit, same goes for buying or supplying goods here. I don't think there would be much of an upside to the United States becoming totally isolationist at all. So no I don't think we should become an isolationist country, we function better when working together with others.

  • Militarily Yes, Economically No

    The United States should not be an isolationist country. We pride ourselves on the melting pot of cultures and ideas that exist within our borders. Thanks to modern communication and the Internet, isolationism is very hard. Militarily, the United States needs to stop being the 9-1-1 service of the world. Immigration laws need to be upheld and the flood of illegal immigrants needs to be stopped. However, in a global economy it is impossible for the United States to isolate itself from everyone else.

  • We tried that once, it didn't work.

    The last time this country took an isolationist stance it ended with a madman trying to conqour Europe. Without our material support to the British, the UK would have certainly fallen and allowed Germany to throw all it had at the Eastern front which could possibly lead to a Soviet defeat. Japan could continue it's expansion into the pacific unopposed. Now look at today, we've got extremists in the Middle East out for western blood, Russia is beginning to get some energy back into it's muscles after the Soviet collapse, and there's no telling what Kim Jong "Loose Cannon" Un will do now that he has access to nuclear weapons. If we went isolationist now, we'd be opening the world on a silver platter to tyranny.

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