Should the United States decommission its nuclear weapons?

  • I think its not worth having them

    As the world becomes more and more democracy centric, it is simply morally and economically better to settle disputes diplomatically. While it may not seem like it, we are living in the most peaceful time in modern human history. There hasnt been a major war in the world for over 50 years, and look at countries like Germany, and France, and Sweeden, who are practically abolishing their militaries, and are way ahead of the US economically. We spend 598 billion dollars a year on military alone, we dont even have to get rid if it completely to make huge changes, imagine all the social and infrastructure work that could get done, as well as dealing with poverty and FEMA, as well as funding more research and science based programs, and universities.

  • We don't need them.

    The United States is still the most powerful military in the world without Nuclear Weapons, we used them twice in one war and no one has used them since. That was 60 years ago. Wiping out wide swaths of civilians and subjecting large areas to decades of radiation isn't a mistake we will make again, so let's stop pretending we will use them and actually have a leg to stand on when we try to prevent other countries from having them.

  • United States should decomission its nuclear weapons

    United States should decommission its nuclear weapons if and only if other nations around the world will do the same. Nations like Russian and China will need to do the same thing, otherwise United States will look weak in the face of its enemies. We need a world that is more peaceful, not nuclear weapons that could annihilate everyone on the planet.

  • All Countries Should

    I believe the United States and all other countries should move to decommission their nuclear weapons. I think we should all admit, as a single human race, that the creation of these damaging weapons was a huge mistake and we should put it behind us. I do think their is a justifiable excuse for their use, nor is their a justifiable excuse to keep them on hand.

  • Peace through strength.

    No, the United States should not decommission its nuclear weapons, because there are other nations who want to destroy us. Nuclear capabilities are important to send the message to the rest of the world that we are willing and able to defend ourselves if anyone attacks us. It is important to self defense.

  • Unfortunately no, the US shouldn't.

    It may sound a little draconian, but as the world is right now the united States needs to keep its nuclear weapons commissioned. It is too dangerous to do otherwise. I don't think this is paranoia, it's just the fact of the matter. US loses control, and the world will be worse off.

  • The United States should not decommission all nukes

    The nuclear weapons program should stay available. The amount of nuclear missles can be reduced significantly. The arsenal is built to ensure that no matter where the attack, or how extensive it is, the American Nuclear retaliation will be significant enough to obliterate the perpetrators. Killing the world three or four times is more than enough to accomplish this goal. American nukes can be reduced to that number.

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