• They are the ones actually fighting ISIS.

    US isn't fighting ISIS, as they are pretty far away. But Saudi Arabia is fighting ISIS, and generally, fighting is easier with tanks. So yes, the US should provide arms to those actively fighting a terrorist group like ISIS. I don't see a reason not too, they are an important ally for America.

  • The U.S. should sell tanks to Saudi Arabia

    The United States should sell tanks to Saudi Arabia. The country is a key ally in the Middle East. We import a lot of oil from the country, and helping to ensure the country's safety is in our best interest. Otherwise, oil prices could spike, wreaking havoc on the United States' economy.

  • No, the United States should not be selling tanks to Saudi Arabia

    It has been found that Saudi Arabia was linked to the 9/11 attacks on the United States and they funded the terrorists plot that attacked the U.S. We should not sell tanks or any weapons to that country and treat them as a hostile enemy. The country of Saudi Arabia is not to be trusted.

  • The United States should not be Selling Tanks to Saudi Arabia

    No, the United States should not be selling tanks to Saudi Arabia. It is my belief that the United States should only sell weaponry to States where the possibility of those weapons falling into enemy hands is minimal. In the case of Saudi Arabia, although they are officially our allies, they have known ties to terrorist organizations and it would not be a stretch to assume that some of the weaponry that we sell to them will wind up in the hands of our enemies.

  • Bad idea to sell

    History has shown us that it is a bad idea to arm current allies in an uncertain area of the world. Today's friends become tomorrow's enemies and for this reason I do not believe that the short term benefit of selling tanks to Saudi Arabia is a wise idea and should be avoided.

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